Best Business plan examples

Business plan examples

This page contains business plan examples that we have developed for different types of activities and different readers. The business plan library is structured from complex to simple.

If you first give complex manufacturing business plan examples, then they are increasingly turning to small business projects, such as a business plan for the “Master-Minute” workshop.

Take a look at business plan examples to make sure our preparation standards are right for you.

You can use these examples as reference for your own development.

All of the below sample business plan examples are posted on our website, since the right to such placement was previously agreed. We take the confidentiality of the information provided seriously. The business plans may be dental business plans or some structural and organizational business plans.

A business plan example of a seaport

The sample port business plan presented on this page has been prepared to describe the preliminary development strategy for the client’s available sea cargo terminal on the White Sea near the mouth of the White Sea-Baltic Canal. The project includes two terminals – a closed transshipment of coal and a transshipment of iron ore pellets.

In the course of the work, working contacts were established with a potential ECP contractor, as well as suppliers of major equipment. Proposals were received from these companies on the schedule and cost of construction, as well as on the cost and timing of equipment delivery.

This made it possible to formulate a realistic investment plan. We also analyzed the tariffs for transshipment of coal and pellets in other ports of Russia, ports of Finland and the Baltic states. To assess the competitiveness of the location, the calculation of railway tariffs from the regions of the target cargo base was carried out. This business plan can be used as a template for analogous projects.

An example of the production of modular buildings

This business plan was prepared to justify the attractiveness of the project for the launch of a new production of model buildings for investors.

The production of factory-assembled building modules was planned to be deployed on the basis of an existing enterprise specializing in their import from abroad and the construction of public facilities using them.

This sample business plan contains a description of the main problems of the construction industry that make modular construction a promising direction for development, a justification of the technology advantage, an assessment of market potential, and a detailed description of production processes.

  • The project presented in this business plan was implemented, albeit in a modified form.

Reconstruction of a mechanical repair plant

This project is a sample business plan prepared for Vnesheconombank. The project provided for a complete renovation of the equipment of the mechanical repair plant with the organization of production on its basis of tractor wheel disks and tractor trailers.

The enterprise had a client base that allowed organizing quick deliveries of products as components to tractor plants.

When developing a business plan, a financial model was prepared, which was tested in the Pyatigorsk branch of VEB and was adopted by it.

In the process of market research, potential demand was analyzed, taking into account the expected dynamics of the development of agricultural production in the Russian Federation.

The presented business plan examples was prepared using elements of print design.

An example of a business plan for creating a plant “from 0”

This business plan was prepared at the request of a client who was planning to start producing premium tin packaging.

Within the framework of the project, our company has fully worked out all the issues related to the creation of the enterprise. We held negotiations with equipment suppliers and chose the optimal one for solving the client’s problems. We also selected suppliers of raw materials and received commercial offers from them.  

Based on data from equipment suppliers, a calculation was made of the need for production and auxiliary space, as well as the need for personnel and the cost of utilities.

The sales plan was prepared based on the results of the market analysis and negotiations with potential buyers.

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Outsourcing business plan examples

1. Brief Investment Memorandum

Every day, companies need a large number of employees of various specialties – from loaders and packers to cashiers and couriers. At the same time, due to the ragged work schedule, seasonality and instability in the economy, the number of employees changes from day to day. For example, today three people are required, tomorrow – 14, then – 27. With such fluctuations, it is completely unprofitable to hire employees and it is better to use the services of outsourcing hiring companies.

  • The initial investment  amount is from 327,000 rubles.
  • The payback period is  from 4 to 6 months.
  • The break-even point is  reached in 3 months.
  • The average monthly profit  is 150,000 rubles.

2. Description of the business, product or service

The company’s service is to provide companies with a temporary workforce. Situations often arise that require workers without special qualifications to urgently go to work. For example, for unloading goods, installation and assembly of equipment, work at the checkout, and so on. It is not always profitable to independently engage in the selection of personnel in such cases, it can be associated with risks and losses. It is much more profitable to pay a third party for the result. Therefore, services for hiring unskilled personnel always remain relevant.

Clients are constantly in need of the services of a labor force, and many people across the country are ready to go out for part-time jobs.

You are required to become a liaison between employees and customers.

3. Description of the sales market

The sales market is huge and includes tasks of very different specifics: services of loaders and handymen, dismantling, rigging and earthworks, moving and landscaping, work at the checkout or warehouse, and much more.

Almost any company can feel the need for such services. Both large federal networks and small businesses are often interested in the services of hiring companies. Demand is stable and long-term, even in times of crisis.

