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Stylo Shoes

Stylo Shoes Collection

Stylo is an extraordinary producer and retailer of accessories and footwear. Besides Stylo shoes, it remarkably offers several things, some of which include the following:

  1. Formal slippers
  2. Casual shoes
  3. Chappals
  4. Closed shoes
  5. Bridal collection
  6. Sneakers
  7. Pumps
  8. Peeptoes
  9. Bags
  10. Apparels
  11. Jewelry
  12. Pret dresses, and many more.

Stylo Shoes Story

Stylo Shoes history
Stylo Shoes History

Mr. Azhar Hussain Siddiqui, a young man from Lahore city, took a job as a shoe salesman in Anarkali Bazaar, a very famous Lahore bazaar. His honesty and devotion made him famous among his team and colleagues. Soon, he also got job opportunities at other stores because of his good reputation. But being a visionary individual, Mr. Siddiqui aimed to start his own business. In 1974 he took his first step under the name of Bano Chappal with the amount of Rs 174 only. His hard work and sincere devotion to his field started paying off soon, and his vision progressively turned into a success story.

Now Stylo Shoes has become one of the most popular and well-known names in the Pakistani footwear industry. It is at its peak and has no intention of slowing down. Today Stylo has almost 200 + brand outlets in more than 100 cities of Pakistan. Moreover, it is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. The best thing about this brand is that it has never compromised on quality, which is why customers trust the Style shoes.

Furthermore, staying at the top of trends in a mercurial market is a large part of its successful journey. That brand has quickly adopted new changes and fashion trends, making it prominent among others. From a humble beginning to becoming the most prominent fashion house in Pakistan, all-in-all, it had been a challenging but rewarding journey for Mr. Azhar Hussain Siddiqui.

Brand outlets

Stylo Shoes new Arrival 2020-2021-2022
Stylo Shoes new Arrival 2020-2021-2022

There are approximately 140 outlets all around Pakistan under the umbrella name of the Stylo shoes group. From the marketing perspective, the Stylo brand has been performing well in 2022 in Pakistan despite COVID -19 tough times. In addition, it has successfully been on the top of the market for the last few years, primarily because it has extraordinarily uplifted the quality of the fashion industry. The company offers very much to its customers, which verily helps it compete with its competitors and stand out from all others in competition. Above all, Stylo always gives preference to its customers’ benefits. It even offers free delivery to its customers on a certain purchasing limit.

Company Information

Stylo Company
  • Founded – 1974
  • Company – Private
  • Industry – Department, clothing and shoe shop
  • Headquarters – Lahore, Pakistan
  • Size – 1000 to 5000 employees
  • Revenue – Unknown 
  • Website –
  • Competitors – Metro shoes 

Stylo Outlets in Different Cities of Pakistan 

Stylo Shoes outlets

With 100 retail outlets in 35 plus cities, Stylo shoes have become a big family name officially all over the nation. The company satisfies millions of customers by serving them with the best products. Its main outlets are present in:

  1. Mardan
  2. Mirpur (AJK)
  3. Wah Cantt
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Chakwal
  6. Rawalpindi
  7. Sadiqabad
  8. Sheikhupura
  9. Mandi Baha Uddin
  10. Bahawalpur
  11. Rahim Yar Khan
  12. Gujranwala
  13. Sahiwal
  14. Faisalabad
  15. Jhelum
  16. Gujrat
  17. Abbottabad
  18. Sialkot
  19. Peshawar
  20. Multan
  21. Lahore
  22. Karachi
  23. Share
  24. Sukkur 
  25. Khushab
  26. Dera Ismail Khan
  27. DG Khan
  28. Mianwali
  29. Okara
  30. Quetta

Seasonal Stylo Shoe Collections

At Stylo shoes, there is an immense variety of shoes for the summer and winter seasons specially designed for women with many benefits. However, the Stylo brand has all types of varieties for men, women, and children according to different seasons in Pakistan.

