Comparison Of Pros And Cons Of Using Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Tracking Apps

In the past, it was tough, or we can say that, to track a mobile phone, whether it is stolen or even if it is lost, but this is a technological era, and everything is now becoming possible. Many innovations thought impossible are now becoming possible due to advancements in science. Now all the mobile companies have started to place GPS receivers on mobile phones; by working with these receivers, we can find the exact location of a person. This technology is beneficial; there are many benefits of using these tracking strategies and some downsides of these apps.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using these and later conclude, based on facts and figures, whether we should use these apps or avoid them. You will find some interesting information in this article related to GPS tracking systems, so please remain tuned and read this article carefully to digest the complete report.


First, we will discuss the pros of using these tracking strategies.

Emergency Services:

Suppose you are in a compound that is on fire and the fire extinguisher does not know your exact location in the compound; here, your precise location could save your life. This kind of emergency is a blessing for us because it could be life-saving for us. It means these apps or GPS navigation systems are beneficial in a crisis. It can also be used to track phone location of a lost mobile phone.

Friends tracking:

These apps have some unique pros; iPhone 3 has introduced an app called find friends, which helps you to find your friend in crowded spaces. I explain this scenario with an example; suppose you and your friend are standing in a crowded place where, for some reason, you separate from your friend. It is very tough to find him now; you can use this app; it will show you through some dots about the location of your friends. Now you can find him easily by these dots.


As we have earlier discussed, no doubt these apps or GPS navigation systems are advantageous for us, and it has many advantages, but at the same time, they also have some downsides. After reading these downsides, the audience can think about whether they should choose or avoid them.

Privacy concern:

Privacy Concern is the primary drawback of using these mobile phone tracking apps. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “location provider apps or websites are able to get some of the invasive information of the owners of mobile phones which might be irritating from them .” To avoid these complications, you have to disable apps like find my friend or iPhone apps to decrease your depression level.

Malicious users:

No doubt some tracking apps and websites work wholeheartedly and never think to harm their users, but here come people with malicious intentions like hackers. They will hack all users’ personal data and then call them to take money or some other personal data or information. So tracking companies take care of their systems so no one can reach them with malicious intentions.


It creates mistrust among organizations and employees because an organization can track personal information using these apps, which is unacceptable for the employees. Similarly, some parents are using these apps for their kids to locate them anytime at any place. Sometimes kids also feel uncomfortable with this, and they want to vanish this security system, so parents should also be aware of this factor because they can strain their kids by using it.

Sum up:

In this article, we have discussed a couple of advantages and disadvantages of using these apps, and now, it is up to you whether you want to use these tracking apps. You can also manage its cons before using it, because in the condition when we have lost our cell phone, these tracking apps or websites can only help us. They are instrumental but have some side effects, just like the medicine we take. All the treatments prescribed by the doctors tend to vanish the disease, but excessive use of these medications also creates some other conditions in our body. So we have to use them carefully to avoid their side effects; similarly, I suggest using these powerful tracking apps but with some precautions to prevent complications in the future.

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