Cover up your pool with the best mesh pool covers

mesh pool covers

Having a pool at home makes summers interesting and provides a center for leisure activities and relaxation. However, not everything is sunshine and butterflies. Ownership of a pool comes with several obligations. This involves keeping the water clean and preventing unauthorized access to the pool.

Reduce the amount of water wasted during the off-season (winter) and hot summers to increase efficiency. Keeping this in mind, mesh pool cover gives you certain benefits while assisting you in fulfilling these obligations. 

You need to finish a few chores before closing your pool for the season to keep it healthy when it’s closed. Before covering your pool, you’ll need to clean the water and the pool, add some water additives, and complete a few other tasks. But are you using the proper cover?

The best choice is to use safety pool covers while your pool is shut down for the year. In addition to safeguarding your pool, it keeps kids and animals from tripping over non-safety covers or becoming stuck within.

A mesh pool cover is what?

It is constructed of tightly woven, tiny strands that let water through but not detritus. As a result, they feel and seem more textured compared to other pool coverings, including Solid Vinyl ones.

Although they don’t improve the appearance of your pool in terms of aesthetics, they do the job. They are also far lighter than traditional pool coverings, making installation and removal simple and only requiring one person.

Mesh pool covers have advantages.

Here are a few factors contributing to these pool covers widespread popularity among pool owners.

Better hygiene

Cleaning your pool may be a hassle, especially during when full swimming season. Additionally, your pool’s cleaning needs will increase if left uncovered in the off-season.

Fortunately, a mesh pool cover is on hand to rescue the day. It reduces the cleaning you need to do while making your cover pump, pool heater, and filter work less. Blocking up to 98% of sunlight will also reduce UV exposure and slow the growth of algae, which need light to survive.

Increased Safety

When a youngster or cat wanders off and unintentionally falls into your pool when no one is looking, things may rapidly turn for the worst. It must be quite painful, right? The last thing you need is that.

So, no matter how secure you think your home is, having an unprotected pool poses a serious risk to others. Fortunately, mesh pool covers give you an escape from this destiny. By preventing unintentional entry into your pool, they avoid these situations that can arise instantly. You get the much-needed peace of mind as a result.

Almost no evaporation

More so in the hot summers, pool water can evaporate at a rapid rate. You will have to deal with additional refills since, depending on where you live, the water level might drop by up to 300 liters daily. To lower this high evaporation rate, use a mesh pool cover.

Less frequent pool backwashing

Undoubtedly, backwashing is one of the best ways to clean your pool filter. It will, however, inevitably result in you using more pool water. Consequently, you must reduce the water and energy needed to maintain a clean and healthy pool to make your house more environmentally friendly.

Reduces the number of cleaning chemicals required

When not in use, keep your pool covered with a mesh cover. By doing this, the possibility of contamination from external objects and cleaning agents like chlorine is reduced. Therefore, less chemical intervention is required to maintain the cleanliness and health of your pool.


Compared to the plethora of alternatives that have flooded the market, mesh pool covers are made to endure longer. The finest mesh pool covers offer a 10-year warranty, while some covers only last a few years. Furthermore, because they are composed of mesh, any holes caused by an item like a branch may be quickly mended.


Mesh pool covers provide many advantages that make them an excellent purchase. These coverings improve your outdoor environment and provide a personalized style thanks to their wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes. Additionally, they maintain your pool spotless, which deters many infections.

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