Best massage chair under $1000

Best massage chair less costly $1000

If you are too tense, tired, or if you suffer from back problems, a good massage will do you the greatest good. Many other benefits are noticeable if you choose to invest in a massage chair. For example, you can relax your muscles and circulate your blood well during a good massage session.

Moreover, there is no denying it, young or old, we have all been confronted with the stress that only a massage can relieve properly. For this, it is not necessarily necessary to go to an institute. Thanks to the massage seat, you can enjoy a massage worthy of the best salons without having to leave your home. Nevertheless, if you do not yet know which model you are turning to, our buying guide will tell you which are the best and how to find the product of your dreams!

Comparison Of The Best Massage Chairs

Homedics CBS-1000 – good value for money

This massage seat is one of the best sellers of the moment as it offers a good number of functions. It offers a complete massage by alternating between shiatsu massage, rolling massage and vibrations. With its heating function and its work area extending over 4 zones, it will give you a feeling of instant relaxation combined with incomparable comfort thanks to the upholstery of its seat.


  • Reliability
  • 12 massage functions
  • Ease of use


  • The device is quite heavy

Cost: $159.99 

Snailax massage seat – perfect for the car

Much more suitable for the car seat, this massage seat is nevertheless installable on all surfaces. It is easy to transport so it is perfect if you want to move around while enjoying an intense and continuous massage.


  • Product Weight: ‎5.84 Pounds
  • Massage cushion: foldable and portable
  • Automatic shut-off function after 5, 10 and 15 minutes
  • Cost: €92.99


  • heat therapy
  • Good value for money
  • Versatile massager


  • Intensity too strong which requires time to adapt

Medisana MCN – Shiatsu and heating massage

This massage seat has a remote control offering different functions that will allow you to massage several areas alone or together such as: the neck, the upper back, the lower back and the thighs. With its shiatsu massage option, you can be sure to relieve your muscles in depth.


  • Volume: 1 deciliter
  • Item weight: 7.56 kilograms
  • Heat and red light function
  • Cost: €98.91


  • Easy to install and handle
  • Little price
  • Heating function


  • Does not fit all sizes

Homedics SGM 425H – for an intense massage

This massage seat has been specially designed to massage your body deeply and with a certain intensity, especially your back. It will relieve you of all back pain and will ensure you a moment of optimal relaxation. They also have several intuitive features that will meet your massage needs. If you want to test this model, you can also go to a Nature et Découverte where it is most often exhibited.


  • perfect fit
  • Technogel
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cost: €249.00


  • Easy to manipulate
  • Comfort
  • Adapts to your size
  • Targeted massage


  • heavy device

Massant Comfier seat – the best seller

Versatile, this seat combines the functions of shiatsu, finger pressure, kneading, rolling, spot, compression and infrared heating. These techniques will help you eliminate fatigue completely after working all day or driving for a long time.

Users report that they appreciate the 2D and 3D shiatsu function with 4 rotation nodes that move in and out of the back. The spot function allows the massage to be concentrated on selected areas of the body.

Infrared heat relaxes the muscles. Finally, the adjustable compression feature focuses on the hips and waist.


  • Shiatsu-massage
  • Spot massage
  • UL household adapter
  • Cost: $219.99


  • Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage
  • Heat function
  • Versatile


  • Potentially painful massage

Siege Massant Renpho – Comfier’s competitor

With the Renpho massage seat, you’ll feel like you’re at the spa without having to leave your home or office. This chair will get rid of your stress and tension, while relieving you of various pains and improving your blood circulation. Allow yourself a moment of relaxation to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries.

We appreciate the different functions of this device:

  1. Flexible neck massager that conforms to your body type
  2. Dorsal Shiatsu: a deep kneading function from top to bottom of the back.
  3. Heat therapy: heat soothes and relaxes back, shoulder and lower back muscles
  4. Vibrations: 3 intensity levels for hips and thighs


  • Timer
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Foldable
  • Cost: €169.19 


  • Easy to clean
  • 3 pressure levels
  • Foldable


  • Potentially painful massage

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How To Choose Your Massage Seat?

There are different types of massage chairs on the market, which is why it is important to choose the model that best suits you according to several criteria:

The pressure exerted by the device

You must know at what intensity your device operates. This is an important point that will define whether your massage session will give you a moment of relaxation or feelings of real discomfort. The best case scenario would be to have a remote control that will adjust the intensity of your seat.

Its installation

If you did not know, the massage seat unlike the massage chair must be applied to a surface in order to be used. It is therefore important to find a model with adjustable fasteners for your size but also the surface on which you plan to place your seat.


Before buying your massage seat, it is important to know which area you plan to massage and how. The model will not be the same if you opt for a rolling massage at the neck level or a shiatsu massage at the level of the back, for example, although some models may offer you both.


You will have understood that who says massage says comfort. So check well before buying that the cushion of use is thick enough to prevent you from feeling the different parts of the device as well as the material of the covering of your seat for optimal comfort.

Different types of massagers

Although the massage seat is one of them, there are a lot of massagers for different purposes. And if you don’t know where to turn, it’s important to know the function of each device:

  1. Massage and neck cushions: this is the perfect device for gently massaging your neck and/or your shoulders. Unlike other devices, it has a size advantage since it is precisely much smaller and therefore easy to transport
  2. Massage chairs: difficult to transport and particularly expensive, the massage chair is the reference in terms of full body massage in depth for a real feeling of relaxation.
  3. The massage seat: It has the same function as the massage chair without the negative points of the latter, however. It is much easier to transport, cheaper and will allow you to massage your entire upper body from the buttocks to the neck. However, to be able to use this massage seat you will need a surface on which to place it.
  4. Mattresses or massage mats: And yes it does exist! This device consists of massaging your body with the only difference that this time, you will be lying down which will give you a real feeling of relaxation.

Note that, if you are athletic, you can also turn to massage rollers.

What Are The Benefits Of A Massage Chair?

A massage is used to relax. Studies show that the benefits of a massage are both physical and psychological. The massage seat allows you to benefit from the benefits of a massage without assistance. These benefits on the body are of several kinds:

  • back pain relief : from upper neck to lower back
  • expulsion of toxins
  • a decrease in tension

How To Use A Massage Seat?

To use your massage seat correctly, you will first need to sit on your seat with your back straight so that the massage is effective. Launch your device, and once started, all you need to do is choose the type of massage you are looking for using the remote control.

Does The Massage Seat Only Massage The Back?

The massage seat can actually massage your back! Massaging seats offer more functionality by giving you complete massages from the lower back to the neck.

Shiatsu Massage Or Rolling Massage: Which One To Choose?

If you want to relax your muscles, then the rolling massage will be ideal for you. If you prefer to relieve muscle tension then we advise you to opt for a rolling massage.

Where To Buy A Cheap Massage Chair?

As with all types of products, you can find massage seats online on Amazon, Conforama or Boulanger for example. If you prefer to test the product before purchasing, we advise you to go to Nature and Discovery.

How Much Should Be Budgeted For A Massage Seat?

For a classic massage seat, the average price of a massage seat is between 150 and 200 euros. If you want to invest in a top-of-the-range model for better quality massages, we advise you to plan around 500 euros.

How Often Should I Use A Massage Chair?

The frequency of use of your massage seat depends on your condition. If it is a pathological plan about 2 sessions per week, otherwise we advise you to practice massages 4 to 5 times a year.

What You Must Remember

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and be more fulfilled on a daily basis, then opting for a massage seat is really what you need. It may seem expensive but many advantages are to be drawn from this kind of product which exists in multiple forms which will meet your expectations and match your profile.

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