99 Names of Allah with meaning in English, Urdu and English

99 Names of Allah with meaning in English, Urdu and English

In Islam, God is mainly referred to as Allah, the 99 names of Allah along with their benefits and meanings are listed below.

99 Names of Allah in English, Urdu and Arabic and their meanings.

To praise Him, to worship Him and to worship Him, the Qur’an and the Sunnah refer to Allah by many other names and other adjectives and attributes.

 There are usually 99 names of Allah that are regarded as attributes of Allah Almighty.

Ulemas generally admit that the names or attributes of Allah in Islam are cited according to a number of 99.

There is not a single list of the 99 names of Allah and their meanings and the one I present to you is the most frequently encountered.

This number of 99 names attributed to Allah is based on a hadith of the Prophet reported by Abu Hurayra:

“Certainly God has 99 names, one hundred minus one. Whoever lists them will enter Heaven”

 “Allah is the singular (witr) and without alter-ego and he loves and rewards naming these names one by one.”

(Boukhāri, volume 8, B.12, R.12, hadith “of the Prophet” of Abū Hurayra).

In addition to his name Allah, which means God, other names that can qualify as god are mentioned in the Koran, as well as in the aforementioned hadith reported by Abū Hurayra.

The 99 names of Allah are called in Arabic أسماء الله الحسنى ( Asma ‘Allah al-Ḥusná ), which means: The most beautiful names of God.

There are several versions of these lists of attributes because these 99 names of Allah have been taken from different passages of the Quran and hadiths.

It is generally accepted among some ulemas that Allah has more than 99 (ninety-nine) attributes or names , some of which are not known.

A hadith thus speaks of names of which Allah has reserved knowledge. 

Some Ulemas say that Mafhûm al-Mukhâlafah does not apply to the hadith of the ninety-nine (99) attributes, names or attributes cited to designate Allah.

In the sense that asserting that Allah has these 99 names and attributes should not imply that he does not have others.

1. Allah: الله

Allah: Allah

Allah: الله

2. Ar-Rahman: الرحمن 

The Most Merciful

 3. Ar-Rahim: الرحيم

The All Merciful

4.Al-Malik: الملك

The Sovereign, The King, the one who controls and directs

5.Al-Quddous: القدوس

The Infiniment Saint

Al-Quddous: القدوس

6. As-Salam: السلام

The Peace, Security, Salvation

7. Al-Mu’min: المؤمن

The Faithful, the Secure, the Confident

8. Al-Muhaymin: المهيمن

The Overseer, the Witness, the Preserver, the Dominator 

9. Al-‘Aziz: العزيز

The Almighty, the Glorious, AL Aziz means in a sense the one who is dear and precious.

10. Al-Jabbar: الجبار

The Great, the Mighty, the Binding,

11. Al-Mutakabbir: المتكبر

He who is superior to his creatures

12. Al-Khaliq: الخالق

The Creator, The CREATOR in the general sense, the One Who makes things exist.

13. Al-Bari: الباري

The Creator, the Producer, The CREATOR in the sense of the creation of that which is living.

14. Al-Musawwir: المصور

The DRAWER The one who gives the diversified aspect to each creation and to each creature.

15. Al-Ghaffarالغفار

The All-Forgiving, He forgives the sins of His servants over and over again

16. Al-Qahhar: القهار

The All-POWERFUL and Most Binding, the Supreme Dominator 

17. Al-Wahhab: الوهاب

The gracious Giver, the One Who gives immensely without receiving anything in return

18. Ar-Razzaq: الرزاق

He who always grants sustenance, he who nourishes all things

Ar-Razzaq: الرزاق

19. Al-Fattah: الفتاح

The Conqueror, He Who Facilitates Dignified and Righteous Actions

20. Al-‘Alim: العليم

The All-Knowing, he who sees all whether it is hidden or not, the Omniscient

21. Al-Qabiz: القابض

He who holds back and retracts

22. Al-Basit: الباسط

He who extends his generosity and mercy

23. AL khafiz: الحفيظ

He Who destinies the oppressors and the proud to demeanor and chastisement

24. Ar-Rafi: الرافعي

One who elevates the honor and status of a believer in this lower world and in the hereafter

25. Al-Mu’izz: المعز

He who bestows honors, power and consideration

26. Al-Muzill: المذل

He who debases

27. As-Sami: السميع

He who hears absolutely all things, One who hears any noise or sound in his realm emanating from any creature.

28. Al-Basir:البصير

The Seer, He who sees all

29. Al-Hakam: الحكم

The Judge, The Arbiter, The Decider, One whose Judgment in the Hereafter will be perfectly just and appropriate

30. Al-‘Adl: العدل

The Righteous, Equitable, He who restores Balance

31. Al-Latif: اللطيف

The Subtle-Benevolent, the Good

32. Al-Khabir: الخبير

The Most Learned, The Well-Informed

33. Al-Halim: الحليم

The Longanimous, the Most Merciful

4. Al-‘Azim: العظيم

The Immense, the Magnificent, the Eminent, the Great

35. Al-Ghafur: الغفور

The Forgiving

36. Ash-Shakour: الشكور

Most Grateful, Most Grateful, Infinitely Increasing One

37. Al-‘Aliyy: العلي

The Sublime, the Exalted, the Most High

38. Al-Kabir: الكبير

The Infinitely Great, higher in Qualities than His creatures

39. Al-Hafizh: الحفيظ

The Preserver, The Preserver, The Guardian

40. Al-Muqit:المقيت

The Guardian, the Mighty, the Witness, the one who produces the sustenance

41. Al-Hasib: الحسيب

He who takes everything into account, He who suffices for his creatures

42. Al-Djalil: الجليل

The Majestic, who attributes to himself the greatness of Power and the Glory of His dignity

