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Men Type Quiz

Life is not always the same and accessible for everyone, and usually, several things may get out of hand quickly. How can a women deal will all the problematic situations all alone? Having a great man on your side is necessarily an excellent solution to them. Using your type man as a credit card for everyday shopping or as a problem-solving machine for dining out to relieve the regular stress of life is not what we are talking about here in this article. Instead of being selfish and demanding, an ideal man or life partner is kind, generous, reassuring, supportive, and helpful in all matters of life.

Thus, finding the right guy as a partner for your life can sometimes be a daunting task. Do you constantly seek some characteristics or attributes rather than just deciding someone according to his good physical appearance? If not, then what a lucky girl you are!

In such a case, we would suggest you take the “what type of men do I attract quiz” test for finding the correct type of guy for you. One has to answer all the quiz questions honestly, and then with those answers, you will get to know what type of man is right for you according to our defined men categories. We wish you the very best of luck in finding an ideal guy as your life partner.

What do the men type quiz made for women do?

Nowadays, several psychologists have mainly categorized men into distinct categories. This popular “type of men quiz” test primarily focuses on the most general and sensible types of boys and asks them a set of questions to categorize them according to their personality. Those psychiatrists separate men into four basic categories:

  1. The King
  2. The Warrior
  3. The Magician
  4. The Lover

All these four categories are also commonly known as personality archetypes. That indicates that men worldwide have been profoundly participating in these activities since the beginning of history. These primary categories clearly define the names and characteristics of men present in them. Still, when studying these categories in detail, you will be surprised to learn about men. So, let’s get started with it.

Different Types of Men According to Men Type Personality Quiz

  1. The King Men

The first and foremost category of men type quiz made for women is the king. That monarch title extraordinarily suits a few men who are mainly independent and dominant in their lives. They usually have a strong figure who plays a significant role in their surrounding environment.

In addition to that, such men do not consider themselves the center of the entire universe. Still, a few of them make it very clear with their actions rather than just reacting like others in most everyday situations. However, often their dominance may make them a little unfaithful.

The kings are further divided into two categories:

  1. The Sovereign Kings

Such king men usually aim for higher heights physically and spiritually in their lives. You might be remaining Christian Grey as an example of it, right? Moreover, such alpha category males are creative, territorial, supportive, independent, focused on their life goals, and many more. Nevertheless, still there exist a few characteristics that you must be aware of concerning the darker side of Kings.

  1. The Kings in the Shadows

Besides being the ruling kings, a few king men can also become tyrants. Not that they would pillage or raid you as your life partner. Instead, the tyrant ones would push their partners and friends far away from themselves to concentrate well on their life goals and achieve them. So, if you are an ambitious and determined person, a little tyranny may be enough for you. While on the other hand, there is always a weakling in every tyrant individual too.


However, always keep in mind that queens and kings of the past generally raise kings. That means they have been oppressed at some point in their lives. Mainly due to which they are like what they are now. That means if they have been hurt on anything, they will tend to blame others and seek revenge here and there.

  1. The Warrior Men

That is another one of the prevalent categories determined by the men type quiz for women. If you are usually aroused by some brave lean boys having six-packs, particularly looking at their best when soaked in sweat, then probably your type of men attraction is a warrior.

However, the warriors’ physical attributes have been washed out throughout the last century. The main reason behind it is the society marks and norms about some old-fashioned warrior traits. They assume that they are more aggressive than appealing.

Warrior type of men quiz is too further separated into two distinct categories:

  1. The Champion Warriors

Warrior types men can be your dreamy hero as they are intelligent, handsome, and care out their physical looks much more than other categories of men. In addition, they are considered passionate lovers who genuinely enjoy taking and giving pleasure to their partner and are often supportive at various significant steps of life.

Moreover, they tend to stay loyal to a single woman, even though several other girls approach and follow them. They are sincerely devoted both to their wolf pack and life partner. That means they might seem detached from different individuals from time to time. These were essential things to know if you want to attract warrior dudes.

