Part-Time Maid Services: What Are They?

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Do you live in Delhi? Are you looking for a maid for your house? The decision of what kind of helper is right for you must be a difficult one. Fortunately, you are not the only one. Many people are unaware whether a part time maid or a full time maid would be best for them.

Let’s compare and contrast the two types of maids. It is easy to determine which service is superior for you once you understand the differences between the two. After you decide, you can easily contact a maid agency in Delhi that can assist you in finding a part-time or full-time maid for your home.

Part-Time Maid Services: What Are They?

Part-time maids usually work in the daytime, and are best suited for small to mid-size households. They usually start their work in the morning, and end at the end of the day. Consider it a day shift job, and your house as their office. Just as you visit your office to take care of your duties, they will take care of your house.

Their work seems more concentrated, and they are compensated according to how many hours they work. They are capable of completing the task within the specified time. Part-time maids are ideal for people who like to get the job done quickly.

They can provide you with different kinds of services like mopping, cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Make sure you’re upfront about what you expect out of your maid before you hire them, as miscommunications can lead to a lot of friction later on.

It is one of the most common reasons why people in Delhi choose part-time maids apart from budget is privacy. Their operation is limited to specific hours, and they leave afterward. You will not always have to live with a stranger you cannot trust in your home.

Full-Time Maid Services: What Are They?

As the name suggests, full-time maids live with you. They take care of everything in your house. If you belong to a big or simply a very busy household, where house cleaning ranks very low on

your priority list, and you rarely see yourself getting it done, a full-time maid might be the perfect solution.

It goes without saying that that full-time maid becomes a new member of your house. You’re not just responsible for giving them space to sleep and keep their belongings, but also for their food needs. Due to the fact that you must live with a stranger in your house, it’s imperative that you find an experienced maid you can trust with your house and yourself. Which is why we recommend either going with referrals from people you know, or to seek a professional maid agency in Delhi.

How do maid agencies help you find your perfect match?

Finding a reliable maid is their job

You can access the biodata of each candidate through a database created by the Delhi based maid agencies. Each maid has already undergone a background check. They are more trustworthy because of that. With the help of maid agencies in Delhi, finding a domestic helper has become easier and less time-consuming. Choosing the right maid is now easier than ever before.

You get professional maids

To ensure you have efficient and knowledgeable maids, Delhi maid agencies test potential employees through pre-employment training programs. The maids know exactly what they are doing and are less likely to make mistakes.

Documentation needed to hire a maid

Before your maid can start working for you, she will need a work permit. All the paperwork should be handled by your Delhi maid agency. Also, they handle all the paperwork when it comes to canceling a maid’s work permit. This eliminates the need for you to do the paperwork yourself.


Recruiting a full-time maid is a lengthy process with different interviews and trust concerns. A contract must be signed, interviews are conducted, and job permits are obtained. On the other hand, a part-time cleaner is more flexible.

If you have a full-time maid, they live with you. You would be able to reach them whenever you need them. If there were an emergency, you could use their resources right away. So you won’t have any worries. You might encounter inconveniences if your part-time maid is needed after work hours. You have no access to the facilities of the part-time maids apart from their working hours. In the event of multiple emergencies, you will need to handle them yourself.

Having a maid at home part-time or full-time has both its advantages and disadvantages. This will depend on your particular situation. Overall, having a maid is quite convenient and useful. If you’re still confused, reach out to a reliable maid agency in Delhi, and they’ll help you clear all your doubts.

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