TV Series for Religious and Family Consumption

Nowadays, many movies have been corrupted, and it’s embarrassing to watch with your family. As a Christian, you might be looking for an appropriate series that you can enjoy quality time with your kids. Worry no more, for there are still good film productions that make the best movies for Christians to watch and grow their faith more. This article will provide you with the top series that is God-related and amazing to watch with your family.

The Bible

This is one of the top recommended movies for Christians. The Bible contains different stories from the beginning of the world, which are interesting to watch and learn more about God. If you are new to Christianity or planning to teach your kids the way of our lord, you should consider adding this movie to one of your collections.

The Chosen

The Chosen is one of the biggest watched Christian movies all over the world. The best thing about this movie is that it explains the love of Jesus and how he continues to save his people today. The show will definitely leave you emotional about the amazing stories of how God saves people on a daily basis. You can also watch the movie with your family and get to experience how good it feels living in the lord’s ways.

Sons of Thunder

Sons of thunder is an amazing movie about a man named Simon. He was a ridder running from a motorcycle gang who wanted to harm him. Simon’s journey changed to an inspiring one since he found Jesus on the way and decided to share his word with other people. The movie will encourage you if you are going through life challenges that Jesus is the way and the truth for salvation.

Ties That Bind

This movie is about a detective trying to balance his job and family. The show is perfect for a family since it revolves around forgiveness and persistence in life. If you have been looking for time to serve the lord and still manage to deal with your profession, ties that bind is the perfect movie for you.

Malibu Dan

As a family person who wants to enjoy quality time watching movies with the kids, Malibu Dan is your best shot. The movie focuses on a man who is balancing between being a father, husband, and host. The movie is also full of comedy hence making it the best to watch with your family for laughs.

321 Penguins

321 Penguins is a kid’s comedy movie that is based on problem-solving skills. The show is great for your kids since it gives them ideas on handling situations in life. It is also the best to watch as a family since it contains bible studies and adventure.

Against the Current

Against the current is a TV show that is based on two best friends reaching their life goals. The show talks about swimming passion and how one can grow their dreams.

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