  1. The Villains Among Warriors

Although warriors themselves are incredibly competitive, they don’t understand what and where they want to stand in their lives. In some cases, they might be superstars or sportsmen now and end up as normal individuals living in an ordinary street unless they find out their natural talent. In addition, they also tend to figure out their peace living in society and relationships.

Furthermore, villains among warriors somehow vent out their frustration and anger physically. So, they slightly tend to be kinky. And if they tried to be controlled, they might lead to extreme masochism and sadism.

  1. The Magician / Illusionist

The magicians are regarded as men who have a personality of sophistication and knowledge. Such individuals usually love to explore and know various places and things. In addition, their mental strength and discipline make them ideal candidates and entrants of upscale status and profile.

Moreover, they help and care for you, but they stay slightly detached from personal relationships and tend to rationalize things more than feelings. Furthermore, they prefer to plan out their future plans, and also, they are not a fan of being amused and surprised by more superficial things.

The individuals of magician category as evaluated by men type quiz made for women are divided into two groups:

  1. The White Magicians

Magicians or illusionists are ideal partners in terms of futuristic outlook and tremendous knowledge and information handling. They are also great spiritual mentors and gurus as they tend to seek beauty in their minds and eyes.

In addition, such men are usually not attracted to merely bibliography girls, but also, they are not as straightforward as warriors or Kings. Furthermore, they are really very thoughtful individuals who know you better than anyone else in your vicinity if you give them enough time.

  1. The Dark Magicians

They are the men who utilize their wisdom and knowledge to manipulate, control, and rule over others. Such men are thought to be masters of disguise as they can quickly transform from caring lovers to cold and stone-hearted demons within some time. Moreover, they are also assumed to be pessimists who generally blame others for their mistakes and failures. Due to being pessimistic, they usually do not trust anyone, no matter how close to them.

  1. The Lovers

As the name of this type of men quiz category indicates, the lover of men are profoundly associated with sensual pleasure and passionate love. However, their passion and satisfaction are not just limited to bedtime. Their love and hate emotions work as a powerful energy to perceive the entire world and its beings.

Additionally, a great thing about lovers is that they are fully involved and present in the living moment and enjoy every bit of their lives without being shy. No matter how bad they are at music and dancing, they still perform if they like. Contrary to that, if they don’t enjoy any activity or have a knack for arts, they will not even try to do such things.

According to the men type quiz for women, the loving men are further categorized into two groups:

  1. The Strong Lovers

Such men are great at receiving and giving pleasure with love and care. Their passion lies in the living moment without any fears of whatever is looming far in the distance from them. They generally make promises of the greatest dreams with their loving ones. Still, to some extent, they don’t have such willpower as warriors and kings to fulfill those dreams, so they somehow lie to their partners by just giving them imaginary hopes. Additionally, they are not likely to be loyal enough; they love to live their fullest at the present, loving, and romantic moment. Are they worth your love? Yes, indeed, because they are energetic and fun-loving and give women a romantic night to remember throughout their lives.

  1. The Damned Lovers

Such lovers tend to get pleasure from the loving surrounding environment mostly. They also try to drown themselves in complete satisfaction, ultimately leading to different addictions and needs. Thus, such lover individuals might become drug or sex addicts over time if they are not careful. So, always stay alert and attentive from such men if they call you in periods or call you on a hangout when drunken. Another big problem regarding such lovers is that they can’t keep up and deliver their promises timely. Also, to some extent, they are likely to suffer both mentally and financially due to their addictions, particularly when they lose something valuable in gambling.

Find your guy with a famous men type quiz for women.

We do not strictly classify all men on Earth in the above-mentioned four categories as every individual is unique on his own and has special features in his personality. So, besides the kings, warriors, magicians, and lovers. Men are usually divided into those categories depending on the general information and local observance. Thus, this quiz will intriguingly let you assess the nature of the perfect type of man-made for you.

