5 Tips for Choosing the Best Luxury Caravan


So, you’re thinking about getting a luxury caravan for your family vacations—a splendid idea, by the way, but where do you get the best one, and how can you know it will serve your needs? The choices you have to make are bewildering, but you’re in the right place to learn all you need to make the best decision.

It would be best to consider many variables, from price, the color of furnishings to the country of manufacture. This article will break down five essential tips you need to think about when choosing the best luxury caravan. Think of this as a guide as you leap into making a huge investment.

Have a Budget in Mind

This is the first and the most important aspect of buying a luxury caravan. How much are you willing to spend on your new caravan? Answering this question will help you know whether to go for a used or new caravan.

It will also help you decide on the best way of financing your new purchase. For instance, do you intend to take out a loan or finance? Have you saved up? Are you looking for various payment plans?

If you’re planning on using your caravan as a long-term, or permanent accommodation option, you may consider selling your house or renting it out to pay for your caravan.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use it on a short-term basis, say weekend getaways, you can curate a budget on how you’ll pay the caravan.

Once you formulate a budget, you should stick to it. Going with an affordable caravan that falls within your budget is better than clearing out your bank account or finding yourself in debt.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A large caravan can be daunting when you begin towing it. Apart from taking up more parking and road space, the buffeting from side winds will also be more affected or passing Lorries, especially on fast lanes.

Starting with a smaller caravan is a great idea. You may compromise on interior space, but you can always upgrade as you gain confidence.

Smaller caravans have a lot of advantages too. They’re easier to maneuver on narrow roads and also cheaper to ferry.

If space is an issue to you, you may want to get an awning— a tent-like structure that fits on the side of your caravan. A 4m-long caravan with a full awning has more floor space than a 7m caravan without.

This combination could also be much cheaper and more fuel-efficient. An awning is also an excellent space for wet clothes and boots when inclement weather.

But if you want a larger caravan, you can go for one that won’t move as often. Just find luxury static caravans for sale that suit your needs, and you’re all set.

Find Your Preferred Layout

Caravans come in countless different layouts, so you must find which one you want when choosing the best luxury caravan. For instance, do you need a caravan with a dining area layout that can comfortably hold your whole family? Do you want one with fixed beds? Is it essential that you have a side or rear washroom?

Knowing the layout that will work for you will save you the trouble of going through hundreds of caravans and narrowing down your search. Apart from the design, you also want to check the headroom available.

Caravans have a sloping roof that helps reduce drag, affecting the van’s headroom at the front and back.

If you’re taller than six ft., you’ll need to check if you can comfortably stand in the shower, living, or bedroom area. Also, check if you can quickly get in and out of the dinette seats.

Select Your Essentials

When choosing your caravan, you have to consider its age, if it’s used, and the price will dictate what’s included. Additionally, the kinds of functions and features vary hugely depending on the manufacturer and model.

You’ll find features like water systems and heating in any caravan, but some more luxurious features aren’t always included as standard.

So, it’s essential to think about the features you want your caravan to have since you’ll be using them regularly. For example, if you aren’t much of a cook, you probably won’t need a top-spec oven.

Most manufacturers will provide the basic features as standard but allow you to buy other high-end and luxurious features to customize your caravan for additional home comforts. Just know that all extra features may come at a cost.

Once you know your “must-haves” and you’ve determined the layout that works for you, it may be time to start browsing caravans.

Inspect the Caravan

Once you’ve decided on the caravan you want, you need to inspect it physically. It may be your first time purchasing a caravan, so you need to go with a trusted caravan specialist.

You may also want to go with a couple more items such as a torch, camera, measuring tape, and a damp meter if you have one for checking the caravan’s moisture levels.

The damp meter will allow you to know if the caravan has any dampness issues, and this may give you the upper hand when striking a bargain for it.

You can also ask for a damp meter from the seller, but if they refuse this inspection, that may be a sign that something isn’t right with the caravan.

A torch is essential to look for rust in the caravan’s undercarriage and check the tires’ conditions. A camera allows you to take shots of any areas on the caravan to inspect later.


New buyers can sometimes be caught off-guard by the high prices of today’s caravans. But when you look at the improvements in design and modern amenities you’re getting in today’s models, you’ll see that most of them are an accurate representation of value for money. Of course, prices vary, but most caravans will have around the same price range.

Some makes are superior and are regarded as a status symbol by caravan enthusiasts. Still, you can also find budget models that traditionally cater to the lower end of the market, just like certain vehicles are more desirable than their counterparts.

If you have the time and inclination, today’s caravan industry is highly competitive, and with a bit of shopping around, you’ll find a great machine that will make the whole process worthwhile.



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