9 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

The main concern for companies is to make sure that employees know their designations. One way to help with this is by creating an organizational chart, which outlines the responsibilities of each staff member. But how do you know what would be a good organizational chart? This article will provide nine creative ways to improve your company’s organizational chart so they have a better chance at being successful!

1) Start by creating a Mission Statement.

A good mission statement should reflect the goals and objectives of the organization as well as its values. It should also state why it exists in general terms, not just its specific purpose. It needs to be concise but also full of meaning and purposeful intent.

2) Create Job Descriptions.

These job descriptions should be as specific as possible and should outline the individuals’ responsibilities. It also needs to state what skills and knowledge are required for each staff member.

3) Have a Leadership Team Lead By Example.

The individuals on this team need to hold the highest qualifications and have chief responsibility for organizing all staff members and facilitating their training and development. They need to have a good understanding of what each staff member is responsible for. This team needs to meet regularly to review organizational issues and progress being made towards achieving your organization’s goals and objectives.

4) Update Your Strategic Plan.

This plan should be regularly reviewed and updated to include any changes to the organization’s mission statement, values, vision, goals and objectives. This document should also outline a staff member’s responsibilities and accountabilities, along with information on how training will be provided and who is responsible for providing it. This plan needs to have a clear set of steps which must be followed in order to accomplish your goals and objectives.

5) Start Creating Your Org Chart.

This organizational chart needs to include each staff member’s qualifications, positions within the organization as well as their roles and responsibilities. You also need to state your reporting relationships as well as any other important information related to your company’s employees. Keep in mind that this is just a guide and that minor changes should be made as needed.

6) Ensure Each Staff Member Is Accountable.

This accountability needs to be outlined in the staff member’s job description and personal goals should also be laid out so that employees can work towards meeting certain objectives. You should hold your staff members accountable not just for achieving their tasks, but also for helping others in their team when they need assistance.

7) Hold Regular Staff Meetings.

This is when any issues which have been discovered should be discussed and decided upon. You should also discuss how best to overcome these challenges and then determine what everyone needs to do in order for the organization’s goals and objectives to be met. Staff members are able to share their concerns and ideas about how to improve the organization’s structure.

8) Maintain an Open Door Policy.

This policy should be clearly outlined in your mission statement, strategic plan and staff handbook. This document should state that any grievances, issues or complaints can be brought up during staff meetings where they will receive a fair hearing. You need to make sure all staff members feel like they can come to you and discuss any issues or concerns without fear of reprisals.

9) Recognize and Reward Your Employees for a Job Well Done.

Rewarding your employees is important to show them their hard work and dedication is appreciated and not going unnoticed. You should hold regular meetings with each team where you can thank them for everything they have done, especially if they have achieved something above and beyond their normal duties. You also need to reward employees with performance bonuses or prizes at least once a year.

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These are just nine of the most important things you should be doing in order to ensure the success of your organization. A lot of time and effort goes into operating an organization and these tips will ensure your business is looked upon favorably by employees, customers and the general public. Lastly, one best thing you could do is to create an effective and engaging org chart for your company. If you’re not sure how to make one, you can check out Venngage and choose from their free organizational chart templates today!

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