A No-Frills Guide To Staying Fashionable During Your Period

Guide To Staying Fashionable During Your Period

Unfortunately, many women have to endure menstrual cramps, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, the feeling of being bloated, and many other symptoms every month when their period is arriving. Although, it may be a different case for each female. But it would be best if you didn’t let these symptoms affect your physical appearance.  

Despite feeling queasy and uncomfortable during your period, there are ways to dress up comfortably but still look as sassy and chic as always. It’s worth noting that this is a more crucial time to feel good about yourself, so selecting the perfect clothes and lifting your spirits makes sense. The trick is to dress stylishly and to follow some fashion suggestions even during this time of the month. 

Wear your cotton period underwear and match them with fashionable clothing to look fabulous even while you’re on your period: 

  1. Denim Jeans  

Many women believe wearing denim jeans at that specific time of the month is unsuitable. However, some women would oppose this conventional thought. The truth is that certain types of denim allow you to move and feel comfortable while wearing them. In addition, you can’t ignore their advantages. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing napkin pads or tampons when wearing denim pants because they’re comfortable and allow you to go about your normal activities and routines. The important thing is to find a suitable denim material that’s not so stiff and hard to slip on and off your body. 

  1. Dark Colored Slip Dresses  

Dark-colored slip dresses are a tried and tested fashion advice. Many ladies enjoy wearing this clothing during their period. They’re typically airy, loose, easy to wear, and comfy and flattering. Slip dresses are an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. And because they come in dark colors, you shouldn’t be concerned about blood stains on your clothes.

In the event of an unintentional blood stain, the dark hue of the cloth will conceal it. They’re also easier to take off than light-colored ones. One solution is to use a toothbrush and a mixture of water and salt to remove the blood stain, and your slip dress will be restored to its original form. Slip dresses are also simple to put together. You can pair them with sneakers or your favorite flats. To complete the look, don’t forget to bring your favorite hobo bag, and you’ll quickly get that chic hobo vibe.

While some slip dresses come with a fitted waist area, you can forgo this feature and opt for loose ones instead. The loose slip dress will still allow you to look chic because of its natural flowy quality. The key here is to find the suitable fabric and best fit for your body. 

  1. Soft Cashmere Sweater  

When you experience menstrual pain or cramps, it’s natural to find comfort in something soft. Consequently, a luxurious cashmere sweater is the right solution. You can’t go wrong with cashmere sweaters that make you feel like clouds are hugging you. Then there’s the fact that they’re easy to style and mix with other pieces. For your bottoms, you can opt for a pair of comfy shorts or soft flowy pants. And if you’re staying home for the day, cuddle up on your sofa while wearing your cashmere sweater and drink some warm cup of coffee or tea to alleviate your cramps. You should be able to feel better after completing all of these steps.

  1. High Waisted Pants  

During their period, women are most likely to experience bloating. This is perhaps one reason why some women lose motivation to dress up and look their usual best. However, some clothes allow you to conceal this bloated feeling. One great tip is to wear high-waisted pants. You’ll wear them comfortably, and they’ll hide your bloated tummy. A comfortable pair of footwear while slipping on some loose crop top and high-waisted pants will complete the look.  

  1. Shirt Dress  

Many women own a couple of shirt dresses in their wardrobe. What’s not to like about them? They’re simple to put on and versatile in terms of style. When your period arrives, they are also the most comfortable clothing option. With the length of a dress and the feel of a T-shirt, you’ll feel at ease moving around. Consider wearing them while running errands, visiting a park, going on dates with friends, or going about your daily activities. They’re basic but adequate if you want to look stylish. Slip on your favorite sneakers, and you’re ready for the day.  

  1. Leggings Or Jeggings  

Jeggings or leggings are not limited to wearing only during exercises and workouts. They now come with so many uses. They provide the same level of comfort as sweatpants but flatter your body. Additionally, they’re also versatile to pair with any top. Leggings are very dynamic and come in various styles, fabrics, and cuts. And since they allow you to move however you want, you’d forget that you have a period.  

You can go for any T-shirt or top that works great with your leggings. The key is to ensure that their color combination works well together. You’ll be surprised that even formal blouses work great with these pants. Since they have breathable features, you’ll feel comfortable for the entire day. Therefore, it’s wise to stock up on a few pairs of leggings in your closet. It would be best to go for solid dark-colored ones if you want to pair them with any top easily.  

  1. Maxi Dress  

A maxi dress is always a fantastic option, particularly in the summer or spring. They’re the ideal attire for elevating your style and making you feel beautiful. Maxi dresses, in addition to covering bloating, never make you feel self-conscious. Perhaps the dress’s airy cut allows you to move freely. Maxi dresses are simple to combine with sandals or slip-on flats. Wearing it all day is simple and comfy. It won’t be surprising to forget that you have your period when you wear them.   

  1. Sweatpants  

Some ladies avoid wearing sweatpants because they believe they do not flatter their curves. However, this is not the case. Nowadays, many celebrities and famous people walk around in their sweatpants. Surprisingly, they look fantastic in them. They never fail to rock these bottoms, and you’ll be able to do the same. 

Since you have your period, it is the ideal alibi to wear the most comfortable sweatpants that allows you to feel your warm body and feel cozy. Just remember to combine it with a stylish and feminine top to balance off the sporty vibe.

