Career Scope of Hotel Management Courses Dubai

Hotel Management Courses Dubai

Among the most visited destinations according to the OECD and the UNWTO, the tourism, catering and hotel sector remains dynamic. Which Courses are to be favored if you intend to work in the Hospitality Management Courses Dubai?

What do we study in the Hotel Management Courses Dubai?

Whether in a public high school or a hotel school, you are embarking on a demanding adventure. Often combined with training in catering, you first learn to master the basics of tableware and then Hotel Management Course Dubai as a whole.

In particular, you will cover the following subjects during your hotel training:

● culinary genius and gastronomic methods;

● reception and accommodation techniques;

● analysis of consumer behavior;

● budget management.

The more you advance in your studies, the more you have the possibility of specializing according to the profession to which you aspire.

The qualities needed to study and work in the hotel Management

First of all, you should be aware that studies in the hotel Management Course Dubai are known to be particularly demanding. You must show unfailing rigor and demonstrate real strength of character as well as a certain physical resistance (particular timetables, standing position, etc.).

Keep in mind that your weekends and holidays are at the service of tourists and that – therefore – the management of free time is particular in this sector.

Your sense of hospitality and diplomacy are greatly appreciated given the relationship you have with customers. In general, you must be demanding of yourself and have a taste for challenge.

A good level of English is also essential to work in the hotel industry.

The different courses for studying in the hotel management

First of all, know that you have the possibility of integrating a CAP marketing and services in hotel-café-restaurant if you do not aspire to make long studies.

You also have the opportunity to embark on a vocational baccalaureate in the hotel and catering industry or a science and technology baccalaureate in the hotel and catering industry (STHR).

After obtaining your Certificate, you can follow up with a BTS in hotel and restaurant management, which can be a good springboard into the professional world. This specialized BTS offers three options:

● accommodation unit management;

● management of a culinary production unit;

● catering unit management.

In the event that you are neither a holder of the professional baccalaureate in the hotel and catering industry or the STHR baccalaureate, but you wish to integrate this BTS, a solution is available to you. You can apply to join an upgrade class (MAN) which offers a one-year training course during which you catch up. Rather focused on administration and management, this degree can still bring you closer to the hotel industry.

Integrating a hotel school directly after the baccalaureate is also a possible choice. In the context of more advanced studies, you can then prepare a specialized bachelor’s degree (bac+3), a master’s or an MBA (bac+5). These courses allow you to specialize over the years, to acquire managerial skills and to increase professional experience. For example, you can focus on teaching English to validate a master’s degree in international restaurant and hotel service management.

Which Institution to Training Hospitality Management Courses in Dubai?

At Learnovate Training Center Depending on the structure to which you turn, the registration fees and the admission criteria can be significantly different.

Entry into BTS is based on a file and may be subject to an interview. In a private establishment, the price of the training is set by the host structure. Overall, the annual cost is estimated at several thousand AED. However, these costs can be reduced thanks to the salary generated as an apprentice, since the training is very often offered in the form of work-study. In a public vocational high school, you have to go through the Parcoursup platform. 

Admission requirements depend on the training you have chosen, but it is not uncommon to ask students to take tests in addition to the selection via an application file. Course fees are estimated at 1000 to 5000 AED.

On the hotel school side, admission requirements and registration fees vary greatly depending on reputation.  It should be noted that the vast majority of Hotel Management Courses Dubai offer paid internships or work-study programs. 

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