  1. Summer Season Stylo Shoes
Stylo Summer collection

From a broad spectrum of colors, women can choose casual shoes of their favorite designs in the summers. Stylo’s summer shoes are of exceptionally high quality, and they do not need to be replaced even after several months of use. The summer shoes can be flip-flops, strappy wedges, or even ballerina flats; they are all readily available at Stylo in many colors. Now let’s look at Stylo shoes summer collection verities:

  1. Chappals

You can choose from a beautiful range of chappals for the summer season from Stylo. These can be worn on almost any occasion. Many are decorated with embellishments such as beads, crystals, and fringe. In addition, you can also select a slightly dressier pair of shoes by shopping for flats because they have embroidered designs and much more.

  1. Sandals

Stylo company has made it convenient to find an eye-catching variety of suitable sandals for any occasion. Simply use the search filters to select any shoe from a large selection of Stylo shoes according to size, style, and color. Anyone can also search for trendy features like strappy details, lace accents, or embroidered designs. These shoes can greatly enhance your overall look.

  1. Slippers

For the new season, women must discover from the selection of slippers. You can get classic flats, luxury slides, and embellished slippers from Stylo. In addition to these items, pumps, sandals, and wedges make their debut on red carpets worldwide.

  1. Softys

When you think of comfort, softys come first to mind because comfort and style come hand in hand. These are perfect for those who want comfort in everyday wear. Moreover, softys are durable because they are made of very good quality material.

  1. Fall /Winter Stylo Shoes Collection 
Stylo winter collection

With the name of winter, some cozy, long shoes come into mind. You need a comfortable pair of sneakers which you can quickly slip before going out. Stylo winter shoes are the priority of thousands of women all over the country. These are designed to give you style and comfort while preventing cold. The winter shoe collection of Stylo mainly consists of court shoes, sneakers, moccasin, pumps, long shoes, back open shoes, and many more. They are all casual, formal, and embellished styles for women.

  1. Court Shoes

The court shoes are true to style icons with a pointed toe, slim heel, or slingback. They never go out of style. Moreover, the court shoes of Stylo are both elegant and classic in their own way. These may be of man-made leather, glitter, satin, and suede. Their iconic styles fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

  1. Moccasin

Moccasins are a wardrobe staple with both comfortable and polished qualities. You can find an exclusive collection of various styles, playful designs, and work-appropriate pieces from Stylo outlets that you want to put on every day. They are the soles to be seen in this season and beyond, finished with beautiful buckles, fine stitching, and minimalistic embellishments.

  1. Sneakers

From the selection of Stylo women’s fashion sneakers, you can find a perfect pair of shoes to finish your favorite casual outfits. These consist of slip-on as well as lace-up sneakers. These shoes are embellished beautifully and are also finished with metallic colors to make people stand out from the crowd.

  1. Peep toes

Women’s peep toes are comfortable to wear and look elegant also. There is a vast range of peep toe shoes at Stylo brands. Simply use their search filters and find a large selection according to your desired size, color, and style. These can be suitable with all your go-to outfits. Moreover, these shoes are embellished and finished with prints, textures, and other accessories to make them prominent.

  1. Pumps

These pumps are comfortable to wear and have an elegant look. In Stylo, you can find many styles and colors in pumps. You can find your design according to your desired size, color, and style by using their search filters. These can be paired with all your go-to – outfits very quickly. Moreover, these pairs are finished with textures, jewels, prints, and other accessories to make them elegant.

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  1. Long shoes

You can rely on the collection of ankle boots. They are durable have walkability and versatility with each and every step. From platform soles to lace-up, they give a stylish look for every fashionista.

  1. Kids Shoes Collection
Stylo Kids Wear

Children’s feet are very delicate. They grow and develop rapidly with time. That is why they require very soft and flexible shoes, which allow their little toes to wiggle and move easily. These kids’ shoes at Stylo are specially designed in classic style. They have bows and fastened with touch-close fastenings for the secure fit in their fee.

