Auckland: Learn More about This New Zealand City


Many people dream of traveling the world to discover different places and cultures. Undoubtedly, it is a unique and very enriching experience – and studying abroad is one of the ways to provide you with this contact with a new universe.

For that, there are several study destination options! Have you decided which one will be yours? In case you haven’t chosen yet, know that Auckland in New Zealand is an excellent alternative.

To help you with the task of identifying if this is really a city where you would like to study abroad, we will show you, below, the main characteristics of the place. It is very likely that you will be delighted and want to spend a few months there!

Auckland location

Auckland is located on the North Island of New Zealand and is considered its main municipality. It is also known as the “City of Sails”, as there are a large number of sailing boats and other types of vessels in the region, as it is very windy in this region. Auckland is inserted in a volcanic area of Oceania, which formed the existing relief in the place. These days, nearby volcanoes are no longer active (so there is no risk of explosions).

Main tourist attractions

This New Zealand city is full of attractions. Therefore, if you plan to spend a season there, know that there will be plenty of things to do to make your stay even more interesting.

Here are some places you need to see in Auckland!


The region is formed by 48 volcanic cones. Many people like to visit the place and have a picnic, as the view is spectacular. One of the most popular volcanoes for visitors is located in Rangitoto, one of the islands of Auckland.


The region is also home to beautiful beaches. Devonport Beach, Cheltenham Beach, Takapuna Beach and Milford Beach are just some of the lush options you need to experience during your stay.

Sky tower

This tour is for those who like something more radical. It is the tallest tower in the city, located in the SkyCity building complex, which has excellent bars and restaurants.

For those looking for adventure, it is possible to bungee jump from the top of the tower. But, if you don’t like to feel that adrenaline, you can just enjoy the privileged view!

Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum

This is a Maritime Museum of the municipality. It allows the visitor to understand the region’s connection with maritime activities. There, you will have a real history lesson about New Zealand. It is therefore an unmissable attraction!

Opportunities that the city offers for exchange

Auckland is one of the most sought after destinations by international students to carry out the long-awaited exchange. There are many advantages to choosing this place, the variety of tourist attractions being one of them. It is also possible to mention:

  • the excellent quality of life;
  • the opportunities for good jobs;
  • the fact that the city is student-oriented;
  • quality public security;
  • the various cultures that make up the region;
  • the prestigious English schools and good infrastructure;
  • excellent quality teaching.

In addition to the quality of education, the municipality offers several courses for your exchange. So, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just the English course.

Many schools provide a complete learning about different segments. Some of the options are: courses in tourism, business and international proficiency certifications.

Quality of life

Auckland is considered one of the 10 best cities in the world to live in. It stands out for its pleasant climate and for keeping its political and social issues quite stable. In addition, it is a place that values quality health and safety for its population.

Another relevant factor to increase the quality of life of the municipality is the low level of pollution. Based on this, you can see that if you want to do your exchange in the region, you will make a great choice.


Auckland has a very high cost of living compared to other cities in New Zealand, but it is possible to get good paying jobs there. But, like anywhere, costs vary greatly depending on the pace of life of each person.

Housing is the most expensive part – the closer to the center, the greater the amount paid. Food, on the other hand, can be more affordable if you opt for cheaper places.

Thus, the ideal is to start saving if you want to live in Auckland. But, with good planning, you will easily be able to spend a season in this incredible place.

Documentation required

If you want to go to Auckland, one of the first steps is to get a visa for study, work, tourism or the intended purpose. A passport and other personal documents are also required.

If you want to work, you must already have the employment contract before applying for a visa. If you are going to study, you only need a student visa when you stay in the city for more than three months.

Before going to your destination, also research issues related to housing, transport and schools. Good planning is the first step towards a successful stay in Auckland.

Remember that there are specialized exchange agencies to help you organize your trip. After all, it’s always good to be able to count on someone to give that little help, isn’t it?

English course options

If you want to study English in New Zealand, Auckland is a great alternative, as it has courses of significant quality. But it is very important to choose an option that, in addition to the excellence offered, fits your profile. Check out some:

  • Kaplan International English;
  • EDENZ;
  • NZLC;
  • Unique.

Technical schools and universities

Anyone looking to become a professional or enter a university can have great experiences in New Zealand’s largest city. For you to get a place, you must have fluent English, in addition to having attended at least high school.

Often, it is also possible to get a scholarship, as the New Zealand Government invests a lot in education, offering good opportunities for those who want to study. So, stay tuned for the scholarship programs offered.

To facilitate your search for good educational institutions, we have listed some technical schools and universities in Auckland:

  • NZIE;
  • Otago Polytechnic;
  • Massey University;
  • Otago University;
  • Auckland University of Technology.

Auckland really is a place you need to visit – whether to study, work or just spend a few days. Without a doubt, this will be a very enriching experience. So, so that everything goes according to what you always dreamed of, plan well the trip you intend to take through the largest city in New Zealand.

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