Guide to Frappe Coffee Recipe Games and Restaurant Game:

With dozens of phone and PC games popping up in the recent years, the genre of cooking game has exploded massively. Most of the games are geared towards fabricating mouthwatering recipes and make money by efficiently running a kitchen. With the help of these games, the children can develop their time management skills and adults can have some fun while relaxing. Just scroll through to know some of the most popular Restaurant Game as well as Frappe Coffee Recipe Games which are currently in the hotlist. 

Frappe Coffee Recipe Game:-

(1) Latte Master: In this game, you have to basically run a coffee shop. Guests will always be looking for different flavors of coffee. Your goal will be to satisfy the customers with the coffee you prepare.


  • In order to make a perfect taste of coffee, prepare a perfect mixture of milk, chocolate, match and other ingredients.
  • Prepare alluring Latte Art
  • Receive 3 star reviews from customers.
  • Get attractive coffee cups and decoration. 

(2) Coffeah: Coffee Recipes: Are you addicted with coffee? Are you not able to kick start your day without a good cup of coffee? Or, maybe you are eager to give a try to the latest Dalgona coffee trend, but aren’t sure of the recipe? You can get all things covered under one umbrella in this app. You can take your pick from a wide variety of coffee options available like Cappuccino, Dalgona, Espresso, sweet or bitter, hot or cold, and even Spice Pumpkin Latte. 

In this Frappe Coffee Recipe Game, you can find only the best coffee recipes. You can find the perfect taste for yourself, by browsing through hundreds of recipes, available here. You can also add your most favorite recipes under the Favorites list, and get access to them whenever you require. 

When you play Coffeah, there is no need of an internet connection, thus providing you the scope to browse recipes anywhere. Download the app from the Play store, and start preparing delicious coffee. Give a try to this game and see whether you find the perfect coffee recipe that suits your taste. 

Restaurant Game:

(1) Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

In this free addictive time management Restaurant Game, you can cook appetizing meals and desserts from all over the world. Starting from Desserts and Fast Food, to Chinese and Indian cuisines, together with the option to choose from a wide choice of restaurants and unique locations, gives you the platform to master your skills in various cooking techniques, in different techniques. In order to cook the best quality dishes, you can make use of hundreds of delicious ingredients ave available for cooking. You have the scope to give a try to all the possible kitchen appliances from popcorn makers and pizza ovens to rice cookers and coffee makers. You need to attract more clients and for that it’s quite essential that you give a fashionable decoration to your restaurant. 

In order to make your customer’s game more memorable and personal, just like in real life, you can make your own freebies like cupcakes or cookies. Prepare an even greater variety of dishes by upgrading your kitchen. Have fun while cooking in Cooking Fever but remember to share your mouth watering meals with your friends on Facebook. 

(2) Cooking City: 

Are you looking for a fast paced gameplay with strategies and simulation fun? Cooking City is the most appropriate Restaurant Game that you are looking for. Become a star frenzy chef, cook appetizing recipes, travel all over the world, survey the various food cultures, and thus build a craze kitchen empire. Experience the cooking fever in hot time management restaurant game. 

In this cooking world, you can prepare, cook and serve tasty food. Bake pizza or grill cheeseburgers, Cook hot dog. Explore Bakery Shop, Joy Café and many other restaurants. Become a craze star chef and master the massive menus. 

You can download Cooking City for free from the Play store. Relish this cooking game and fun restaurant with your family and friends during your leisure time. The festival events and regular updates await you. 

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you are well acquainted with some of the best Frappe Coffee Recipe Games and Restaurant Game, why wait any longer? Just download any of the above mentioned games from Play store, and offer yourself some wonderful moments which will stay in your mind for a long time. Download these games for free and relish a gala time with your family and friends. 

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