Author: Jack Harry

Advantages of Having SIEM-as-a-Service for Your Organization

It’s no surprise that data protection and cybersecurity have become critical components of any business. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a collection of integrated log management and monitoring tools that aid organizations in detecting targeted attacks and data breaches. SIEM systems compile and analyze log event data from infrastructure, systems, devices, and applications […]

What are Weil McLain Boiler Distributors? And Selling Boilers All Over the World?

Weil McLain boiler distributors are the leading worldwide distributor of high-quality boilers for mercantile and residential water heating. The company has supplied its customers with top-of-the-line boilers for over 130 years. Weil-McLain is an American manufacturer of commercial and industrial grade boilers, heat exchangers, burners and controls that provide after-sales service in all its products. […]

What is an overhead crane used for?

Overhead cranes have the biggest lifting capability of any material-handling device, and both bridge and gantry types are capable of heavy lifting over extended distances. These cranes are perfect for manufacturing and maintenance applications because of their great efficiency, reducing downtime, saving space, and improving shop floor operations. Overhead cranes are extremely adaptable and provide […]

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