Buying Jewelry For Women A Xtreme Look guide For Men

Jewelry is always a very special gift. Jewelry gifts are particularly appreciated by women and are therefore at the top of their wish list. However, many men still find it difficult to buy jewelry for women. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the selection is enormous and men also often have very little experience in buying women’s jewelry: Simply going to a jewelry store or looking for the right accessories in jewelry online shop like Xtreme Look costs them in the rule overcoming. On the other hand, men often fear that their choice of jewelry will not meet the woman’s personal taste and that an unsuitable piece of jewelry will irritate her rather than please her.

With this little guide to buying jewelry with meaningful messages for women, we want to take away men’s shyness about buying jewelry for a woman. It is by no means an impenetrable secret science. On the contrary: If you follow a few simple rules, you will probably even enjoy discovering new sides of the fascinating world of women’s jewelry in the future. The most important rule of thumb for men, therefore, right away: Be careful before you buy women’s jewellery! If a man wants to hit the bull’s eye with the choice of the perfect piece of jewellery, he not only needs a delicate touch. At least as important is a precise power of observation.

The basics

  • Which jewelry do you like?
  • What should the jewelry express?

Essential decisions

  • Jewelry with meaning
  • The customization of jewelry
  • Jewelry for a special occasion
  • Gold or silver
  • This is where size really matters
  • Quality and budget

Which jewelry do you like?

In any case, men should not only regularly look deep into the eyes of their queens of hearts. It is just as often and intensely important to look at their ears, fingers, necks and wrists. Sharpened perception and precise observation bring men a big step closer to acquiring the ideal piece of jewellery: In this way they not only get to know the material preferences and style preferences of the lady, but also her favorite designs and personal favorite pieces.

Which parts she wears most often and which are therefore particularly important to her is of course an extremely important finding for a planned jewelry purchase. It’s also helpful to know how she usually pairs different accessories together. Let’s take an example: Does she like to wear voluminous earrings such as chandelier or tassel earrings with a glamorous ladies ‘ watch when she goes out? Or does she prefer to combine subtle pearl earrings or silver stud earrings with a rather simple stainless steel bracelet?

Through such careful observation, men can gradually acquire detailed background knowledge and thus gradually develop a feeling for the unspoken wishes of the woman. However, the thorough “inspections” are not only a benefit in relation to the jewelry purchase. Women want to feel seen like everyone else and therefore enjoy being noticed in their individual appearance and beauty. Consequently, the sudden increase in attentiveness of a woman will always flatter and earn the man additional sympathy points with her.

In really comprehensive “field research” on women’s jewelry, the temperament and nature of the woman must also be included and – even more important -: the contents of her wardrobe. Anyone who knows their peculiarities and also pays attention to their wardrobe increases the probability of making the right choice when it comes to jewelry later on. In any case, men who want to buy jewelry from women should be well acquainted with the clothing style and type of the woman in question.

Particular attention should be paid to preferred colors and distinctive features: does she like warm colors like red, orange or pink, or does she prefer earth tones and cool colors like blue and green? Does she prefer things to be simple and muted in color, or does she like things flashy and visually garish? Is she the minimalist, reserved type or is she looking for a big entrance and maximum attention?

Whenever men have the opportunity, a discreet look at the woman’s previous jewelry collection is of course also of the greatest benefit. A man can hardly gain even more intimate insights into her taste than in her jewelry box. On the basis of all the information collected, an increasingly coherent picture should emerge for him. When making a purchase, the guiding question must remain whether the new piece of jewelry fits with the pieces that the lady already owns and whether it brings out her individual style in the best possible way.

What should the jewelry express?

Even the seductive glitter and shine of jewelry has a high radiance and persuasive power. But if a man really wants to overwhelm with his choice memorial jewelry for loss of mother, he should also focus on the symbolic meaning of jewelry. If he succeeds in giving the lady the impression that he has invested not only money, but above all a lot of time and creativity in the search for the piece of jewellery, there is a good chance that his jewelry purchase will meet with enthusiasm from her.

He also plays into his hands that, of all gifts given to women, jewelry gifts have by far the highest memory value. In any case, women have a strong emotional connection between jewelry and the moment they received the gift. So in order to make a lasting impression with his gift, it is extremely important for a man to ensure a tasteful ambience and a romantic atmosphere when handing it over.

Before buying, however, he should in any case also familiarize himself with the figurative meanings of individual jewelry accessories. For example, a necklace “embodies” the close bond that exists between two people. Accordingly, giving a necklace as a gift always shows the desire to make this already strong bond even stronger in the future. Moreover, through their highly suggestive position, midway between the head and the heart, necklaces simultaneously touch on the two fundamental driving forces of love: emotion and reason.

When a man decides to give a woman a women’s bracelet as a gift, he is subtly expressing that he will always be open and loyal to her – just like the ever-present bracelet itself. Because bracelets often parallel wristwatches worn, the man also makes it clear that he is always ready to devote his attention and time to her.

If a man chooses earrings, his gift not only underlines the intention to emphasize the incomparable beauty of her individual facial features even more. In a figurative sense, he also shows the woman that he will listen to her at all times.

Rings always give a great promise of permanence, even infinity. They therefore have enormous symbolic power and scope. Rings worn in pairs, such as engagement rings, wedding rings and other partnership rings, with their round, circular closed, almost endless shape, symbolize the great inner bond between two people, which they will probably unite with each other throughout their lives.

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