Author: Jack Harry

Business Generation Through Smart Use of Lead Marketing Strategies

Cold calling can be a waste of time for your sales staff. It annoys people who may be your potential customers. Many caller-identification services indicate the person a caller may be a spammer. Lead generation strategies help organizations pull valuable leads that are ready to listen to your sales talk. Using appropriate lead generation methods is paramount […]

How to increase Number of Instagram followers in Malaysia

If your business uses Instagram to promote your business purposes it’s crucial to learn how to increase the number of Instagram followers. If you can fill your Instagram account with genuine, organic followers. Who are interested in your and your content and content. You can convert these followers into enthusiastic followers and eventually customers. It’s […]

What are the Different Funding Stages to Invest in Startups?

Many startups fail, and only 10% survive. A great idea and a business plan are necessary, but so is knowledge on how to raise capital and find investors. With the right information, you can turn your startup into the thriving business you’ve always envisioned. This guide sets out the different stages investors invest in startups […]

How To Use Blockchain For Business?

Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that keeps a secure record of transactions. It is a new technology that is rapidly growing in popularity. Blockchain technologies are being used in various industries including finance, healthcare, education and manufacturing. Blockchain has the ability to transform businesses by providing them with new ways to conduct transactions and […]

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