It is vital to pick the right shoe for your child. As their feet grow, they must be provided with the right shoe shape and size. A wrong decision can make them uncomfortable and even cause problems for both of you. Stylo realized this, and they manufacture kids’ shoes that are more comfortable, durable, and stylish. Their kid shoe collection at Stylo contains boys, girls, and even small babies’ shoes. 

  1. Bridal Shoes
Stylo Bridal Shoes

Stylo is known for its timeless modernity and has authority on Bridal shoe style. They are delightful in dressing brides with their outclass variety to make their day unforgettable. Stylo designs and crafts bridal shoes with luxury and glamour for breathtaking looks. To find a pair that completes your distinctive style, you should explore the stunning wedding shoes in various options, from timeless to edgy. And surely you will not be disappointed.

  1. Ethnic

Stylo offers an exquisite collection of ethnic shoes. They blend Pakistani tradition with contemporary sensibilities. In addition, Stylo has the perfect pair for every person and every occasion, from elaborate weddings to casual day wear or subtle office wear. It remarkably brings you a variety of beautiful designs and colors. Moreover, the ethnic footwear collection of Stylo remarkably consists of Ladies Khussas and Kohaty’s, available in all colors, sizes, and styles.

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khussas / Kohaty / Peshawri Chappals 

Stylo also has a vast range of khussas in indigenous designs and colors. These shoes cater to all kinds of tastes.

Competitor Pakistani Shoe Brands of Stylo Shoes

As the fashion and footwear industries are vast in Pakistan, with the opening of a new fashion brand each upcoming new day. So, there is tremendous competition among all to stay at the top of the charts. A few big names that are main competitors of the Stylo brand include the following:

  1. Nike shoes
  2. Mochi shoes
  3. Arino shoes
  4. Hushpuppies
  5. Metro shoes
  6. Borjan
  7. Bata shoes
  8. Levis shoes
  9. Clarks, and many more. 

But among all of them, the highest name and sale is of Stylo online shoes. That is because it has a vast range of shoes from formal to casual ladies’ and kids’ wear.

Stylo shoe size range

Stylo shoes Eid ollection

Almost every shoe size is available for kids to men’s and women’s footwear at Stylo. Most commonly sold shoe sizes range between 6 UK to 10 UK or 36 EU to 46 EU.

The price of Stylo shoes dramatically varies according to the quality and design of the shoes. The Stylo shoes are available at their brand outlets ranging from mid-range to expensive shoe collections.

Online Stylo Shoe Sales

Stylo shoes online sale

Women and girls like online shopping for sandals, slippers, chappals, and khussas. Stylo always facilitates people. It presents online sales for people who love online shopping. Some of the most common online sales that Stylo exclusively offers include:

  • Grand sale 50% off
  • Blessed Friday 20% off
  • 11.11 sale 22% off

In addition to shoes, Stylo is now offering ready-to-wear and unstitched clothing items. These dresses have floral designs with colorful geometric patterns to attract customers.

Stylo Shoes Sales Discount

Stylo sometimes offers gifts on special item purchases on specific events and days. In addition, Stylo often gives special discounts on shoes, bags, and other accessories to its customers. Stylo is the only brand in Pakistan that reflects the true personality of people, their styles, and views.

Furthermore, Stylo leaves the rest of the companies behind when discussing online stores in Pakistan, especially for women’s footwear shopping. You can’t find any better place than Stylo Pakistan for top-quality footwear for both men, women, and children at the most affordable prices.


Who is the owner of Stylo shoes?

Huzaifa Siddiqi is the owner of Stylo shoes

How many people have employed Stylo shoes?

About 259 people are working at Stylo shoes currently.

Where are Stylo shoes based?

Stylo Shoes headquarter is based in Lahore, Punjab. But its outlets are present in all the major cities of Pakistan.

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