Vegetables name in Hindi, Urdu & English

 Vegetables are a valuable source of nutrients that the body needs. They are the basis of nutrition, the menu in which they prevail is quite varied, but not complete. We use for food both the usual products that we can grow in our garden, and exotic ones bought in the store. Their diversity is surprising. In this article, I will discuss with you almost 50 vegetable name in Hindi, Urdu and English languages.

What are vegetable names and groups 

Vegetables are parts of plants that are suitable for cooking. These include a large group with the exception of cereals, fruits, nuts , mushrooms, berries.

They are divided into:

  • leafy – these include cabbage of all varieties, Swiss chard, herbs, sorrel, tarragon, spinach;
  • fruit – saraha, peppers, blue, tomatoes ;
  • floral – artichokes;
  • legumes – beans, peas, beans;
  • pumpkin – squash, zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkin, chayote, lageniriya, watermelon cucumber;
  • root vegetables – beets , turnips, carrots, radishes, radishes;
  • tuber crops – Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes;
  • bulbous and stem – garlic , all types of onions, rhubarb, asparagus;
  • algae – nori.

The benefits of vegetables

Sometimes the division is made according to the action exerted on the body.

There are such groups:

  • for the cardiovascular system – beans, beans, garlic, pumpkin, broccoli will benefit ;
  • for the liver – all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, garlic are useful;
  • to stimulate the biliary function – artichoke, beans, soybeans, beans;
  • to restore the liver – watermelon, melon, pumpkin;
  • for weight loss – spinach, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli;
  • to stimulate brain activity – Brussels sprouts, beets , spinach, which contain large amounts of antioxidants. Their use is recommended for people experiencing mental stress;
  • when carrying a pregnancy, it is necessary to add pumpkin, carrots, turnips, beets to the menu;
  • to increase immunity will help the use of peppers , cucumbers, tomatoes, salads, cabbage;
  • Beans, broccoli, pumpkin, beets, corn , containing a large amount of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, will help to normalize the digestive processes , which helps to remove harmful compounds from the intestines.

In addition, red pepper is a wonderful remedy for the prevention of oncological diseases, it helps to improve vision and lower blood pressure. Yellow pepper helps to slow down the aging process, normalize cholesterol, and improve memory.

A bit of history vegetables and vegetable names

People began to cultivate useful plants for a long time. The history of agriculture dates back to the Stone Age. The first people were engaged in gathering, collecting seeds, leaves, and fruits that were edible. Then agriculture appeared at a primitive level: the collected seeds were scattered, then the harvest was carried out.

Ancient people can be considered the first breeders: they chose plants whose fruits were distinguished by their taste and high yield in order to collect their seeds. In other words, all vegetable crops have their own centuries-old history.


Vegetable name in Hindi: खीरा

Cucumber name in Urdu: کھیرا

English: Cucumber

A rare plant whose fruits are used as food unripe. The homeland of the cucumber is considered to be Southeast Asia, it is more than 6,000 years old. To this day, in India, it can be found in the wild.

Nobody knows exactly when the cucumber ended up in Russia. There is an assumption that they knew about it in the 9th century, and its spread occurred in the 16-17th centuries.


Hindi: शलजम

Urdu: شلجم

English: Turnip

The homeland of this vegetable is the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks ate it, treated themselves with it, and fed their livestock. The ancient Romans considered baked turnips to be a delicacy.

In Russia, before the appearance of potatoes, turnip was widely used. First, second and dessert dishes were prepared from it. Many customs and beliefs are associated with it. Turnips often appear in folklore: the fairy tales “Turnip”, “Tops and roots”.


Vegetable name in Hindi: गाजर

Vegetable name in Urdu: گاجر

Vegetable name in English: carrot

Due to the content of this or that pigment, carrots can show completely unexpected beneficial properties. And it’s not just about strengthening visual function, although a lack of vitamin A contained in the usual orange carrots can lead to a disorder of twilight vision. We are talking about dozens of diseases in the treatment of which carrots are able to show their best side. Moreover, cancer is one of the most formidable opponents that carrots can successfully cope with under certain conditions. 

Purple carrot

Hindi: बैंगनी गाजर

Urdu: جامنی گاجر۔

English: Purple carrot

What many do not know is that initially carrots were purple in color, which is due to the content of a dye – anthocyanin, which has a purple color, which is an antioxidant.

