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guest posts

If you follow some blogs, you must have noticed that it may be common for there to be some posts written by third parties, as guests.

This is an interesting practice for those who publish, since it is difficult to maintain a frequency of good articles, but it is also highly recommended for those who write.

That is why we always indicate that, on behalf of your company, you participate in this practice.

In this post we will show you the benefits of writing a Guest posts, how to find channels to publish and how to create suitable content for these occasions.

The benefits of publishing guest posts

We have seen how some companies question the reasons for investing time in the production of content and publishing on another site, generating traffic for it instead of publishing on the blog itself and directly reaping those fruits.

It is undoubtedly a relevant point, but it can be explained by some advantages:

Reach a new audience

The work to create a community and have a good number of people around your brand is hamshakeel8436 and the numbers tend to grow slowly.

In parallel, there are other vehicles doing the same thing and already talking to your audience. Writing for one of them means reaching a new audience, with great chances of reaching people who have never heard of your company before.

Position yourself as an authority

Being present in various places speaking as a specialist on a certain topic offers great value, which is to give you – and consequently your company – a position of authority.

It is possible to position that image in the minds of readers and make your name present when they think about it.

Get good links

When it comes to SEO, receiving links from other websites is one of the main factors to improve organic positioning.

The more quality links your company receives, the greater the chances of reaching the top positions in Google for the keywords that are important to your business.

Guest posting on relevant blogs in the market is a guaranteed way to receive one of those links.

How to get published

There is a process that is not always easy between finding some options and getting an ok for the publication.

Therefore, we bring some tips that can increase your opportunities:

Find good targets

  • The first step to guest posting is choosing a good blog or portal.
  • Give a priority to those that are related to your topic or that at least have an audience interested in your domain issue.
  • Follow some market experts on social media and see the content sources they use. This is a good way to find good vehicles. Google searches can also help you find some results.
  • There is also Google Chrome plug-in that points to similar pages and can help you find more options.
  • Once this is done, identify if it is really worth publishing on that site. See what the repercussion is (number of times shared on social networks) of the latest posts or how many followers the blog has on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • Another option is to use Open Site Explorer and measure domain authority.
  • It is possible to carry out a thorough process and identify with great precision the vehicles with the greatest benefit.
  • Try to build a relationship beforehand or look for common contacts
  • It is often not very easy to post on a quality site as they have a reputation to uphold and may not trust anyone who contacts them.

Therefore, it is very important to start a relationship before placing the omshakeel8436er to publish. Try to initiate that contact through comments on posts, emails or social networks. It also helps to share content from the site on your company’s social networks.

An undervalued strategy, but one that is undoubtedly effective, is face-to-face contact, in meetings, cafes and events, for example.

Finally, another option that works very well is to be recommended by a common contact. It may be worth looking up the blog’s editor on Linkedin or Facebook and checking to see if any connection is shared by a close friend.

Have a good content portfolio

If your company already has a blog with a good history, it is easier to gain credibility and receive the ok to publish.

The history shows the mastery of the content, the cohesive way of showing ideas and grammar, as well as showing if the topic is really attractive.

It is much easier for you to be accepted if you have a blog with content already published than if you did not have it created.

Try to have something to show beforehand

When there is no close relationship with the blog editor and you want to start a contact to publish as a guest, try to describe the topic and the structure of the text, showing commitment and knowledge of the subject.

Sending a briefing is much more effective than just asking if you can submit a guest post.

If the content is rejected, which can happen for various reasons such as editorial line, style or format, ask the ally if there is a theme that you can develop for the blog or send theme ideas for the editor to evaluate?

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