6 Products to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

If you want to reduce your negative impact on the environment, a great place to start is with the products in your home. Making your home a more eco-friendly place doesn’t have to be complicated, and you do not need to redo everything about the way you live. These 6 products are a few ways that can help your home become more eco-friendly.

Organic mattress

Switching out your old mattress for an organic Essentia mattress is a great way to add an environmental touch to your bedroom. 

An organic mattress is more environmentally friendly than a standard mattress made with harmful materials like plastic. They are instead made with more environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo and natural wool. 

Reusable cloths

Cleaning products can quickly become one of your home’s most environmentally damaging things. If you use one-time cloths and wipes for cleaning, you can end up adding a lot of trash into landfills. 

You can reduce the amount of trash you put into landfills if you switch to reusable cloths. Having washable cloths and towels with clean products instead of single-use paper towels or cleaning wipes will save you money and help the environment. 

Eco-friendly laundry detergent

A lot of laundry detergents are filled with toxic chemicals. The detergent also normally comes in plastic containers. Other options can be more environmentally friendly than regular detergent. 

If you are looking to become more environmentally friendly, switching to a more organic or plastic-free detergent is a great step. 


Toilet paper is not always biodegradable and can add a lot of trash to sewer systems. Even if they eventually break up and degrade, it takes years. Since they are made from paper, they can also be damaging to trees. A solution for lowering the amount of toilet paper waste is to switch to a bidet. 

A bidet is a great way to swap out your toilet paper for a more environmentally friendly option. You will want to make sure you do not use more water than is necessary, or else it can become ecologically unsustainable. A bidet can be a great environmentally friendly switch, and those who use it tend to prefer it over toilet paper. 

Reusable bags 

If you aren’t paying attention to your plastic consumption, you can use many plastic bags. You can switch out the plastic bags at the register with reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping. These reusable bags are typically inexpensive and help you replace single-use plastic. 

You can also get reusable produce bags or storage bags as well. These alternatives are a great way to help store all of your single-use plastic bags. 

Compost bin

Composting is a great way to reduce food scraps. There are a lot of different ways to compost, but one of the best ways is to have a compost bin. These can be small enough to store on counters or larger and stored in a yard. 

Wrap up

Being more environmentally friendly can start small simply by switching out some of your regular products. If you are looking to go green, try out these 6 eco-friendly products.

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