Images of purple carrots have been found on frescoes adorning an ancient temple in Egypt, dating back to 2,000 BC. Such a plant was cultivated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern Iran in the 10th century. Carrots with raspberry, white and yellow colors were imported to the European continent in the 14th century. Varieties with green, red and black colors were also grown.

Scientists from Holland have studied the properties of purple carrots . They came to the conclusion that this type of vegetable helps during the protection of the body from the development of oncology and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Chickpeas (chickpeas) 

Hindi: चने

Urdu: چنے۔

English: chickpea

The chickpea is an annual, leguminous plant whose grains have an unusual shape, reminiscent of the head of a ram with a bird’s beak. Stem erect, covered with glandular hairs. Leaves are pinnate. It reaches a height of 20-70 cm. The stunts are short, swollen, contain from 1 to 3 grains, with a lumpy-rough surface. Chickpea color is from yellow to very dark. The mass of 1000 Turkish pea seeds, depending on the variety, varies between 150 and 300 g. 


Hindi: कद्दू

Urdu: کدو

English: Pumpkins

Even experienced gardeners do not always know about the real value of fruits and pumpkin seeds. For example, not everyone has heard that pumpkins have 4-5 times more β-carotene than carrots, which are famous for this indicator. Pumpkin seeds beat all records for the content of L-arginine and zinc, and given the high content of tocopherol (vitamin E) in pumpkin seeds and fruits, pumpkin can be called the most important product in restoring and maintaining sexual function and fertility in men. Also, pumpkin plays an important role in medicine, in dietetics, and in cooking. Add to this a very small number of contraindications when using pumpkin – and you get just a perfect product. 


Vegetable name in Hindi: सौंफ

Vegetable name in Urdu: سونف

Vegetable name in English: Fennel

Fennel is a perennial herb of the celery family, up to 90-200 cm tall. In appearance it resembles dill, in taste and aroma closer to anise, but with a sweeter and more pleasant taste. Fennel is common and vegetable, the latter has a fleshy trunk. It should be determined very carefully: it can be confused with another, poisonous umbrella! Fennel root fusiform, fleshy, wrinkled. Stem with bluish bloom, straight, branched. Leaves are three times, four times pinnate, with long filiform lobules. Small yellow flowers are located at the tops of the stems in the form of flat complex umbrellas. The fruit of fennel is an oblong two-seed, sweet in taste, reminiscent of anise. Fennel blooms in July-August, bears fruit in September. Fennel is cultivated as a medicinal plant.


Hindi: मूली

Urdu: مولی (moolee)

English: Radish

It is an edible plant and is grown as a vegetable in many countries around the world. Its name comes from lat. radix is ​​the root. Root vegetables are usually eaten, which are up to 3 cm thick and covered with thin skin, often painted in red, pink or white-pink. Radish root vegetables have a pungent taste. This typical radish flavor is due to the mustard oil in the plant, which is converted to mustard oil glycoside under pressure. 

Daikon (Japanese radish) 

Hindi: डाइकोनो

Urdu: مولی (moolee)

English: Japanese radish

Daikon has larger roots than radish – from 2 to four kg. They have an excessive flavor: they’re extra juicy, sensitive, without a pointy uncommon flavor, they’re flawlessly saved all winter. Daikon may be eaten sparkling, boiled and salted. 


Vegetable name in Hindi: हॉर्सरैडिश

Vegetable name in Urdu: سہنجنا

Vegetable name in English: Horseradish

Horseradish is a perennial herb of the Cabbage family, with a powerful, fleshy root. Horseradish blooms in May – June. Harvested in late autumn, before the onset of frost, or in the spring. Horseradish roots are used for medicinal purposes.

Black radish 

Hindi Name: काली मूली

Urdu Name: کالی مولی۔

English name: Black Radish

Black radish is the most bitter, but the healthiest. Radish cannot boast of a large amount of vitamins, however, the vitamin composition of this vegetable is perfectly balanced. 


