Are there benefits to taking online courses? We analyze the matter

Udacity, an online nanocourse program, has reached 40,000 graduates. This, at least in the United States and Canada, makes those who have studied like this increase their salaries by 33% on average. The United States and Canada are two countries in the Americas that are home to thousands of online courses for various disciplines and skills. And Udacity is one of the most popular ones.

There are many courses offered online, on just about any subject. Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of Udacity, in a blog post, details the story of Anna Preis, who a year ago knew nothing about programming and computers, but having obtained the “Grow with Google” scholarship, which is accessible to those who want to become developers, managed to complete the nanodegree of Android basics. And so she Anna turned an uncertain future into a web development job at Shopify. Anna herself commented: “This completely changed my life. It is extremely empowering!”

What happened to the apps? Is her charm over?

These types of courses were introduced on Udacity in 2014 and Anna is the 50,000th person to graduate. Thrun’s blog adds: “By the end of this 2018, 70,000 people from 160 countries will have graduated from nanoprograms. This means up to 18,000 more students compared to last year. Like Anna, many of our students were able to attend Udacity with financial support: 12% of our degrees had scholarships from our generous partners, including AT&T, Bertelsmann, Google, Facebook, and Lyft.

Also in the blog it is indicated that: “Our students obtain a great return on their investment. Udacity graduates, who reported that their new jobs achieved an increase of 18% or more after completing a nanodegree program. In the United States and Canada, our students grew their salaries on average by 33%”.

Obviously, the study of this type of course, such as those of Udacity, should give some benefit to those who take it, but as in everything, it is part of the responsibility of the interested party to open doors to show their capabilities. Things don’t always work wonderfully well, but it is clear that Udacity’s nanodegree courses can be an interesting option to learn at a pace where everyone puts in the time they want to work on it. It is certainly a good idea that should be taken into account if you want to have other job prospects in this highly competitive world.

Online hands-on learning have become a trend in the world of education. Internet penetration has entered almost all aspects and most of modern human activities are facilitated by the network technology between computers. Udacity is one of the many online courses available to the public and it has proven to provide a variety of benefits for its participants. Udacity and other online courses are the new face of education, thanks to the growing presence of the Internet in almost all parts of the world. Hopefully this article provides valuable information. Thanks for reading!

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