43. Al-Karim: الكريم 

The All-Bountiful, the Noble-Bountiful, free from all abjection

44. Ar-Raqib: الرقيب

The Vigilant, Celui who observe

45. Al-Moudjib: المجيب

He who answers, He who answers the needy and the desirous who prays to Him

46. ​​Al-Wasi’: الواسع

The Ample, the Vast, the Immense

47. Al-Hakim: الحكيم

The Infinitely Wise

48. Al-Wadoud: الودود

The Beloved, the Beloved

49. Al-Madjid: والمجيد

The Most Glorious, endowed with Perfect Power, High Dignity, Compassion, Generosity and Gentleness

50. Alba’s: الباعث

He who resuscitates His servants after death, He who incites

Names of Allah in English, Urdu and Arabic

51. Ash-Shahid: الشهيد

The Witness, who knows nothing about what is happening

52. Al-Haqq: الحق

The Truth, of which Existence is the only true

53. Al-Wakil: الوكيل

The Manager, The Steward, The One We Confide In And Whose Support Never Wants

54. Al-Qawiyy: القوي

The Most Mighty, the Most Powerful, He who possesses complete Power

55. Al-Matin: المتين

The Most Steadfast, the Unwavering who never flexes or tires

56. Al-Waliyy: الولي

The Very Near, the Friend, the Master, the Guardian

57. Al-Hamid: الحميد

The Most Praise, He Who is worthy of praise

58. Al-Mousy: الموسى

He whose knowledge encompasses everything, He who keeps in mind

59. Al-Mubdi:المبدئ

He who produces without a model, He who gives the Origin

60. Al-Mu’id: المعيد

He who restores existence after death, He who reintegrates, who repeats

61. Al-Mouh’yi: المحيي

He who gives life, who gives life

62. Al-Mumit: المميت

He who kills the living

63. Al-Hayy: الحي

The Living One, Whose Life Is Different From Our Life

64. Al-Qayyum: القيوم

The Immutable, the Self-Subsisting

65. Al-Wajid: الواجد

The Opulent, He who finds whatever He wants

66. Al-Mudjid: الماجد

The Noble, the Majestic, the One who is full of Glory

67. Al-Wahid: الواحد

The One, Without Associate, The One, The One.

68. As-Samad: الصمد

The absolute Master, the Universal Support, the One in whom we place our trust

69. Al-Qadir: القادر

The Mighty, the Determinant, the Holder of Power

70. Al-Muqtadir: المقتدر

He who has power over everything, the Absolute Holder of power  

71. Al-Muqaddim: المقدم

He who puts forward, He who proceeds or precedes

72. Al-Mou’akhkhir: المؤخر

The one who puts back, the one who comes last or who delays

73. Al-Awwal: الأول

The First, Whose Existence Has No Beginning

74. Al-Akhir: الآخر

The Last, whose existence has no end

75. Az-Zahir: الظاهر

The Exterior, The Apparent

76. Al-Batin: الباطن

The Interior, the Hidden

77. Al-Wali: الولي

The Very Close Master, The One Who Leads

78. Al-Muta’ali: المتعالي

The Sublime, the Exalted, the Exalted, pure of all attributes of creation

79. Al-Barr: البر

The Good, the Benevolent, the Beneficent, towards his creatures

80. At-Tawwab: التواب

He who never ceases to return, to welcome the sincere repentance of his worshipers and who grants them His Forgiveness

81. Al-Muntaqim: المنتقم

The Avenger, who prevails over His enemies and punishes them for their sins

82. Al-Afuww: العفو

He who erases, the Indulgent whose forgiveness is broad

Names of Allah in Arabic.

83. Ar-Raouf: الرؤوف

The Most Gentle, the Most Benevolent, The one who can determine an immensity of benefits without consideration and without necessity. 

84. Malikul-Mulk: مالك الملك

The Possessor of the Kingdom, who controls his reign and gives a reign to whomever He wants

85. Zhoul Jalal Wal-Ikram: ذو الجلال والإكرام

He who holds Majesty and Generosity, He who fills with blessings those who have understood that Allah is better than any other

86. Al-Muqsit: المقسط

The Equitable, He who judges in accordance with the greatest justice, 

 87. Al-Djami: الجامع

He who gathers, He who gathers his creatures on the day of judgment

88. Al-Ghaniyy:  الغني

The Self-Sufficient, The One Who Needs No One, He who makes his creatures exist, keeps them in existence and causes them to change constantly

89. Al-Moughni: المغني

One who gives sustenance thus satisfying the needs of his creatures

90. Al-Mani: المانع

The Defender, One who preserves and protects his faithful believers

91. Ad-Dhar: الضار 

He who annoys, He who is almighty to bring harm inevitably to the one who offends him

92. An-Nafi: النافع

He who bestows profit, the one who is almighty to inevitably bring about profit and who facilitates the life of whomever He wills

93. An-Nour: النور

The Light, the one who guides the believer towards the light of faith

94. Al-Hadi: الهادي 

The Guider

95. Al-Badi: البديع 

The Innovator, the One who created all things and formed them according to his will without previous example

96. Al-Baqi: الباقي

The Permanent One, One Whose Existence Is Eternal

97. Al-Waris: الوارث

The Heir The one who exists and never changes

98. Ar-Rachid: الرشيد

He who acts righteously, He who rules with wisdom

99- AS SABOUR: الصبور

The patient, the very constant, who pushes back the punishment of sinners

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