Vegetable name in Hindi: शलजम

Vegetable name in Urdu: شلجم

Vegetable name in English: Turnip 

Annual or biennial herb, Cabbage family. Smooth yellow root vegetables can reach 8 to 20 cm in diameter and weigh 10 kg. All types of turnips are very early ripening, the finished root crop is formed in 40 – 45 days, late varieties – in 50 – 60 days. The leaf rosette reaches a height of 40 – 60 cm. Turnip has been known as a vegetable and medicinal plant since ancient times. Turnips can be baked, boiled, stuffed, casseroles and stews are made from it, it is suitable for making salads. It can be stored for a long time in a cool place without losing its healing qualities; easily absorbed by the body and recommended for baby food. In Russia, the expression “simpler than a steamed turnip” has long been known, indicating its long-term and frequent use. 


In Hindi: चुक़ंदर

In Urdu: چقندر

In English: Beet

This is a vegetable crop with an ancient history from the Amarantov family. Beets were grown, the home of which is the Mediterranean region, 4000 years ago. A natural dye was extracted from the root crop, the plant was used in medicine, cooking, and in industry. 

Jerusalem artichoke 

Hindi vegetable name: सूरजमूखी का पौधा

Urdu vegetable name: فَرشوف (farshoof)

English vegetable name: Jerusalem artichoke 

Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial herb about one and a half meters high (sometimes up to four) with a straight pubescent stem, ovoid leaves and yellow inflorescences-baskets with a diameter of 6-10 cm. Jerusalem artichoke can grow in one place for up to 30 years. Tubers weigh from 20-30 to 100 grams, colors are different (depending on the variety) – white, yellow, pink, purple, red; Jerusalem artichoke pulp is tender, juicy, with a pleasant sweetish taste. 


 Hindi: टमाटर

Urdu: ٹما ٹر (tamaatar)

English: tomatoes

The garden tomato we are used to has a rich red color. This means, among other things, that the tomato contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has anticancer and anticarcinogenic properties, reduces the risk of developing several types of cancer, and contributes to the formation of bone tissue. But there are many other useful components in a tomato that are responsible for their own “work front”. The possibilities of these substances will allow us to look at the tomato we are used to in a new way. 

Cherry tomatoes 

Hindi: चेरी टमाटर

Urdu: ۔چیری ٹماٹر (cheree tamaatar)

English: Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a garden variety of tomatoes with fruits of 10 – 30 g. They are known to everyone as an appetizer, they are used to prepare a variety of salads, as well as for preservation. There are certain varieties of cherry that are dried. The name comes from the English word cherry, which means cherry. This does not mean that tomatoes and cherries have similar tastes. It’s just that the appearance and size of the vegetable is very similar to a cherry. 


Hindi: रेडिकियो

Urdu: ریڈیکیو۔

English: Chicory 

This is a head salad that belongs to the chicory family. In his “Natural History” Pliny the Elder wrote about this plant as a remedy capable of purifying the blood and helping people suffering from insomnia. Marco Polo also wrote about him. He claimed that it is a favorite product of the inhabitants of the Veneto region (present-day Venice). And today, radicchio is one of the most popular salads among Italians. 


Hindi: चुकंदर

Urdu:  مولی (moolee)

English: Parsnip

A biennial plant with a thick, sweetish and pleasantly smelling root. The stem is sharp-ribbed. The leaves are pinnate. The flowers are yellow. Parsnip fruits are round-elliptical, flat-squeezed, yellowish-brownish. Blooms in July – August. The parsnip ripens in September. 


Hindi: स्क्वाश

Urdu: امریکی کدو

English: Squash

Bushy form of early ripening pumpkin . The fruits of the squash can be harvested from the garden on the 5-6th day of ripening. By this time, the delicate green pumpkins are covered with a thin skin, and inside there is an elastic, slightly bitter pulp. If you leave the squash in the garden, then the skin quickly turns white, and the fruits become inedible. Squash can be stewed, fried, pickled or salted. Translated from French, the word squash is translated as “vegetable plate”. And this is no coincidence, because pumpkins are ideal for stuffing. 

Sweet pepper (bulgarian)

Vegetable name in Hindi: मीठी काली मिर्च

Vegetable name in Urdu: میٹھی کالی مرچ۔

Vegetable name in English: Sweet pepper

 Like other nightshades, bell peppers contain a healthy array of vitamins, minerals, and active compounds. And for a number of indicators, bell pepper is among the champions, showing a therapeutic effect in the prevention of diseases of the vessels, nervous system, eyes and skin. 

