Trends in Artificial Indoor Plants in 2022

How to Choose the Right Indoor Artificial Plant for Your Home Decoration

If you want to brighten up the interior of your home without adding to your list of chores, one of the best options is artificial plants. Every year, the niche expands, and more artificial plant designs, colours, and types enter the market. This means that you can decorate your home to your own style and make everybody who visits jealous (and you don’t even need to worry about the plants dying any time soon!). 

If you’re like many, the introduction to this article will have caused some concern. With so many options, how are you supposed to find the right artificial plants for your home? Well, the first thing to note is that you’re now free from all the restrictions that previously held you back. You don’t have to worry about caring for these plants, nor do the seasons outside the window matter. With this in mind, you’re finally free to choose plants that suit your home regardless of the time of year. 

If you’re to choose the right indoor artificial plants for your home decoration, the first step is to perform some research. Get an idea of the sort of indoor artificial plants available and consider how they would fit into your home. As well as foliage, you’ll find simple plants, extravagant plants designed for impact, ferns, and various other styles. 

Before spending any money, think about what you want to achieve (because it’s easy to get carried away!). Do you want simple accents that add some greenery to the room without looking overwhelming? Do you want a large artificial plant that will get people’s attention as soon as they walk in? Once you know what you want, it’s easier to narrow down when shopping. 

Using More Than One Artificial Plant for Your Home Design 

When discussing trends in the world of artificial indoor plants, it’s impossible to ignore the potential of multiple artificial plants in your home design. Why stick to one artificial plant when you can use multiple that contribute to the design of your home? Add some greenery to every room while finding the perfect combination of colour and foliage. Of course, you don’t need to add a statement piece to each room, but your home will come to life as soon as you combine different types of artificial plants

Top Trends and Tips for Artificial Indoor Plants 

  • Finally, get your hands on plants that you have been avoiding because they’re so difficult to keep alive (for some, this is all plants!). For instance, this means the likes of ferns, zebra plants, and orchids. Since cacti are easy to keep alive, you may as well go real. Artificial indoor plants offer an opportunity to enjoy rarer plants without all the difficult care that normally comes with them. 
  • Forget seasonality – if you’re worried that people will question your plants, you can still follow seasons just as you would with real plants. If you’re not worried about what people think or say, why not have a tulip in bloom all year? Why not allow artificial plants to add colour to your home (even when their real counterpart only flowers for a couple of weeks)?
  • Add a showstopper to your home that will get people talking and complement this with basic foliage and greenery. While the showstopper gets people talking and adds character to your home, foliage can bulk out real flowers and add a natural feel to your home

Add artificial plants to your home for character, greenery, and to complement your home’s design! 

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