Benefits of Roof Painting

Roof Painting

Roof coatings are not exempt from the wear and tear of time. They typically fade, blister, curl or chip. When this happens, it may be the best time to consult with a trusted Brisbane roofing company to rescue your roof and dress it up with a new coat.

But why should I paint my roof?

Benefits of Roof Painting

Here are some good reasons why you should paint your roof:

1. Keeps Your Building Cooler

Depending on the type of coat you use for your roof, getting it painted can help make the interior of the building cooler and less humid. In most cases, if you choose a white or heat reflective coating, the heat will be reflected rather than absorbed. So, you will feel a cooler ambience inside your home or office.

When choosing roof paints, make sure to go for a lighter shade. Not only are they subtle to look at, but they can also help reduce the circulation of hot air in the house.

2. Reduces Energy Cost

When you have a cooler ambience inside your property, it will naturally help reduce the use of energy which in turn minimises the cost of your electricity bill.

By painting your roof, you are adding a layer of insulation to it, creating a natural means of regulating the temperature. This helps lessen the need to switch on your air conditioning or heating systems for long extended hours.

3. Prevents Mildew Growth

As your roof paint fades or peels off, it gets more prone to mildew growth. Some even incur moulds, algae and plant growth. When this happens, your roof life is sure to shorten, so before that happens, it may be best to schedule a roof painting job with your roofer immediately. This way, you can prevent mildew growth while eliminating the risks of early roof deterioration.

4. Helps Combat Roof Leaks

Just like any other roofing service, roof painting starts with an inspection. During this time, your roof will undergo a comprehensive assessment as to the repairs and cleaning needed before coating it with a new membrane. In this case, your roofer will recommend repairing any leaks to ensure quality upon project completion.

5. Increases the Lifespan of Your Roof

When any structural part of your property is renovated, restored or refurbished, it enhances its durability. Similarly, if you paint your roof anew, you are also increasing its longevity. A subsequent coat of paint and timely monitoring can significantly extend the lifetime of your roof. So, if you feel that painting your roof is in order, don’t put it off until the next season.

6. Boosts Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t want an eye-catching landscape and property?

Every homeowner feels proud when neighbours and other people would appreciate and admire his or her property. Aesthetics is always a factor to consider when you are working on home improvements and the same goes for roof painting. It increases the curb appeal while enjoying other benefits of a well-maintained roof.

7. Peace of Mind

When you have a quality and durable roof, you can be sure that you and your family are safe and secured in it, even as you sleep at night. Having a sound roof offers peace of mind that even strong winds won’t blow it away or strong rains won’t cause interior flooding.

8. Protection from Extreme Weather

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter night, painting your roof protects it from unwarranted effects of extreme weather. Just like a jacket that keeps you intact when it’s chilly outside or sunscreen that keeps the harsh effects of UV rays, paint keeps your roofing substrate unharmed.

9. Helps Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emission

Many environmental advocates help promote the use of green, solar and reflective roofing materials as these can help reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses while ensuring functionality and beauty for your home. By painting your roof with a reflective coating, you can help slow down the impact of global warming and the accumulation of greenhouse gas.

10. Increases the Value of Your Property

An aesthetically and structurally established building not only attracts passers-by but also increases the value of the property. Think of it this way, if you were to buy a property, would you rather take one that’s well-maintained or the other that’s neglected?

Definitely, you’ll go for the property that will make your investment worthwhile. Similarly, if you want to increase your property’s value, schedule a roof paint job when necessary. 

11. Offers Sustainability

Painting your roof is like reusing the roofing substrate that is currently installed on your roof but enhancing its condition by using the right membrane. This helps lessen the accumulation of garbage in dumping sites, hence, promoting sustainability.

When you think that painting your roof is just another expenditure on your tab, think again. Above are 11 benefits of roof painting that you may want to consider before hesitating. If you care for your property, think of long-term goals.

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