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Hindi: तोरई

Urdu: ‫توری‬  (toree)

English: Luffa 

This plant is a herbaceous vine, which is not picky at all, therefore, caring for it is simple. Luffa has one feature – a long growing season. This culture, like the cucumber, does not like transplanting, therefore, for its cultivation, a less traumatic method of transplanting seedlings should be chosen. 

Black radish Black radish is the maximum bitter, however the healthiest. Radish can not boast of a huge quantity of vitamins, however, the diet composition of this vegetable is flawlessly balanced. 


Vegetable name in Hindi: चायोट

Vegetable name in Urdu: چیوٹے۔

Vegetable name in English: Chayote

This plant belongs to the Pumpkin family. The stems and leaves of the plant appear greater like a vine. During the season, this vegetable can produce as much as eighty pear-fashioned fruits. They, most usually now no longer absolutely mature, are eaten up, stewed, boiled, baked, and delivered uncooked to salads. In addition to the fruit, different elements of the vegetable also are eaten: leaves, seeds with a nutty flavor, that are eaten roasted, and younger tops of the shoots, used as asparagus. Chayote additionally grows safe to eat root tubers weighing up to ten kg. They include numerous starch and flavor much like potatoes. 


Hindi: मक्का

Urdu: مکئی

English: corn

An irreplaceable subculture withinside the global economy. Starch, flour, alcohol, oil, biogas – all that is produced in enough portions to corn. Without it, humanity definitely couldn’t deal with both feeding itself or offering meals for home animals. But new studies into the fitness advantages of corn can also additionally similarly gas hobby on this specific crop.


Hindi: Momordica

Urdu:کریلا  (karela)

English: Momordica

It is a climbing annual herb that belongs to the pumpkin family. Momordica is cultivated on the balcony, in the room, in the garden, as a healing and simply beautiful liana. This edible plant adorns southern windows, open terraces and balconies, gazebos, walls, fences and decorative trellises. 


Hindi: खीरा

Urdu:  کھیرا (kheera)

English: Cucumber 

An annual herb of the pumpkin family. Stem – creeping or climbing, pubescent with small colorless hairs, its size reaches 1-2 m. Leaves are alternate, whole, with jagged edges. Flowers 3-4 cm, yellow, unisexual. In most varieties of cucumbers, female and male flowers are located on the same plant. Beginning from the 3-4th leaf, antennae are formed in the leaf axils, with the help of which the plant is strengthened on supports. The fruit of the cucumber is multi-seeded, juicy, emerald green, and bubbly. It has a different shape and size depending on the variety. In culinary terms, cucumbers are traditionally referred to as vegetable crops.


Hindi: हरा प्याज

Urdu: گندنا (hara pyaz)

English: Leek

Leek, an annual herb, of the Onion’s own circle of relatives. Plant top 40-ninety cm. Leeks from inexperienced to greenish-blue colour, whitish or crimson flowers, shape an umbrella. The bulb is elongated, without bulbs or with few bulbs. The stem emerges from the center of the bulb. Leaves linear-lanceolate, cowl with an extended nose; umbrella huge, spherical; the perianth is whitish or much less frequently pinkish, with barely difficult leaves. Filaments of stamens are longer than the perianth, inner three-separate, with the center element 2 instances shorter than the base. 


Hindi: छोटे प्याज़

Urdu:  پیاز (chota pyaaz)

English: Shallot

Biennial herb of the Onion own circle of relatives. Shallots are composed of many cloves, similar to garlic . It is smaller than that of onion, however it ripens in advance and is saved excellently. Most frequently, shallots are grown for the sake of greenery. She has outstanding flavor, she isn’t always sharp. The feather is sensitive, thin. As quickly as the onion grows 20 cm, you want to reduce it off without regret – this may save you the shooting, to which the shallots are prone (in particular whilst planting in autumn). 


Hindi: पत्ता गोभी

Urdu: گوبھی(patta gobhi)

English: cabbage

The Mediterranean is considered her homeland. At first, they were engaged in the cultivation of leafy cabbage , and then other varieties appeared. Theophrastus, a famous botanist in antiquity, described the cultivation of leafy cabbage back in the 3rd century. BC.

Pliny in the 1st c. AD testified to the existence of 8 varieties of cabbage, which included leafy cabbage, cabbage and broccoli.

It is generally accepted that cabbage appeared in Russia in the 7th century. BC, they were engaged in its cultivation on the territory of the Transcaucasus. Over time, it spread to the lands of Muscovy.