Now let’s see a few other less common categories of men type personality quizzes:

  1. Egomaniacal men

Such men are a bit suppressive in nature because, to some extent, they are self-obsessed and assume that no one else can compare them. Generally, men of this category are attractive, eloquent, and handsome. Indeed, they possess everything a female gets captivated by, but all those outstanding characteristics are just from outside. Their inside is quite the opposite of what they seem out.

Moreover, these men usually sort their girlfriends based upon their appeal and look as they always want someone to look perfect with them. Consequently, they may feel hypersensitive, rude, or criticized in reality and somehow artificial to others. Most ladies tend to leave such narrow-minded men after a few times within close relationship with them because they feel that they do not deserve more torture, so they often let them go and find new ones soon.

  1. Impeccable men

Almost all of us face and meet impeccable men every day in our lives. Generally, they are good-looking in nature, due to which most women frequently get attracted to them. They usually own a comfortable and pleasant house due to the handsome salary of their jobs. Well, what more can an ordinary girl be attracted to! But then comes the spark point; such men have every element of Earth but miss the spark of attraction in their relationships. Although this theory might sound absurd, it is truly an awful reality.

Moreover, the impeccable men separated from the men type personality quiz can be a perfect match for someone who is not very known. The ladies who often go on dates with such men usually understand them very well and quickly get a hint regarding what they are going or trying to say.  

Furthermore, one most significant flaw of such individuals is that they are too polished for local people in their vicinity; although it sounds weird, it is a fact. Stand to stop getting attracted to such impeccable men. You will have to look around various attachment styles quizzes to get some idea regarding the type of your relationship attachment.

  1. Different men

Some ladies always stay desperate in looking for someone or something unique. The same is the case for the type of men they want as they partner. They usually look around to find different men belonging to a distinct category. In order to notice different men, you first need to observe their power of decision-making and the phenomena of how they react and respond to various situations they face every day.

Such different men usually entice women as they lack confidence and are unable to look directly into the eyes of others. Still, we girls typically consider it a cut element of boys. One most significant thing of such men is that they stay madly in love with their life partners and are assumed to be perfect husbands because whatever a woman says, their answer is always in support of Yes.

However, there are two kinds of ladies; one who loves to maintain a consistent relationship while being bossy either as a girlfriend, fiancée, or a wife. And the other ones are those who hate the salve nature of different men.  

  1. Socializing men

These are the types of men who love socializing and going to late-night parties. You will find a lot of such guys at occasional functions or friends parties. Such men tend to entice women with imposing dressing, charming personalities, dashing looks, and a cool attitude.

Well, we must say here that being with such individuals is hell fun as they try to remain the center of attraction in a gathering by making lame and silly jokes. But that can be good for just a few times; somehow, it is difficult for women to spend their lives with such men. And mostly ladies with similar personalities can have a consistent relationship with them; otherwise, they find all other girls dull.

Furthermore, socializing men usually spend a good quality life round the clock because they have a precise cycle including; work, enjoy, party, eating, sleep and repeat. However, to some extent, their personal lives may be quite messy and filled with several problems. Also, they may not be wealthy and independent, which may be their most significant concern. However, the best thing about them is that they always meet other people with a life-refreshing smile.

  1. Intellectual men

Such kinds of men are weird and striking simultaneously. You might be thinking of it as a joke, but it is a fact and reality about them. Men of the intellectual category usually have profound knowledge and information about almost everything, whether sports, brands, movies, professionalism, entertainment, or even philosophical theories. They are a champion in virtually every manner. Usually, career-oriented and professional working ladies get interested in them.

After knowing about them, you might wonder why we tagged them with a label of being weird? The significant reason behind it is that they are excellent at everything in the world and usually expect the same from the front person. Likewise, which lady intends to have a man who is that much immaculate? But generally, almost every girl or lady loves to have a different guy for herself that is beyond the expectations of everyone. Thus, they adore and desire to have an intelligent man in their lives as their lifelong partners.

