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The median home price in Texas rose to $349,000 in June, more than 25% since January 2021. Texas is a hot seller market, as the environment is very competitive, and on average, sellers get 98% of the original listing price. 

Home sellers, this is your chance to make the most out of your selling as the home values are rising, with high demands of house buyers looking for the best bargain. 

Selling a house in Texas is not challenging if every requirement is met. But selling a home in Texas can be expensive due to traditional realtor commissions. The average realtor commission rate in Texas is 4.63% to 6.54%. Notably, the seller is also eligible to pay the buyer’s agent if they seal a deal with a traditional realtor. 

Many potential sellers sell their houses for fast cash to save themselves from hefty commission charges and grab a quick deal. These transactions occur between the house seller and the cash home buyer company without involving a real estate agent. The bargain is made fast and straightforward. 

When you sell your house to a cash home buyer company, the possibility of a realtor coming into the picture becomes negligible. All the profits are entirely sellers’ as they’re excluded from paying hefty commission charges and other hidden fees. 

Companies that buy houses in Texas for cash tend to close the deal within less than two weeks. We’ve listed top company reviews that buy houses for cash in Texas, so you make a thoughtful decision before selling a house to a home cash buying platform. 

However, cash home buying companies are divided into two categories, them being iBuyers, and We buy houses for cash companies. Home buying company in Texas provides cash to homeowners who need a quick sale. 

iBuyers: These businesses offer 70% to 90% of the property’s market value and charge high service fees. They also don’t buy distressed or rental properties or properties with complex titles. 

We buy houses for cash companies: Such establishments offer around 50% to 70% of the property’s market value and usually charge less or zero service fees or transaction fees. Unlike iBuyers, these companies buy all types and sorts of properties. 

Companies that buy houses in Texas reviews

Houzeo is a tech-focused For Sale By Owner website and real estate platform. Houzeo’s IntelliList listing management system makes it easy for sellers to list their homes on and MLS. 

How does operate?

Houzeo provides convenient services to the seller for a small flat fee. The company will only list your house on MLS and attract the best cash buyers for you. Specifically, they attracted many FSBO and cash sales individuals through special offers. This offer allows an individual to review and compare offers online. 

Once the client has made up their mind, they can further counter an offer or call for the highest and best offers. Listing on MLS with Houzeo becomes more reliable with theri showings feature. This newly launched feature lets sellers efficiently manage to show requests from buyers and buyer agents!

The company has seen many cash home buyers and companies that buy houses for cash & iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad make offers on properties listed on Houzeo has a proven track record for cash home buyers with competitive fast cash deals.

Home sellers looking for a credible platform with zero hidden fees, 100% automated processes, and prompt customer support, Houzeo is the best choice for you. The list you house on MLS with Houzeo and enjoy the best services that not many platforms offer. 

Refer to Houzeo Reviews for more information.

Opendoor (iBuyer)

Opendoor is America’s best and largest fast cash buyer (iBuyer), offering instant cash deals on Texas homes. The platform was the first iBuyer to introduce the iBuying home instant cash model. Opendoor offers 90% to 100% of the property’s fair market value (FMV).

How does Opendoor operate?

With competitive cash offers, they provide stress-free sales without listings. When you sell directly to Opendoor, the company closes the deal in days. Opendoor takes 24 business hours to share a preliminary cash offer. 

To avail of the competitive cash offers, sellers will have to provide their address, a photo of the home, and some basic information about the size and condition of their property on Opendoor’s website or mobile app to seek a cash quote. 

After the submission is received, a company representative will evaluate the home and provide a quote based on their home pricing formula and feedback from area experts. Opendoor works on flexible closing timelines and closes within two weeks or less.

However, they charge 5% of the Final Cash Offer service fees. At the same time, the closing costs included a service fee plus a deduction for repairs, typically 1% to 7%. The business model is best for sellers with ideal properties that don’t require multiple repairs and clusters. 

Companies that buy houses in Texas: We Buy Houses for cash companies

We Buy Houses businesses pay much less than what a seller would pay for a home on the open market. With cash offers as low as 50%, these companies are ideal only if you are trying to sell any distressed property. Let’s check the business model of such companies. 

Move On House Buyers

Companies that buy houses in Texas that top our list under this section are Move On House Buyers. The company is best known for making a fair cash offer in as little as 7 minutes over the phone. They have been operating and helping homeowners since 2012 to get their property sold for a fair cash deal in many parts of America. 

How does Move On House Buyers operate? 

Sellers need to quote an online request. After the bid gets verified, the seller has to provide some property details and wait for a cash offer; the process takes less than 10 mins. 

Once the company receives details about your home, they will give you a cash offer within 24 to 48 business hours. Move On House Buyers offer 50% to 70% of the property’s fair market value (FMV). 

They follow a flexible closing of 7 to 30 days and charge no service and billing fees. Move On House Buyers is best for sellers looking to sell their homes quickly for cash.

Texas All Cash Home Buyers

Texas All Cash Home Buyers are experienced home buyers who pay cash for your house in any condition, with no repairs needed. They buy houses anywhere in San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. The business provides 50% to 70% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV).

How do Texas All Cash Home Buyers operate? 

The platform makes it easy and fast to sell your home for cash without hassle with zero real estate agent fees, no financing approval period, no appraisals, and no repairs. 

Once they take a quick look at your house, the business professionals provide a no-obligation cash offer and then ask you to choose an end date. They will even pay all your title and transaction fees. The closing timelines of Texas All Cash Home Buyers are within 7 to 30 days.

Final Words

Selling a house in Texas for fast cash is not a big deal when you sell your house to the companies mentioned above. Meanwhile, the best company that buys houses in Texas for cash is Houzeo, where you can list your home on MLS and gain maximum exposure to your property. Whereas an iBuyer company, Opendoor, will buy your house for fast cash within 14 days. 

However, they offer the best services for best-conditioned houses. Texas All Cash Home Buyers assures the best services and 100% cash deal on any house and closes at the seller’s convenience. Now it’s up to you to make the best pick per your requirement by checking the reviews. 

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