Boots: The must-have varieties


You may disagree with those who claim one can never have too many white t-shirts; instead, people think the same may be said of boots. This is because there is always a suitable look, an outfit that includes tan boots, regardless of the time of year. While many modern trends come and go, particular timeless looks remain.

So, before you buy a new set of shoes, look at these six varieties of boots.

A Pair of Chelsea Boots

In addition to various heel heights and toe shapes, Chelsea boots are easily recognisable by the elastic side panels and tab at the rear. The Chelsea tan boots have evolved into a classic shoe worn with anything from jeans to gowns.

A pair of combat boots.

The original intention for combat boots was for them to be worn by military personnel.

Even though today’s servicemen and women still wear this look, it has become a fashion trend that the world cannot ignore.

The rounded-toe cap, oversized sole, and bold hue of traditional army boots are all present in the latest iteration of the combat boot.

You may find them in any colour you can imagine and in various materials, from imitation croc to smooth leather or suede.

Not sure what to put on? These boots will look great with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket for a weekend outing or with a summer dress for an extra dose of edge.

Thigh-High Boots

In the colder months, thigh-high boots are preferable to ankle boots since they provide more coverage.

No matter what heel you prefer—flat, mid, high, block, or stiletto—the long shaft reaching at least halfway up the leg is a timeless design statement that will elevate any ensemble to the next level.

Long-legged models and celebs are the ones who often wear thigh-high boots.

But don’t let that deter you; all you need to do is select a pair that works with your sense of style and put together a killer ensemble.

Riding Boots

You don’t need to be an equestrian to appreciate the chicness of a pair of riding boots.

In reality, riding boots are versatile enough to be worn with skirts, jeans, dresses, trousers, or even bare legs when the sun is shining.

For the rider’s feet to be protected from the saddle, knee-high riding boots must have a low heel and a robust toe.

Today’s fashionable riding boots for casual use come with various toe shapes and heel heights up to 2.5 inches.

Riding boots can be found in materials like leather or suede and come in a few classic colours, including black, brown, and navy blue.

Cowboy boots

The cowboy boot is a timeless staple that has endured through the changing seasons.

The cowboy boot has been a staple in many cultural forms, from early western Hollywood films to country music.

The classic cowboy boot had a low heel, a rounded or pointed toe, a tall shaft, and no laces; it was traditionally worn by cowboys and was typically crafted from cowhide leather or exotic skins like alligator or snake.

You may channel your inner Wild West style by wearing them with denim shorts, a low skirt, or a summer dress, and they are now available in a wide variety of designs and colours and are not limited to leather.

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