All About Mobile app development business in 2022

Cellphones and mobiles now no longer signify only a device of communication. It is a complete package to keep you connected with your loved ones but also for entertainment purposes. According to eMarketer, around 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. You can observe only people around you playing Candy Crush, using Instagram, TikTok etc. 

This is why there are 2.9 million apps available in the google play store & 4.75 million on the apple app store (Statista). With such cutthroat competition, marking your place is nowadays very burdensome. 

Though you will be baffled to know that people use 80 apps installed on their phone, as stated by techjury. So, there are fair chances that if you choose an excellent mobile application development company in Bahrain, your app can be one of them. 

Your mobile app development strategies should be on-point to make your app consistently used by your user. Now let us understand the importance of mobile app development first.

Importance of mobile app development:

We all know that struggling to be the number one app in any field is a strenuous task. Without a proper and effective Mobile app development strategy, the chances of achieving this goal are almost nil. 

Here are some of the reasons why it is essential to have a mobile app development:

  • It helps in building loyalty
  • Reinforces brand
  • It helps in increasing your visibility 
  • Increases accessibility
  • Increases the sell-through

There are two types of apps, the free ones and paid ones. According to Finances Online, 98% of app revenue comes from free apps. Business of Apps states that in 2021, more than 100 billion apps will be downloaded. But most of these were abandoned by the users within a week. One of the most common reasons for failing is not keeping up with the trend. Traditional website design services in Bahrain are still trying to tug traditional forms of app development. But there is a need to follow the trend as that is the pattern of app operation of your user—Let’s look deeper into why following mobile development trends is essential.

Why should you follow the latest Mobile App Design Trends?

Attract User:

To attract users to your app, most of the mobile app design companies keep all the aspects on point. If the development is out of trend and is not relevant according to time, people will not pursue it. So, it is essential to deliver what is relevant today.

Lead Your Industry:

Once you have everything in trend, it helps your users get what they want. As you succeed in gaining trust from your users, the industry will start to lead. All you have to do is to keep up with the trend and manipulate your strategies accordingly. 

Persuade users of the app’s functionality:

Now post looking at the benefits of following trends in mobile app development, let’s discuss your growth. 

Let’s discuss:

How To Make Your App Stand Out In a Crowded App Market:

Research your competition:

One of the essential strategies that you can use to upscale your app development is competitor strategy monitoring. When you keep an eye on the moves of your competitors, it helps you to keep your a-game up. Also, this allows you to monitor the trend in which businesses are growing, and you can target them accordingly.

Design A definitive marketing strategy:

Marketing strategies make you ahead of your competitors and keep your game up. So, you need to create a definitive marketing strategy that has the potential to target your audience, generate ROI and organic traffic and increase conversion rate. Most digital marketing agencies dedicate quality time to conducting thorough research to understand the market and other aspects before planning a strategy.

Understand mobile app advertising:

Often people get confused between traditional online advertising and mobile app advertising. It has been noticed that maximum business doesn’t even take a chance segregating the marketing strategies according to the platform. But to grow your mobile app, you have to have personalized mobile app advertising. For that, you have to understand how mobile app advertising wor. Your mobile app advertising has three stages:


In the first stage, you have to focus on visibility and awareness of the brand. 


Here you have to focus on generating app users and several installations with astounding strategies. It also involves follow-up with the clients. 


First, it is difficult to gain customers, and so is to keep them engaged. You have to place an advertisement so that it keeps your customer using it.

Master the use of social media:

No business lacks an audience on social media. So, if you can master social media, you can find an abundance of users there. All you have to do is understand these social media platforms’ patterns and plan accordingly. 

Understand your app store optimization:

Now app is downloaded from app stores, be it of apple or android. So, you have to understand the optimization process of these app stores. This store app optimization helps your app rank top in the store and enables you to get more opportunities to get leads.

These are some of the ways that you can use to upscale your mobile app. 

Hopefully, you have clarified all the basics regarding your mobile app development. Research and the right approach can help you grow your mobile app better than your competitors. 

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