The most common, beloved by many varieties are varieties of white cabbage.

Romanesco cabbage 

  • Hindi name: रोमनस्को गोभी
  • Urdu: رومانسکو گوبھی۔ (romenesko gobhi)
  • English:Romanesco cabbage 

ital. romanesco – Roman cabbage

It is the end result of breeding experiments on crossing cauliflower and broccoli. An annual plant, thermophilic, calls for alkaline feeding and slight watering. Only the pinnacle of cabbage is used for meals, which includes mild inexperienced inflorescences withinside the shape of a fractal spiral. Moreover, every bud, includes comparable buds, forming a spiral. Cabbage is a nutritional and without difficulty digestible product. 

Savoy cabbage 

Hindi name of vegetable: एक प्रकार की पत्तागोभी

Urdu name of vegetable: گانٹھ گوبھی (ek prakaar kee pattaagobhee)

English name of vegetable: Savoy cabbage

It first seemed withinside the Italian county of Savoy, which motivated its call – Savoy. The peasants of this county had been the primary to develop this style of cabbage. It has been acknowledged in our united states of america for the nineteenth century, however it by no means has become popular, even though sparkling it tastes higher than white cabbage. This cabbage is broadly utilized in Western Europe and america. In terms of flavor, savoy cabbage is much like white cabbage, however its darkish inexperienced corrugated, curly and skinny leaves have an extra sensitive flavor and aroma. It isn’t always as hard as different varieties of cabbage, because it no longer has difficult veins. It is likewise extra nutritious than white- and crimson-headed. Savoy cabbage consists of many biologically energetic materials, sugar, mustard oil. four instances of extra fats and 25% much less fiber than cabbage. 

White cabbage 

Hindi: सफेद बन्द गोभी

Urdu: سفید گوبھی۔ (safed band gobhi)

English: White cabbage

The “commonness” and incidence of white cabbage in our gardens offers the impact of the uselessness of this vegetable in selling health. Only the significance of cabbage in dietetics and weight reduction packages appears to be indisputable, because of its low calorie content material and an abundance of fiber. Meanwhile, the materials contained in cabbage substantially lessen the threat of bowel cancer, save you the improvement of atherosclerosis, take away the consequences of radiation publicity and feature a healing impact on some of different frame systems. 


Hindi: ब्रॉकली

Urdu: بروکولی (brokalee)

English: Broccoli

Broccoli consists of a massive variety of beneficial materials which are blanketed in tablets for the remedy of diabetes, diverse sicknesses of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, cardiovascular system, etc. … But getting the maximum out of broccoli is not easy. Some factors are destroyed whilst heated, a few whilst frozen, and a few withinside the mild. Therefore, to put together without a doubt healthy meals, you want to recognise a number of the functions of its garage and processing. 

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Brussels sprouts 

Hindi: ब्रसल स्प्राउट

Urdu: برسلز انکرت۔

English: Brussels sprouts 

It changed into bred from collard veggies with the aid of using vegetable growers in Belgium, from wherein it penetrated into France, Germany and Holland. Carl Linnaeus changed into the primary to scientifically describe cabbage and named it Brussels sprouts after Belgian gardeners from Brussels. It seemed in Russia withinside the center of the nineteenth century, however did now no longer obtain distribution because of the tough climatic conditions. Brussels sprouts are broadly cultivated in Western Europe (in particular withinside the UK), America and Canada. In Russia, it’s far cultivated in confined quantities, in particular withinside the significant areas. Light inexperienced leafy heads, placed withinside the axils of the leaves at the stem of the plant, are used for meals. The flavor of Brussels sprouts is sweetish nutty, now no longer just like the flavor of cabbage. It is a quality to pick out vivid inexperienced, strong, dense and small heads of cabbage – huge ones can flavor bitter. 

Kohlrabi cabbage

Hindi: गोभी गोभी

Urdu: کولر آبی گوبھی۔

English: Kohlrabi cabbage

It is so-referred to as stem crop. The middle of this fruit is soft and juicy, very first-rate to the flavor, fairly harking back to a cabbage stump. Northern Europe is taken into consideration as the birthplace of kohlrabi. The call translated from German is interpreted as “cabbage turnip”. The first mentions of kohlrabi cabbage had been recorded in 1554, and actually a century later, kohlrabi spread nearly throughout Europe, as much as the Mediterranean. 