4. Sales and Marketing

The specifics of the business in the field of hiring temporary employees dictates an entrepreneur to take marketing seriously, especially at the first stages, both from the side of attracting employees and from attracting orders.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools too:

1. A novice entrepreneur can enlist the help of friends, relatives and colleagues in the search for the first personnel and orders.

2. Using local bulletin boards, both real and virtual.

3. Encouraging existing employees to attract new people to the company.

4. Contextual advertising on the Internet requires large investments, but also implies much greater coverage and hypothetical profit.

5. Use of social networks.

It is also recommended to take a responsible approach to the formation of the client base – a well-executed order will not only encourage the client to a longer-term cooperation, but also open up access to useful orders and contacts in related areas.

5. Production plan

The form of organization of the enterprise – IP.

The main tasks in general:

1.Attracting reliable employees and customers

2. Ability to efficiently organize and implement an order.

Typical stages of work on an order:

1. Terms of reference from the client. Conclusion of a contract.

2. Formation of a list of employees who are able to fulfill the order. Taken into account:

  • accommodation of an employee in the immediate vicinity of the object
  • employee experience in performing such work
  • the responsibility of the employee and how he managed to prove himself
  • taking into account possible risks (some of the employees may not leave)

3. Directly work at the facility in accordance with the TOR. General organizational issues and the implementation of control and optimization of the process. Bringing the result to the corresponding TK.

4. Delivery of the object to the customer

5. Payment for work by the customer, payment for services to workers.

6. Organizational structure

These business plan examples have many organizational benefits. No office rent required. The work is carried out already on site in accordance with the customer’s assignment. Low material costs. Stability and flexibility in market conditions. All you need is to control everything.

As an organizer, you will most likely have to take on many responsibilities at first. Recruiting personnel, calculating profit and loss, accounting and reporting, finding customers – everything is up to you. If successful, later, all this can be optimized and simplified by hiring additional staff.

HR and order managers, advertisers and CMMs, accountants and lawyers – in the future, the help of these specialties will not only be useful, but may become necessary.

7. Financial plan

1. Investments

Registration of individual entrepreneurs
Buying a laptop
Office equipment
Phone / Internet
Website creation


2. Monthly expenses

Advertising budget
Phone / Internet
Information / Consulting services
Workers’ wages
  • Average values โ€‹โ€‹are presented, the company staff is 5 workers with an average output of 176 hours per employee per month.

8. Risk factors

This type of business, with all its advantages, is fraught with many pitfalls. It will take a lot of experience and engagement from you. You have to work with a large number of people, be able to calculate all the risks and losses. Know the specifics of the market, be able to negotiate with partners and establish business relationships. Periodically, the service of specialists from other areas may be required: lawyers, accountants, notaries, designers. According to the plan, everything can be implemented at 5, but in business, as in life, there are always moments that require great effort and ingenuity.

An enterprise put on stream promises a stable transparent profit, but for a novice entrepreneur it can become a test of resilience.

Most of the risks can be removed by starting a franchise business by a company experienced in this business. You can download the financial plan for starting a franchise business right now.

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Business plan example for pellet production

1. Brief Investment Memorandum

The popularity of pellets as a “home” fuel is due to the fact that such heat is perceived as more pleasant than the heat obtained from coal or natural gas. The demand for fuel briquettes in Europe and Russia is constantly high and there are no prerequisites for its saturation. At the same time, briquettes made by the screw pressing method are more preferable from buyers in comparison with simple pressing.

Most of the pellets produced from Russia are supplied to Europe (in 2009, according to Research.Techart estimates, exports amounted to 618.5 thousand tons or $ 96.6 million, or about 85% of all produced pellets), but due to constant growth prices for gas, fuel oil, diesel fuel, as well as the high cost of connecting to the gas network (permission to connect to a gas pipe for individuals costs from 100 thousand rubles, and for a small enterprise – from 1 million rubles) in Russia is gradually beginning to form demand for fuel pellets.

According to experts, by 2020, domestic consumption will reach 300 thousand tons (against 150 tons in 2011), which contributes to meeting the growing global demand for renewable, environmentally friendly sources of thermal energy, obtaining sustainable profits for the enterprise and further enlarging the production of fuel pellets.

The goal of the project is to produce export products from practically free raw materials. At the same time, it becomes possible, on the one hand, to introduce waste into the energy balance, and on the other, to improve the ecological situation.

Project objectives:

  • Open a pellet production facility.
  • Equipment purchase.
  • Recruitment.
  • Search for partners.
  • Delivery of products.

