Why Do PanOxyl Patches Turn White When You Use Them?


If you’ve ever used PanOxyl patches for your acne, you’ll know just how satisfying it can be, peeling them off and finding out just how much ‘stuff’ they’ve drawn out. Ok, so it might sound a little weird to some, but it’s a genuinely pleasant thing for someone who suffers from pimple breakouts.

Also known as hydrocolloid patches, these small circles of wonder can literally suck out the goo from your zit as you sleep. It’s not magic, but it is clever science. As they do their work, they often turn white, which raises the logical question of why. 

So, Why Do PanOxyl Patches Go White?

Ok, once your zit patches have been in place for a sufficiently long time, you’re going to see white specks here. The simple answer to why it’s a good sign is that the product is doing its job – that of drawing everything from oil to dirt to dead skin cells out of the blocked pore that caused the spot. 

So the whiteness is the pus from your whitehead, right? No, actually it’s not. It’s actually hydrated colloid, as it’s a substance that turns white when it comes into contact with moisture. The whiter the patch appears, the more moisture it has drawn out. 

Does This Keep Acne Away?

Honestly, most acne sufferers won’t be able to get rid of persistent acne with PanOxyl patches alone, but when combined with other products that contain benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid, they can be very effective at reducing spots and helping to stop the spread of bacteria. 

The semi-opaque stickers that you get in each box are made with a hydrocolloid dressing that’s able to draw out moisture without causing dryness. And by pulling the oil, dirt and pus away from your whitehead, the patch creates the conditions for healing. 

They Also Stop Picking! 

That’s not the only way in which they help either, as having a barrier over your spots will stop you from picking them – something that’s almost guaranteed to spread your acne around faster than anything else. Picking also results in more damage to the area, meaning more inflammation, infection, discomfort and possibly even, in worst cases, scarring. 

Many people are absent-minded pickers, meaning they don’t even know they’re doing it! They do know, however, when they go to pick and find a plastic circle there. It’s a great deterrent! 

PanOyxl Patches – An Effective Tool Against Pimples

As we’ve found out, PanOxyl hydrocolloid patches are great when combined with other acne treatments and they turn white when they work – so watch out for that happening!

It also pays to know that the best types of spots these patches work on are white heads, blackheads and pimples, as deeper papules won’t really be affected by them – simply because they’re not close enough to the skin’s surface. 

All that said, if you are an acne sufferer and you haven’t yet tried the gentle healing action of hydrocolloid patches, we’d recommend you do, as they work and provide relief. If you’ve had acne for a while, you’ll know that you need all the help you can get!

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