Become the Spotlight Anywhere You Go with These Heart Lockets

Heart Lockets

Heart-shaped jewellery is excellent for Valentine’s Day and surprise love gestures. Many women enjoy purchasing jewellery since it can be worn with several outfits and lasts for many years. Even better, heart shaped  jewellery will remind your special someone of your devotion even while if the receiver is far away from you. 

When and Why Should You Offer Heart Shaped Jewellery?

To comprehend the meaning of the heart locket and other heart shaped jewellery, one must be familiar with the history of heart motif. In Europe, the heart motif was considered the representation of love. It might be love for the divine or another individual. Regardless, as the notion of romantic love grew, necklaces in the shape of hearts became one of its emblems.

Later, the heart locket became an additional significant symbol of love. Hearts in different sorts of jewellery represented love and loyalty to a person. Over time the popularity of these heart lockets grew and people started exchanging such jewelry to confess their feelings.  

If your significant other likes jewellery, Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to surprise her. Consider a heart locket an essential accessory, then place them in a heart-shaped jewellery box. It is something that she can wear virtually everywhere. Or, for a more exclusive option, consider diamond jewellery in the shape of a heart. In any case, heart locket in any type jewellry will definitely be a pleasant surpirise for your partner. Even better, this Valentine’s Day will be the one she remembers for years.

Mia by Tanishq has crafted a wide range of heart lockets, which we have listed for you.

14kt Yellow Gold Deep-In-The-Cell-Of-My-Heart Pendant

With this heart locket from Mia by Tanishq, you can give your significant other a present that she will appreciate for years. 14-karat gold has been fashioned to perfection. The design’s visual appeal is indicative of its exceptional craftsmanship. The embellishment of IJ-color, SI2-clarity diamonds makes it an appealing option.

14 Kt Yellow Gold Stunning Pendant

A stunning piece that can effortlessly transition from day to night. This gorgeous heart locket, created from 14-karat yellow gold, is the ideal accessory for adding a bit of glitz to your everyday attire or for a night out. The grade of diamond clarity is I-2

Celebrate Her With A 14kt Gold Pendant

Present this heart locket from Mia by Tanishq to your significant other to commemorate the occasion. It has been meticulously made from 14-karat gold and represents unity as a symbol of togetherness. The ornamentation of I2-clarity, GH-colored diamonds amplifies its overall elegance. Your love will undoubtedly admire this lovely present. The heart locket brings modern design and art elements.

Flourish In 18kt Gold & Diamond Studded Pendant

A pendant inspired by summer’s splendour. This item will allow your vivid aura to show through like a spring bloom that brings hope and joy. This necklace in the shape of a leaf is created from 18k rose gold and features a diamond-studded floral pattern. This piece’s artistic design contributes to its grandeur. This necklace may be worn with a kanjivaram saree for effortless elegance.

Yellow Gold Heart Pendant With Diamonds

Make every memory worth remembering this Valentine’s Day by presenting a loved one with this heart locket from Mia by Tanishq. The charm will undoubtedly represent your unending love for the woman in your life. The pendant has been created with care from 14-karat gold and set with diamonds. The diamonds are IJ in hue and SI2 in brilliance. It is a compelling alternative due to its beautiful design.

Finding Her The Perfect Heart Locket

It doesn’t matter who that lovely lady is for whom you are finding a gift. A heart locket is an excellent gift for her. Choosing a design that complements her personality requires some work. However, we believe that the designs above will make the selection considerably simpler. Visit the official online store of Mia by Tanishq to get modern heart lockets. 

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