  1. Palazzo Pants  

Palazzos made their debut in the fashion business in the late 1960s and quickly rose to prominence thanks to the widespread appeal of their style. Palazzo pants are a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe because they are easy to wear and can be paired with various tops. When you wear these pants, your legs will have plenty of room to move, especially during your period.   

  1. Dark-Colored Matching Coordinates 

If you want to look stylish without putting in too much effort or wasting energy determining what to wear, choose dark-colored matching coordinates. Every girl should have a few of these outfits in her closet. They are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs. However, because you’re on your period, you’ll need the dark-colored ones for the time being.  

You don’t have to decide what to pair your top or bottom with because they’re coordinates. This quick and easy outfit can make you feel at ease while looking stunning and trendy. Coordinates are available in a variety of top and bottom designs. The goal is to choose a combination that complements your style and body shape.

Once you’ve decided what to wear, use the following styling techniques to stay fashionable even when you’re on your period: 

  • Mix And Match Your Top And Bottom  

Although catwalk models make it appear easy to wear a loose or tight dress, it isn’t. Average girls may struggle to pull off loose or overly fitting attire, especially during that time of the month. As a result, it is preferable to strike the proper balance for both. When shopping for clothes during your period, consider mixing and matching your top and bottom. 

This is an essential factor in coming up with the best outfit. Therefore, tops and bottoms need to complement one another when planning outfits. Remember that a loose shirt looks great with tight pants and wide-leg pants, or a full skirt looks great with a cropped or fitted top. Apply these guidelines, and you’ll continue looking fab despite having your menstruation.   

  • Find Something That Complements Your Body Shape  

If you shop strategically, you will never run out of outfits that look great on you. Whether you’re experiencing a period or not, it’s essential to wear something that flatters your body. Note that your body shape should be considered when choosing clothing designs. One helpful tip is to learn more about your body parts and features. Evaluate and assess your assets and which need to be hidden or covered more.  

If you’re not sure what to buy, consider the clothes you already own that flatter you. You may have the most excellent jeans that make your waist look slim and your legs look longer. Consider their characteristics and look for them when buying the perfect jeans. It would also be beneficial to try on garments before purchasing them to see if they flatter your figure. If you like the piece’s silhouette, you should look for others with that shape. Remember to apply this tip even if you’re too uncomfortable to dress up because of your period.  

  • Embrace Your Personal Style  

Whenever you choose clothing to wear, it should allow people to recognize how it represents your style. Your friends and families will compliment your look more when they see how confident and at ease you are with what you’re wearing. For you to have that confidence, you need to feel comfortable.  

Creating a mood board is a great way to develop your signature style. Shopping and trying on many clothes are some ways for you to find your style, so don’t hesitate to go on that journey. By experimenting with colors and shapes, find out what looks best on your body. After doing this, you can confidently pull off your style any time, even when you have your period. 

  • Combine Patterns And Textures  

There’s no need for you to limit yourself when pairing clothes together. Many fashion designers are now combining patterns and textures that were unconventional and uncommon in the past. It makes a bold fashion statement by mixing textures and prints. In addition, if you’re feeling creative and playful, you can experiment with different patterns and texture combinations, and you’ll be in for some surprise. 

When you’re feeling under the weather at that time of the month, this is a terrific way to dress up. Applying this advice is one way to brighten up and feel more dressed. Check your clothing and combine different designs. Put on clothes you haven’t worn before, and you’ll be surprised at how well they go together.  

It’s time to break out of the primary block colors that have dominated your wardrobe in the past. Try to incorporate plaid, stripes, florals, ginghams, and more. However, keep your patterns complementary rather than contradicting. Ensure that there’s only one focal design so the other patterns won’t clash with it.  

  • Know What Color Fits Your Skin Tone  

No matter your mood or state, it’s essential to wear the right color that complements your skin tone. While your skin color may change due to the hormonal changes you experience when you’re on your period, it’s still essential to wear clothing that fits that specific skin color.  

Fill your closet with colors that flatter you the most so that every outfit you wear looks great. Don’t be afraid to own other bright colors because you can pair them with others to create a unique style. 

However, follow these skin tone guidelines:

Cool complexion – Choose garments in white, black, grey, silver, and blue colors. 

Warm undertones – Go for shades such as brown, olive, red, and yellow.   

  • Show The Right Amount Of Skin  

It’s important to feel sexy without being sleazy when heading out of town. Therefore, it’s crucial to show the right amount of skin. This is a significant piece of advice when it comes to putting together a stunning evening ensemble. Don’t forget that you must cover any body areas that you don’t feel comfortable exposing, particularly if you are on your period.  

Avoid exposing your midsection or too much of your legs. To achieve the desired look, highlight only one portion of your body. You can display more skin in that location depending on your best qualities. Leave a little room for the imagination by exposing just enough skin. Keep in mind that when you expose too much skin, it can be challenging to appear elegant.


It’s never easy to find stylish yet comfortable clothing, and it’s even more difficult when you’re on your period. With this no-frills guide, you now know what clothes will make you feel relaxed while also being trendy and classy. There are also tips to guide you on consistently looking stylish no matter your state. Comfort is critical when it’s that time of the month; however, you shouldn’t let it take away your drive to look gorgeous and elegant as always.

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