Best time to post on Facebook

Best time to post on Facebook

Did you know that by developing good practices, the decline in the profitability of your Social Ads is not inevitable? From this point of view, determining the best time to post on Facebook is an unavoidable question, which every advertiser should know how to answer. But the answer is not on Google…

We therefore present in this article 4 intermediate questions to ask yourself to find your own best moments of the week and therefore develop your strategy of sponsored publications. And, because no SEA strategy is totally disconnected from other web marketing tools, we will give you, at the end of the article, a copywriter’s tip to broaden your perspectives, while refocusing on your target.

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When is the best time to post on Facebook given the overall engagement rate?

Sprout Social has just published a very comprehensive study on the subject that interests us, a study that provides recent data on the engagement rate of Facebook posts according to the time of publication:

So, what time to start a post on Facebook?

We see that, to be synchronized with the users of the platform, there is every interest in putting your publications online on Wednesdays, just before noon and just after noon. These are the two weekly connection peaks on the number 1 social media platform. To give yourself a little more leeway, let’s say that Wednesdays and, more generally, the middle of the week, are conducive to interacting on social networks. Provided you limit your publication window to the office day…

Because, as surprising as it may seem to you if you are not a fan of the first hour of Hootsuite studies, nor a regular of the various tools for measuring the activity of the public on the networks, the best time to put online a post on Facebook is very often between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. In many cases, this also applies to Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social platforms.

Forget this deceptively brilliant idea of ​​wanting to publish early in the morning or late at night, thinking that your community will then have plenty of time to make themselves available. No, Internet users are active on Facebook during their working hours ! Come on, let’s not be so bad, the lunch break is still an interesting peak, even the best time to publish on the network!

When to post on Facebook in your industry?

You have surely already seen infographics (randomly, those of Hootsuite…) on the overall engagement of the different platforms according to the schedule. They are interesting for a first approach to the habits of Internet users, but the statistics actually vary greatly from one target to another. To determine when is the best time to post on Facebook, it is therefore essential to find out about user behavior in your area.

We know, for example, that two of the most engaging sectors on Facebook are that of higher education and that of non-profit organizations (cf. the Rival IQ report ). However, if it can be very effective to post on Saturday at 5 p.m. in the first of these sectors, Sprout Social has shown that this time of the week is on the other hand to be avoided in the second of these sectors.

Their study also tells us that, in the technology sector, there are some opportunities on Saturday mornings, but none on Sundays, or that the public interacts a lot with media pages at 5 p.m., which is the best time in the sector, but only from Monday to Friday. This study will certainly provide you with interesting information for your business and the distribution of your own media, but there are many others, sometimes specialized in a particular sector. Sprout Social does not, for example, distinguish between B2B and B2C companies, while other studies reveal real differences between the two when it comes to engagement spikes.

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When to post on Facebook according to your audience?

After considering the global approach, then the approach specific to your sector, you still need to narrow the focus and focus on your specific audience. If your Facebook page is still recent, it will be difficult to obtain reliable data. On the other hand, if your page has been active for some time and already has a certain audience, it is essential to take an interest in the engagement data of this audience.

You may never have taken the time to take an interest in it, but Facebook ‘s business manager provides you with extremely precise data on the behavior of your audience, in particular on the times of the day when they are most active.

You will easily find out on which time slots your fans connect to Facebook, like your publications, write comments, click on your links, etc. Get into the habit of regularly analyzing this data and you will considerably improve your knowledge of the behavior of your audience. You will be able to adapt your publication schedule accordingly. Because, it is a golden rule of marketing, your content must be turned towards your customers and not towards your offer.

Moreover, the business manager will also allow you to identify the publications that have generated the most activity and certainly to draw conclusions on the types of posts that perform best.

Best time to post on Facebook or best post formats to post?

These types of web content that engage social media followers are well known to marketers, but not always lone advertisers. However, it is an essential aspect of any good editorial line. Although you may have precisely identified the best time to communicate on Facebook, if you only publish long, uninviting articles, the results may be long overdue.

In 2018, BuzzSumo carried out a study on the level of engagement according to the type of media and it appears that the winning format is clearly the video, which arrived far ahead of the other formats. Mari Smith, the American expert in Facebook Marketing, recommends a strategy that gives pride of place to this tool:

 Many companies are reluctant to use the video format, because they think it is very expensive to produce quality content in this format. This is a mistake… Today, many videographers offer affordable services , which you will quickly pay for, given the commitment potential of this format. Besides, sometimes all you need is an affordable tool and a bit of creativity to produce a quality spot at low cost. So forget your reluctance about the video and take the test.

But that’s not all! To publish truly engaging posts, you will also need to acquire good copywriting and storytelling practices. You will have to learn how to capture the attention of your recipients, develop an identifiable style, tell your business as one tells a story, in short, seduce with words.

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As promised, you won’t leave this page without discovering one of the most effective copywriting tips, which has proven itself even before the arrival of the Internet and continues to obtain excellent results.

Copywriting tip: target “ nine-enders ”

This tip falls under the fifth psychological bias presented by Richard Shotton in his bestseller entitled The Choice factory . With his colleague Laura Weston, they asked 2,370 people about their loyalty to brands and different important events in their lives. However, a strong correlation appeared between these two factors: consumers were found to be more inclined to change their favorite brand after a decisive event in their life . And you are not unaware that Facebook makes it possible to target these people, for example those who have just moved or put an end to a romantic relationship…

Conclusion: This is the best time to move them from your competitor’s customer file to yours. Adam Alter and Hal Hershfield, two American academics, went even further. For their part, they highlighted the fact that people arriving at the end of a decade are the most likely to reassess their life and question its meaning. These ” nine-enders ” are then the ideal prospect for high-end products, which require an important purchasing decision. If you sell this type of product, you have everything to gain by increasing your Ads budget for people aged 29, 39, 49, etc.

And, more generally, you have everything to gain by taking into account the events in the life of your prospects in your targeting and in your web marketing approach.

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 As you will have understood, determining what is the best time to post on Facebook (but this also applies to Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.) involves gradually tightening the focus of your targeting, taking into account:

  1. Facebook’s overall engagement stats
  2. Your industry’s engagement stats
  3. The engagement statistics of your audience

However, targeting work is not everything and, to obtain good performance on your Facebook Ads ads, you will also need to look at the content of your posts, both their format and their marketing angle. If necessary, the our agency is there to support you in developing your best Social Media strategy.

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