5 Most Cost-Effective Vegetables to Add to Your Garden

Cost-Effective Vegetables

If you are looking to create a vegetable garden, you may wonder which seeds will give you the largest crop. If you are looking for vegetables that will give you the most bang for your buck consider these five vegetables. 


Garlic plants produce a large crop. While garlic from the grocery store might be a little more expensive, you can use one garlic clove to start your own garlic plant. Garlic is able to be planted during the winter which helps you utilize your garden space year-round. 

 In northern areas, these plants tend to do best when they are planted in the fall and harvested in winter.  You can use Grow Organic garlic seeds to start growing your own garlic. Then you can use your homegrown garlic when cooking at home. 


Growing tomatoes does not take up a lot of space in your garden area. After 12 weeks of being planted tomato plants tend to start producing ready-to-eat tomatoes. If the plant is cared for properly then it can survive for up to six years. These plants tend to have high production and will leave you with plenty of tomatoes to eat, can, or cook with. 


All sorts of salad greens are cost-effective garden vegetables. Kale seeds can start to sprout after six weeks and produce delicious kale

Leafy lettuces also grow quickly and effectively and many seeds can produce greens for up to five months. These plants can take a little bit more effort to keep alive, but they will reward you with plenty of greens to use in your recipes. 

The seeds for these can sometimes cost less than one head of lettuce from the supermarket. 


Potatoes are a very cheap plant to try out in your garden. Each seed can grow around 9 potatoes, and buying these seeds would be cheaper than buying potatoes in bulk. These plants are not too expensive and can yield a lot of delicious potatoes. 

Potato plants require a lot of land space and can be a harder plant to keep alive for beginning gardeners to grow. 


Squash plants consistently have a high crop yield. A single zucchini or other squash plants can typically produce all of the produce you will want throughout the season. These plants and seeds tend to be relatively cheap and can be used in many different recipes

These plants will need to be harvested daily once they start growing because they grow very quickly. If you don’t harvest it regularly your squash can end up going bad quickly. These plants tend to require little effort to keep alive and are known to be easy crops. 

Wrap up

Creating a vegetable garden can be a wonderful way for you and your family to enjoy some delicious homegrown food. If you choose one of these crops that has a high crop yield you could even share some of your produce with friends and neighbors. You can try out these five cost-effective vegetables to help you start your vegetable garden. 

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