Clean Doors And Wood Panels

Which cleaning agent is suitable for the task depends on the surface treatment of the doors and wood panels.

  • Glossy glass or lacquered surfaces: Hand dishwashing detergent is best.
  • Matte surfaces, eg painted surfaces: Can be cleaned with universal agent.
  • Soap, lye, oil-treated or untreated surfaces: A soap-based agent, eg 1 dl soap shavings dissolved in 5 liters of water is most obvious to use.

Clean the furniture

Clean hard surfaces on the furniture depending on the material. Untreated wood can be scrubbed with a mixture of water and soap shavings, for example. See the section on wooden floors for other surfaces.

Upholstered furniture

Brush first with a lint brush or tap them outdoors.

Then vacuum the surfaces. Use a small mouthpiece without brushes on. Do not drive up and down with the mouthpiece – it can make marks in the fabric depending on the fabric in question. If the fabric is made of wool, nothing happens.

Make this effective blend for stains:

  • ½ liters of lukewarm water whipped to foam with 1 tbsp. dishwashing liquid
  • Dab the foam on with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Wipe dry with a dry, wrung out cloth.

Leather furniture

First wipe the leather with a hard-wrung cloth to remove dust. If the leather is light, the cloth should be dry.

Make the following mixture:

  • ½ dl soap shavings whipped to foam with 2 liters of warm water.
  • Dab the foam with a soft brush or cloth, and dry with clean cloths.
  • The mixture provides nourishing fat to the leather.

Make the bed clean

Vacuum the mattress. Take it if necessary with outside and knock it lightly with a carpet knocker. Put the mattress on its side so that dust and dirt escape.

Turn the mattress and possibly the top mattress on the same occasion. The mattress lasts longer if it is regularly turned both vertically and horizontally.

Vacuum the bed base and wash the floor under the bed before putting the mattress in place.

Clean the curtains

Ordinary curtains are taken down, shaken outside and washed in the washing machine. Long cotton curtains can shrink quite a bit on first wash. Wash the curtains according to the washing instructions and with a detergent that suits the type of fabric. Do not completely fill the washing machine and use a program with easy spinning to minimize curls in the fabric. Iron curtains of cotton while still damp.

Pleated curtains and folding curtains are vacuumed at low power and cleaned according to the instructions that come with it.

Slatted and panel curtains that have longitudinal strips are not the big dust collectors. During basic cleaning, each strip is clicked off and all strips are collected in one hand and sometimes dripped in a solution with detergent. Rinse with the hand shower.

Blinds and sunscreen are wiped with a damp cloth.

In general:

  • Read the Privat rengøring instructions.
  • Settle with a damp cloth or wash with high water level in washing machine.
  • Hang up polyester curtains while they are damp.
  • Curtains of brocade or silk must be cleaned.

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