Men Type Quiz for Women Questions

So, guys, that was all about “what type of men do I attract quiz” and the different categories of men according to the characteristics they possess. Now you may have become able to categorize your previous boyfriends in the above-mentioned types. And now this is the time for you to figure out what type of man is perfect for you to lead a joyful and prosperous life ahead just like you have ever desired in your dreams.

Now “What type of men do I like quiz” will is here to give you the answers to your men type questions that no one else can provide you. This test will surely inform you of the type of guy your desires bring in the most. Additionally, always be aware of the different hideous shadows of an individual. All the questions in this men type quiz are simple and are likely to give you the outcomes that may surprise you.

Questions of Men Type Personality Quiz

Question 1 Your father is/was a

  1. Teacher/wise/programmer
  2. The stubborn boss
  3. The inspiring leader
  4. Athletic/ fun/great driver

Question 2 In high school, you were

  1. Topper
  2. In the music band
  3. The fieriest cheerleader
  4. The journalist

Question 3 The hottest boys in the high school are/were

  1. Leaders of a student committee
  2. Athletic boys
  3. Romantic artists
  4. Toppers

Question 4 What is a tour dream job?

  1. Journalist
  2. Model
  3. Medical doctor
  4. Professor

Question 5 Where would you like to stay?

  1. Upscale flat
  2. NY penthouse
  3. Cottage
  4. Countryside villa

Question 6 What would you love your man to wear?

  1. suit and tie
  2. hat or cute shirt
  3. casual sports wear
  4. pant and shirt 

Question 7 Who pays the bill when you are on a date?

  1. Even if I want to, he never lets me
  2. He insists even he has no money
  3. He offers to pay the bill but somehow accepts to split
  4. He assumes I’m too much pretty to pay

Question 8 A perfect kiss is closest to

  1. When he pulls me in, there should be a firm grip on his arms
  2. An unexpected hot kiss that leads to other things
  3. A loving and caring kiss after a thoughtful present
  4. A tender kiss during rain

Question 9 you are closest to

  1. Your friends
  2. Your family
  3. Your girlfriend
  4. Your siblings

Question 10 On a holiday you like to be

  1. Playing video games
  2. With my family
  3. Playing volleyball on the beach
  4. Fantasizing

Question 11 What is your favorite movie type?

  1. Romance
  2. Action
  3. Comedy
  4. Mystery

Question 12 What is your dream car?

  1. Jeep wrangler sport SUV
  2. Rolls Royce Luxury Sedan
  3. Lexus NX hybrid XUV
  4. I prefer riding a horse

Question 13 When you see a famous actress with your ex.

  1. I compliment them, but I secretly choke her
  2. I don’t care about him; he is a pathetic con artist
  3. Why would it bother me?
  4. I appreciate the both

Question 14 The most essential aspect of life is

  1. Love
  2. Equity and justice
  3. Social status
  4. knowledge

Question 15 What is your favorite animal?

  1. Rabbit
  2. Tiger
  3. Eagle
  4. Fox

Question 16 Who would you like to date?

  1. Batman
  2. Aladdin
  3. The Wolf of Wall Street
  4. Sherlock Holmes

Question 17 I would like to marry

  1. With a rich man who understands me
  2. My best friend from school
  3. The person who truly loves me
  4. I don’t want to marry anyone

Question 18 Who is on top during sex?

  1. I love to be on top
  2. I tend to be abundant control
  3. We switch positions
  4. As long as he’s happy, I don’t care

Question 19 Who would like you the most?

  1. Your family
  2. Your siblings
  3. Your friends
  4. Your girlfriend

Question 20 What do you like the most?

  1. The magician
  2. The lover
  3. The king
  4. The warrior


Women are generally attracted to several different factors. In a few cases, it is the way they stroll or look physically, and in other cases, women focus on which type of emotions a man holds and how sensitive and sincere he is with his relations. Yet often, it feels insane and senseless to fall for a man just on behalf of characteristics figured out from the defined categories men separated according to these famous men type quiz made for women. As tough and challenging as it might appear, there is also scientific research mainly entailed in the craziest crushed and various enchanting sensations that we have collected in the direction of males through this quiz.

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