Best inspirational quotes about sickness

Best inspirational quotes about sickness

Good mental health is associated with mental and psychological well-being. If you are mentally ill, sometimes words matter. They can offer comfort and motivation, which is why we’ve shared these truly great mental health inspirational quotes.

Statistics show that over 25% of us, or about one in four, will experience mental health problems.

In the United States, nearly half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience mental illness in their lifetime.

And according to the University of Oxford’s Global Change Lab; one billion people worldwide have a mental or drug use disorder.

So, whether you are young or old, whether you are suffering from a mental illness, you are not alone.

We hope these inspirational quotes about sickness provide positive and comfort to everyone who suffers from mental health issues. Here are these inspirational quotes about sickness.

These ideas of struggle between two opposing agents, of antagonism between life and death, health and disease, raw nature and animated nature, have had their day. We must recognize everywhere the continuity of phenomena, their insensible gradation and their harmony.

Claude Bernard

Lucile was bipolar and it seems that incest is among the triggers of the disease.

Delphine de Vigan

I wonder to what extent a disease can attack a being. I wonder why my father is going through this. I do not know what to do. I don’t do anything for him anymore. I can’t do anything more. I try to live normally. I tell myself that this is the only way to survive. (. .. ) I forget. I remember. I have the sadness hidden behind the joy.

Marie Griessinger

It is not by baptizing the crime disease that we gain the right to absolve it.

Crime – Meyer Levin

Languages, like people, therefore suffer from illnesses, old age, and decline.

Jean de Palacio

And who is this fool who doesn’t want his wife to be silent? Would God that mine had this disease! I would be careful not to want to cure her.


Poverty, this inherited and perhaps even contagious disease.

Pierre Menard

Most traditions are just the diseases of a society.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Treating people is not just looking for the causes of their illnesses, it is giving them hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

Guillaume Musso

I’m glad we can’t have it twice, first love fever. Because it is a disease and it is a burden, whatever the poets may say.

Daphne du Maurier

It is only fathers and mothers who genuinely grieve over the sickness of their children.


The truth is what you have to get rid of ASAP and pass it on to someone else. Like disease, it is the only way to cure it.

Jean Baudrillard

They carry an invisible wound, which they cannot forget because that is what the body heals the least well, diseases that have no name. They are silent and dare not admit anything.

Yves Simon (artist)

I have a disease, a fatal disease, a disease made by the hands of men.

Victor Hugo

We will all go through it, life is a fatal disease in a hundred percent of cases.

Marc Levy

He seems to live on this idea, not so stupid besides, that a man in the grip of a great illness, or a deep anguish, is at the same time exempted from all the other illnesses or anxieties.

Albert Camus

With her I learned that disease is deadlier than death itself.

Christophe Leon

However, by dint of medicines and bloodletting, Candide’s disease became serious.

Candide – Voltaire

The hardest thing when you get older isn’t lack of money or illness, it’s loneliness. People forget that you exist.

Martha Grimes

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Health is just a word, which there would be no harm in crossing out from our vocabulary. For my part, I only know people more or less suffering from more or less numerous diseases with more or less rapid evolution.

Jules Romains

The disease is in the head, I am not sick. I’m very well thank you. Let’s be happy to live, we’re still here.

Johnny Hallyday

Is the disease an accident or is it some sort of choice, like love – a hidden choice, involuntary, but as characterized as a fingerprint?

James Salter

If divorce had presented itself as the infamous antithesis to all of this, it could easily have been put on the other side of the scale, along with betrayal, disease, theft, violence and propensity to lie.

Atonement – Ian McEwan

It is only now, at the Hermann Pavilion (NB: pavilion for cancer patients), that I know what I miss, what my last illness deprived me of, and which basically I cannot do without, if I want to. an existence worthy of the name.

Wittgenstein’s nephew – Thomas Bernhard

Listen, I forbid you to die from malice by disease, pass, I allow you.

Pierre Carlet 

It’s weird how the world forgets the people and events of the day before or the day before. It’s like a disease that affects us all.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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He resented the life of this disease over which he had no control and which was spoiling the best of his life.

Mano Solo

Lycanthropy, writes Littré, is a kind of mental illness in which the patient imagines himself changed into a wolf.

Roland Villeneuve

Yves was very fond of formulas, he told me because he was often ill: One day you will close my eyes. He also played sick, it was a way of defending himself from the disease, which was real. And it was a childish way to be loved.

Pierre Berge

These are the best inspirational quotes about sickness. If you have any question, do ask us in the comment box.

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