Best Types of Wood for Furniture and Modern interior design

Wood is a classic, elegant, and always modern home design material. Softwoods and hardwoods come in various colors, grain patterns, and textures that can appeal to any taste and complement any interior design style. So, the most common wood types to help you choose the best room furniture, wall, and flooring ideas for your modern interior design.

These wood types define the most recent decorating and design trends. Wooden luxury furniture, wall and ceiling designs, and floor plans have a welcoming appearance. The cost is a disadvantage. So, many woodworking projects can be costly, especially when using expensive hardwoods and exotic wood to complement the modern interior design.

Here are some examples of different wood grain patterns, hues, and textures, as well as modern interior design concepts, to get you started. The most popular wood species are Oak, beech, pine, cherry, alder, maple, walnut, poplar, birch, mahogany, and teak. Each of these woods has a distinct appearance and set of characteristics.

Oak-wood bedroom furniture:

Oakwood has brown tones and a grain pattern with a sophisticated table lamp and wall art. Oakwood is ideal for contemporary furniture and flooring. So, Oak is a hardy tree in red and white varieties. The grain creates lovely patterns that complement both traditional and contemporary interior design.

Modern kitchen with wooden furnishings, wooden dining furniture, and glass hanging lamps:

Beechwood is a versatile, long-lasting, and attractive wood. Modern interior design combines warmth and brightness with creamy yellow and yellowish-brown colors. So, beechwood is a versatile material that may create attractive banded designs in modern wooden luxury furniture design.

Pinewood walls and ceiling designs in a modern living room:

Pine is a low-cost and readily available species of wood. So, pinewood is ideal for interior design and décor because it emits a distinct aroma and creates warm and inviting spaces. Here are some  Tips and Tricks to Decorate Living Room with a Luxury Look

Cherry wood cabinets in a modern kitchen design:

Cherry wood is a popular choice for high-end interior design and decoration. With age, beautiful cherry wood furniture and doors become even more beautiful. So, cherry is expensive, but its stunning appearance and dark hue make it worthwhile.

Modern chairs, rectangle tables, and wooden dining furniture:

Walnut wood adds a rich brown hue to modern interior design and decor. Walnut wooden luxury furniture is exclusive and pricey, but it looks amazing and adds great accents to classic and contemporary interior design.

Furniture made of alder wood, entrance ideas, cabinets, and doors:

Golden-hued alder wood furniture, decorations, doors, and windows offer delicate texture and a cheerful appeal to house interiors. Alder wood furniture items are warm, appealing, and cozy, making them ideal for kids’ room design and decoration.

Maple wood cabinets in a modern kitchen design:

There are two sorts of maple wood: soft and hard. So, both stain out better than other woods and produce lovely wood floors and room furniture at a lower cost.

Modern bathroom with an angled window, hardwood walls, and a wooden floor:

Larch wood, which is moisture resistant and robust, seems elegant and opulent in modern interior design. So, larch adds light color and unique character to the interior design by being perfect for exposed ceiling beams, room furniture, and wall constructions.

Staircases made of wood, ash wood staircase design, and flooring ideas:

Ashwood has a light to white tint and a straight texture. So, the bright golden tone of ash wood floors and architectural features blends well with modern interior design and decor.

Birchwood kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen furnishings:

Birchwood comes in two colors: yellow and white. So, birchwood is less costly than other hardwoods and has a maple-like appearance. The beauty and appeal of birch wood furniture cannot be overstated.

Mahogany wood doors, modern interior door decoration:

Mahogany wood is an excellent material for furniture and door design. So, with its rich red coloring and straight grains, mahogany wood produces stunning furniture and doors that enhance the interior design and offer living spaces a distinctive and expensive look. Like if you want to install TV in your drawing room then it’ll look more beautiful on the wood. TV wall mount installation Ottawa gives you the best ideas and options for that.

Table made of poplar wood:

Poplar wood is one of the less expensive types of wood. So, poplar is a softer timber than Oak. Poplar furniture is inexpensive and distinctive, and it looks fantastic when stained or painted.


Choosing the most appropriate type of wood for your furniture is an important part of the design process, not just for looks. Wood can be a great choice for furniture because it’s a renewable resource and therefore environmentally friendly. So, the above are many options to choose from in both types and finishes, each with different characteristics that are important to consider when making your final decision. 

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