7 Must-Have Yoga Essentials for Older Adults

Yoga Essentials

There are several benefits older adults can derive from practicing yoga. This exercise dates back thousands of years to Northern India, when the Indus-Sarasvati civilization developed it. At the time, people didn’t make use of any yoga items as the only requirements were focus and discipline.

However, times have changed, and the way yoga is practiced is now different. Nowadays, older persons need some yoga essentials for aid and comfort during their sessions. These items aren’t expensive and are readily available.

With yoga, older adults can feel more energetic, develop better postures, and relieve stress. Some retirement homes like Seasons Retirement organize daily classes for residents to participate in yoga exercises to improve their physical and mental health, among other benefits.

That being said, getting the right equipment for practice is an essential aspect of yoga training. This article sheds light on the right items for your older relatives to get before engaging in this activity.

1.   Yoga mat

Investing in a high-quality yoga mat is essential for older adults to have a nice session. A good mat should be convenient, stretchy, and with good traction to prevent stretching slips. Also, it should provide an adequate cushion between the body and the floor for convenience.

Although yoga studios might have mats, it’s always a good idea for individuals to purchase theirs. Older persons with a rug, carpet, or certain flooring types in their homes can consider using a regular mat. However, getting a thicker mat is ideal if the home has a hardwood floor.

Furthermore, while deciding on a yoga mat that meets the needs of your older relative, you should consider the material. The material determines its longevity, grip, and odour-retention ability. Also, it is best to opt for thicker mats, as these provide a good cushion for poses.

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2.   Yoga blocks

Blocks are vital and, as such, should be included in the yoga essentials beginners kit for older persons. They improve flexibility and help adults ease into different positions. They’re made from brick, wood, cork, bamboo or foam and can help one achieve proper alignment, balance, and stretches.

Asides from this, it provides comfort during the less challenging aspects of the yoga workout. They come in different sizes and shapes and help provide balance when doing poses that require stability. When choosing yoga blocks, select one with enough inches to provide sufficient stability. aAlthough four-inch blocks are the standard. However, blocks within three to five inches will suffice.

3.   Yoga clothes

Type of clothing can make or mar a yoga experience. Your older loved ones will need good clothes to move easily to practice their poses. They can start by wearing the regular wears they put on while jogging or visiting the gym. Fitting tops are good yoga clothes. Also, comfortable pants or shorts that stretch throughout the exercise will ensure convenience.

For older adults who prefer loose-fitting clothes, a pair of joggers is ideal for this activity. Those who tend to sweat while engaging in yoga will need clothes that do not hold sweat. Also, they may need socks and gloves to provide some traction in addition to the yoga mat.

4.   Yoga towels

Yoga is an exercise that can cause one to sweat. Hence, the reason why towels are part of yoga essentials. Participating in yoga sessions that make adults perspire will require a towel over the mat. This item helps to absorb sweat, thereby preventing slips during sessions.

While looking for the right towels, purchase one designed particularly for yoga instead of the usual beach or bath kind. Yoga-specific towels are built from absorbent materials that dry sweat quickly. Many are made from microfiber to enhance traction.

Older persons may need to keep a hand towel nearby to clean sweat from their faces during sessions. They can get one in the range of 40cm by 72cm in size. In addition, hand towels can also serve as a cushion for the knees.

5.   Water bottles

Water bottles are necessary items in the yoga essentials kit for older adults. Older persons need to stay hydrated while practicing yoga. According to research, hydration is beneficial for overall body health.

Since yoga involves some form of activity and loss of fluids through sweat, keeping a water bottle nearby helps ensure a fresh supply of water.

Although most studios have a water supply, keeping a personal bottle is advised. While purchasing one for your parent and grandparent’s yoga classes, ensure it is stainless and vacuum-insulated. This type prevents leakage and keeps the water fresh for hours.

6.   Yoga straps

Yoga straps are helpful in enhancing body flexibility. Older persons need this item to reduce the likelihood of strains. They usually come with an adjustment to improve alignment and flexibility. Additionally, straps can be used in simple poses to stretch the body.

For instance, individuals can wrap the strap around the feet and pull for a deeper stretch. Straps can be used on other body parts like the knees and hips. Older persons who can’t get their hands behind their back can use this equipment to improve shoulder flexibility. Finally, straps help create balance in certain poses.

7.   Yoga bolster

As part of yoga essentials for older adults, the yoga bolster is an important item. It acts as a cushion that can be placed under different body parts to provide support. They are like pillows, except they do not flatten but remain firm and help support the body during meditation.

Bolsters are primarily used in restorative yoga positions that are held for long periods. Depending on the pose, one can place this item under the head, neck, back, hips, or other body parts for good body alignment.


Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among older adults as people discover the many health benefits of participating in the exercise. While our older relatives practice this mind-restoring activity, it is important that they utilize these yoga essentials for comfort and maximum effectiveness.

You shouldn’t spend too much to purchase these items for your loved ones, as they’re available online or in physical stores at reasonable prices. Get the essentials mentioned in this article to help your parents and grandparents enjoy yoga to the fullest.

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