What to Expect From a Proper Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service

When maintaining the office, you need to assure three basic things: cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing. Most cleaning companies can do all these, albeit some provide better service than others. It is important for you to find a reputable office cleaning service that fits the needs of your workplace, not just the one that would do the bare basics. 

Here is a list of things you can expect from a proper cleaning service like CHRIStal Clean that would give you the best value for your money. It’s not always about the price, but the quality of service that an office cleaning company delivers to your workplace!

  1. Cleaning How-to Guides

A good and professional cleaning company shouldn’t keep you in the dark about their cleaning methods. As the partner, you need to know how a cleaning company delivers their services in order to ensure your office is being cleaned properly, and that your furniture won’t be damaged. 

Good office cleaning companies often have how-to guides for cleaning: such as how to clean fabric office chairs, how to shampoo carpets, and how to deep clean marble office furniture. These guides are there for reference, and are helpful for workplace cleaning. These guides present how the cleaning company would go about cleaning your office. 

  1. Professionalism at Work

You nurture a professional workplace in the office, and you expect the same from your cleaning company. You wouldn’t want to hire a cleaning crew that chats or gossips with your workforce all day, but you wouldn’t want them to feel like robots in your office as well. A proper cleaning company would have trained cleaners to have a good balance of amiability and professionalism.

Cleaners are often overlooked in companies, which is why you need to take initiative to include them as part of your workforce. While they may not be chummy with you on a personal level, their professionalism should be present while in the office. A proper office cleaning company should have trained their cleaners in appropriate and basic decorum. 

  1. Trained, Screened Cleaners

At the same time, a proper cleaning company would have trained and screened their hired cleaners prior to deploying them to your office. They cannot rely on the past experience of the cleaner, as each cleaning company would have different cleaning methods, and each office would have different furniture materials and level of cleanliness to be followed.

Always scout for a cleaning company that trains their employees well, especially ones that tailor fit their cleaning methods to your specific office. You’ll prevent damages to your furniture, and keep a clean office space this way. You can also trust that the cleaning company has screened the trustworthiness of your hired cleaning crew. 

  1. Good Customer Service

Good customer service is a mark of a good company. If you find it difficult to speak with an agent, cleaner, or manager of a certain office cleaning company, it is a sign that the company does not value their clients’ opinions as much as they do their patronage. 

Go for a cleaning company that will listen to all your concerns and suggestions as you are availing their services after all. As long as your request is reasonable, there is no reason to shun off any potential or existing client. You need to be able to reach customer services quickly and efficiently, especially if the concern regards the quality of their cleaning services. 

  1. Convenient Communications

Communication is incredibly important in any partnership, including one with your office cleaning company. Much like customer services, if you find it difficult to reach anyone from your partner cleaning company, you may not be able to address any concerns properly. 

This could be the cause of disputes that the cleaning crew would be most affected by. Communications with your partner cleaning company should be convenient, effective, and present in common communication channels like phone calls, email, and messaging apps. 

  1. Moderate, Fair Fees

Finally, a good cleaning service shouldn’t be over-the-top expensive. It should be moderately priced for your office: moderate enough for you to know they cover fair wages for their cleaners, while affordable enough for your office to avail these services. 

The most expensive cleaning service is not necessarily the best, as they may simply be overcharging you. On the other hand, the cheapest cleaning service may cut corners to maintain their prices. Scout around for quotations, and look for a cleaning company that fits your budget instead. Look into their reviews for a glimpse of their services. 

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