Project costs:

  • Capital investments: 2,281,000 rubles,
  • Average monthly revenue: 735,000 rubles,
  • Net profit: 130 731 rubles,
  • Reaching the profit level by the 5th year – 8 million rubles.

Achievement in the first year of half of the production capacity – 2520 tons of pellets per year, from the second year – reaching the planned volume of Pellet production – 3500 tons of pellets per year.

  • Initial investment amount – 2,773,000 rubles;
  • The break-even point is for 2 months;
  • Payback period – 16 months;

The average monthly profit is 187,493 rubles.

2. Description of the business, product or service

The company will produce pellets (fuel pellets) – cylindrical compressed sawdust from sawmilling and woodworking, agricultural waste (straw, husk, corn, etc.)

The pellets are on average 10 to 30 mm long and 6 to 10 mm in diameter. Fuel pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel. When pellets are burned, the same amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere as was formed during the natural decomposition of wood. They are used for combustion in pellet boilers.

A separate direction for the sale of fuel pellets is public utilities, asphalt concrete production, agricultural plants, poultry farms, etc. In fact, any enterprise using solid fuel for space heating, steam supply, and technological needs can switch to the use of fuel briquettes.

Benefits of using pellets:

Long burning time . This means that compared to conventional wood, the stove can be loaded three times less often. Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke, do not shoot, do not spark. At the same time, a constant temperature is provided throughout the combustion. After combustion, the briquettes turn into coal, like ordinary firewood and, in the future, it is possible to cook barbecue or grill on them.

Environmental friendliness. Fuel briquettes are an environmentally friendly product, since no additives are used in their production.

Comparative technical characteristics for ash content:

  • black coal – 20% ash;
  • brown coal – 40% ash;
  • briquettes from wood waste – from 0.12% to 1% ash.

Thus, a positive aspect when using wood briquettes in the form of fuel is their minimal impact on the environment during combustion, compared to classic solid fuel with the same calorific value such as coal, but 15 times lower ash content (max 1.0%) which can be used as a mineral fertilizer.

3. Description of the sales market

We find the sales markets for fuel pellets using the Internet. We also place advertisements there and create a website for the company.

After the sales manager finds a buyer or the buyer finds us himself, we agree on the supply of products throughout Russia.

Sales of products can be carried out through the following channels:

  • Implementation through wholesalers exporting abroad.
  • Implementation through your own online store.
  • Sales through large construction and household supermarkets.
  • To transport the pellets, we will work with a transport company.

After the pellets are ready, we send them to the packaging and weigh them 25 kg each. After that, the worker takes the packed pellets to the warehouse.

4. Production plan

The technology for the production of fuel pellets, as well as fuel briquettes, is based on the process of pressing crushed wood waste, straw, husk, etc.

Raw materials (sawdust, straw, etc.) enter the crusher, where they are crushed to the state of flour. The resulting mass enters the dryer, from it – to the pellet press, where wood flour is pressed into pellets. Compression during pressing raises the temperature of the material, the lignin contained in the wood softens and sticks the particles into dense cylinders.

Production technology:

Considering the entire production process, it can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Grinding (primary, coarse grinding in chippers);
  • Drying;
  • Grinding (final grinding – refining);
  • Pressing (granulation – pelletizing);
  • Cooling (air conditioning);
  • Separation (separation of substandard fraction from full-size pellets).

Premises for a pellet production workshop:

To locate a workshop, it is necessary that the premises meet the following requirements:

  • The area is not less than 170 sq. m. (workshop + warehouse);
  • ceiling height 10 meters;
  • availability of 380 kW;
  • convenient access for freight transport (delivery of raw materials and export of finished products).

5. Organizational structure

The production of wood fuel pellets (pellets) is continuous, therefore work in 3 shifts of 8 hours is required.

Fixed costs
SalaryThe number of employeesSumAverage salary per month per employee
Sales Manager
Shift supervisor35,0003105,00035,000
Insurance premiums119,400
Total payroll517400

The full calculation of the payroll for 24 months, taking into account the premium part and insurance premiums, is presented in the financial model.

6. Financial plan

Opening investments
Registration, including obtaining all permits10,000
Renovation of premises150,000
Website development40,000
Equipment delivery100,000
Installation of a production line250,000
Rent for the period of repair and installation170,000
Purchase of raw materials150,000
Equipment purchase1,883,000


Monthly costs

Payroll (including deductions)
Accounting (remote)
Purchase of raw materials
164 354
Unexpected expenses


430 479

The sales plan for 24 months taking into account the seasonality, the forecast of the investment efficiency and the calculation of the economic indicators of the business are presented in the financial model.

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