Red cabbage

Hindi: लाल गोभी

Urdu: سرخ بند گوبھی (laal gobhi)

English: Red cabbage

It is a number of white cabbage . It has bluish-crimson leaves, from time to time with a crimson tint, the unique colour of that is already seen in seedlings. The presence of this colour is because of the extended content material of a unique substance – anthocyanin. Red cabbage is past due ripening and does now no longer have early ripening types. The duration of boom and improvement lasts as much as one hundred sixty days. The early sorts of crimson cabbage are pretty cold-resistant and now no longer as stressful at the weather and soil because the sorts of white cabbage, however the later ones are pretty capricious. 

Pak choy cabbage 

Hindi: पाक चोय गोभी

Urdu: پاک چائے گوبھی۔ (pak choy gobhi)

English: Pak-choy cabbage

It is one of the largest historical Chinese vegetable crops. Today she has won outstanding recognition in Asia and each day an increasing number of profits from new lovers in Europe. Pak-choy cabbage is a near relative of Peking cabbage, however it differs from it externally, biologically, and additionally in financial qualities.  

Coral cabbage – Romanesco

Hindi: मूंगा गोभी – रोमनस्को

Urdu: مرجان گوبھی – رومانسکو۔

English: Coral cabbage – Romanesco

The closest relative of this amazing vegetable is cauliflower . The view is simply mesmerizing. Everyone will like it!


Hindi: गोभी

Urdu: گوبھی۔ (gobhi)

English: Cauliflower

Comes from regions of the Mediterranean. It changed into first added from Western Europe with inside the seventeenth century .. However, we adore it an awful lot much less than the same old white cabbage, and assign it secondary roles. Unlike, say, Europe. There, cauliflower is a nutritional product, beneficial at any age and really beloved. It has an awful lot much less fiber than normal fiber, and consequently it’s far without difficulty absorption. 


Hindi: अरारोट

Urdu: اروی ( Arvi)

English: arrowroot – starch flour 

This is a starch crafted from arrowroot, a tropical plant in South America. Arrowroot is likewise grown on the islands of Fiji and Brazil. The tubers of the plant are used as uncooked substances for the manufacturing of arrowroot. In this case, dried rhizomes of arrowroot are used, that are ground into flour. 


Hindi: भिंडी

Urdu: بھنڈی

English: okra

This vegetable has quite a few names, including: gombo, okra and ladies’ fingers. If you pay attention to this call, it means that we’re speaking approximately okra – a as an alternative precious vegetable crop, which belongs to the Malvov own circle of relatives. Nothing is understood about the beginning of this plant, however it’s far considerable in Africa, North America, India and the tropics. Some name it the hometown of West Africa, others – India. This is because of the truth that a huge variety of types and varieties of okra grows in those places. 


Hindi: बैंगन


English: Eggplant 

In the scientific classification, it represents the Solanov family, and in this sense it can be called a relative of potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, tobacco, but, besides that, it is also a “brother” of poisonous dope and henbane. The culinary fate of this vegetable culture was difficult. Herbaceous vine with lengthy (1-five m) creeping stems-lashes, rooting withinside the nodes. The top of the bush is 15-18 cm. As a food product, eggplant in Europe has become interesting only since the 19th century. Before that, it was not appreciated and even considered the cause of some mental disorders. Over time, thanks to the discovery of a number of useful properties, eggplant became interesting not only for chefs, but also for doctors. 


Hindi:  शलजम

Urdu: شلجم

English: Swede 

Rutabaga is a biennial plant of the cabbage’s own circle of relatives with excessive yields. It grew out of turnip and white cabbage. Some researchers accept as true that the swede changed into evolved with inside the Mediterranean region. The root is spherical or oval, outwardly much like a turnip, however fairly large, its flesh is yellow, orange or white, included with an inexperienced-grey or crimson-violet peel. 


Hindi: केपर्स

Urdu: ۔ کَريل لوبيا 

English: capers

The buds of a herbaceous or shrub plant of the species Capparis spinosa of the caper own circle of relatives, not an unusual place withinside the arid areas of the Mediterranean, Asia, India, North Africa, North America. In Dagestan, wild species of capers are used. Capers also are considerable withinside the Caucasus and Crimea, wherein they develop on barren shale rocks from Alushta to Sudak and Feodosia.


