Accepting Jesus As Your Lord And Savior

Perhaps you can agree that living with Christ in you is the happiest thing you can do for yourself. You might have once drowned in the world of frustrations, sins, and on the verge of giving up, but after proclaiming and accepting Christ as your savior, you got enough reason to hope for a better future. Perhaps Christ is the light that shines in the darkness. Accepting Jesus in your life is a decision you can never regret as it comes with many rewards. This article talks about accepting Jesus in your life and how to achieve it.

1.Understand God’s holy nature

God is one but is manifested in the Holy Trinity; The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. You should know this as it is crucial to understanding God’s nature. The three do not refer to one as a person but at will and power. The father’s will is that of the son and the Holy Spirit.

You might be confused about how God is one in three forms but sent the son to earth dye for human sins. God and the son are the same, only different in the trinity. The holy trinity only enables men to understand God’s nature.

2.Seek to understand God’s plan

God’s plan is always for your good, plans for prosperity and not to thwart you. The scripture clearly outlines why you should get saved, why you should believe in God and why you should trust him in all you do. At times you might feel as if God is not by your side or is not wishing good for you, but you should take that step of faith and trust that he has a better plan.

Sin is one thing that displeases God. Every man is a sinner, but you should not be arrogant and sin against God since he will forgive you. Remember that the payment of sin is spiritual death, which is the eternal separation of man from God. The moment you accept turning away from the sinful acts, you will be rewarded greatly. From the scripture, you can see Mary Magdalene accepts her sins and accepts to move on. She says, I was one way, but now I am different”

3.Admit your sins

You cannot be saved unless you admit you are a sinner and ready to change your ways. God commands man to repent since failure will lead to your downfall; you will perish. Everyone is a sinner by nature; therefore, it is difficult to please a perfect God despite Him being understanding.

Furthermore, God sent his only son, Jesus, to the world not to condemn it but to save it through him. God sacrificing His son for the welfare of the sinful man depicts His unwavering love, and you should consequently trust and believe in Him.

Jesus was tortured, crucified, and died for man’s sins, but he rose again, defeating death and making it possible to be saved. Like the disciples were influenced by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus, so should you. It’s is not by mere thinking or reasoning that you decide to follow Christ but by accepting the Holy Spirit that calls you to repentance and follow God. You should believe the word of God since it is by believing that you receive God’s gift by grace which is faith.

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