Bathroom Basin Material Types You Must Know About


Many things walk through your mind when you want to get a new bathroom washbasin or sink. Indeed, since you are planning to get a sink in your bathroom, it has to be good and durable. And one thing that actually matters is the overall look along with the durability of the material. No matter if you Buy Bathroom Basin Online – Design 10 or otherwise, you cannot miss out on the material aspect.

There are certain things that would help you in choosing the material for your bathroom sink like if the basin is made up of quality material. Then you need to check into the maintenance part. You would also need to consider if the material would blend well with the design of your bathroom. Don’t panic, this post would quickly take you through some material related points:

The ceramic

Do you have an idea that ceramic materials like porcelain or stoneware, get obtained by vitrification?   Ceramic basin, which can be taken as classic amidst classics, it is popular for its lasting shine and even pure white. A shade that stays unaffected to products like bleach. A high percentage of such types of basins are recyclable so contributing to caring for the overall environment and being resilient to scratches. In case you really wish something simple, this is definitely going to be a good sink pick for you.  The colours are surely restricted, but you can find a good model with decorative motifs or in case you prefer a matte type of finish.


You should know that acrylic is a thermoplastic material. This synthetic material is mostly composed of an acrylic layer, and then reinforced with fibreglass or even polyurethane. Acrylic basins or sinks are known for their lightness and even have a glossy finish. Thanks to the development of diverse types of compounds as Parapan or even Duralight, today such kinds of sinks are functional and even decorative. Resistant to any sort of scratches, these sinks are even easily recyclable.

Artificial stone

This type of artificial stone basin is formed of cement and tiny stones. Giving your bathroom an industrial, informal as well as innovative type of style. It is a robust material, but less common in different homes. It is time that you pay special attention to cleaning products, mainly to acids, as they can trigger some sort of unwelcome effects.

Natural stone

Then natural stone sinks are the types of basins that are made from materials like marble, slate or even granite. It is less resilient to shock and heavier type of materials. Relying on the type of stone, these sinks might give your bathroom a colonial, even elegant or rustic look. In addition, each basin is absolutely unique, either by variations in porosity, texture or even colour. You can pick diverse shapes or as manufacturers, it is even possible to customise it to your individual requirements. As for cleanliness, it is true that it demands more maintenance because of the porosity of the stone, so it has restricted sort of resistance to cleaning products.


To sum up, these were only a few of the different materials that you find for your bathroom sink or basin. Make sure that you choose one that you think will fit well as per your requirements.

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