Hindi: प्याज

Urdu: پیاز (pyaaz)


The lands of Central Asia and Afghanistan are the birthplace of this plant. Onions were cultivated in India, Egypt, and Ancient Greece. Hippocrates himself treated his patients with them.

The legionaries of Ancient Rome were obliged to eat this vegetable – many believed that people from it became strong, brave and energetic.

French, Spanish, Portuguese commoners in the Middle Ages ate onions every day. He came to the territory of Russia in the 12-13 centuries.

It is one of the most popular products in traditional medicine. Moreover, most of its useful properties, known for a long time, are confirmed by modern science. Confirms, but corrects and clarifies. For example, modern doctors, agreeing with the antimicrobial effect of onion phytoncides, are skeptical about the habit of placing saucers with chopped onions around the room during periods of SARS epidemics. And modern nutritionists, in an effort to preserve the maximum benefit, also make their own amendments to the traditional methods of its preparation. 


Hindi: लहसुन

Urdu: لہسن۔(lahsun)


It was found by archaeologists during excavations of the Egyptian pyramids. He was also known in Ancient Greece and Rome. Throughout the Middle Ages, garlic was used as amulets that could save people from adversity.


Hindi: पालक

Urdu: پالک۔

English: Spinach 

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is one of the maximum famous inexperienced, leafy veggies withinside the global as it’s far a wealthy supply of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. It belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. It is local to the Middle East and was cultivated in Persia lots of years ago. From there, it changed into introduced into China and made its manner into Europe. Spinach fast has become a staple in numerous cultural cuisines.

The inexperienced leafy vegetable that Popeye loves might also additionally simply be a strong meal supply for actual humans as well. Yes, we’re speakme about the blessings of spinach. They might also additionally consist of skincare, advanced eyesight, regulated blood pressure, more potent muscles, and prevention of age-associated macular degeneration (AMD) and hemophilia. Spinach can also additionally assist with fitness situations together with cataracts, atherosclerosis, coronary heart attacks, and neurological disorders. It can assist in bone mineralization and exerts anti-ulcerative blessings. Also, it can be a useful resource withinside the wholesome fetal improvement and boom of infants.


Hindi: आलू

Urdu: آلو۔(aaloo)

English: Potato

The homeland of this tuber is considered to be Central and South America. Now it does not occur in the wild. Potatoes, thanks to the Spaniards, ended up in Europe, then spread throughout the continent.

In Europe, it was not immediately adopted. Russian Senate in the middle of the 18th century. issued a decree on potato growing. The forceful introduction of culture was used. Tuber crops became widespread in Russia only by the middle of the 19th century.

Sweet potato 

Hindi: शकरकंद

Urdu: شکر قندی(shakarkand)

English: Sweet potato

Sweet potato leaves are cordate or palmate-lobed, on lengthy petioles. Flowers take a seat down in leaf axils; the corolla is huge, funnel-shaped, crimson, light lilac or white. Many types no longer flower. Cross pollination, in particular with the aid of using bees. Fruit is a four-seed capsule; seeds are black or brown, 3.five-four.five mm in diameter. The lateral roots of the candy potato thicken strongly and shape tubers with white, orange, crimson or crimson fit to be eaten flesh. One candy potato tuber weighs from two hundred g to three kg. 

Purple potatoes

Hindi: बैंगनी आलू

Urdu:جامنی آلو۔ (bainganee aloo)

English: Purple potatoes

This type of potato has not only a purple skin, but also a pulp. All dishes from it retain their purple color, and the taste is the same as usual, but there are many anthocyanins in the composition, which make eggplants, blueberries, and blackberries purple.


Hindi: तुरई

Urdu: گھیا توری (Ghia turee)

English: Zucchini 

Zucchini reached Europe from Central America with inside the sixteenth century, however the population of the Old World tasted its end result simplest  centuries later, whilst this plant changed into not perceived completely as an decorative plant. Since then, the zucchini steadily started out to win an area for itself with inside the fields and gardens. Today it’s far grown in nearly all households. Zucchini (and its zucchini variety) is fried, steamed, pickled and canned for the winter. The humans favored the diuretic homes of this product, the cap potential to repair salt metabolism, take away pollutants and “bad” cholesterol. But critical clinical studies into the vegetable marrow are simply beginning, beginning up numerous promising avenues. 

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