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Creating a cozy and warm home is a goal towards which every single homeowner should strive. Within their own home, they should feel safe, cozy, and protected. Achieving this sensation is more about how you feel about the place than about the actual physical properties of your home. The simplest way to get there is to appeal to all the senses at the same time. What you’re looking for is a way to appeal to all the senses in the quickest way possible. It’s not just about the visuals and you want the entire place to feel like a home, regardless of what it looks like. All in all, here are several things you should keep in mind.

1.      Natural light and LED candles

In order to make your home feel cozier, you need to find a way to reinvent the lighting scheme of the place. You should start with natural light. How much natural light you let in depends on three things. The first one is the layout of your home. This is something that you really cannot alter that much but what you can do is use reflective paint and colors on your walls and hang a mirror to amplify the illumination of the area. The choice of curtains and blinds is just as important for the overall impression that it makes. LED candles, as a source of artificial light, are a superior alternative to real candles.

2.      Rugs and cushions

Appealing to the tactile senses of every inhabitant is a challenging task and it requires you to make several changes to your home’s interior. One of the things you should change is to introduce more comfy and fuzzy materials inside. For instance, you need a new rug for your living room. This way, you will make the place softer and quieter (foot traffic will be muffled) but also warmer. A nice woolen rug can increase the temperature in the room by two degrees. Overall, a quality rug is not inexpensive but it’s something worth investing in.

3.      Keeping everything in order

Keeping things organized is a simple matter as long as you don’t discuss stashing items that you need to use on a regular basis. Then, you need to make a compromise between stashing them efficiently and keeping them in their arm’s reach. For instance, placing an item in an attic or in the basement, which is the two most logical options, will make them near-impossible to reach without rummaging through the stash every single time. There are so many aesthetic ways for you to stash these items and be able to reach them without any trouble. Natural storage baskets are one such option.

4.      Personalized area

In order to feel cozy, a home needs to feel like it’s your own. This is not necessarily a difficult task if you know what you’re looking for. For instance, if you work from home, you need to make yourself a functional home office. If you’re a workout fanatic, you would do well to get a home gym. Even by making a reading nook in the living room, you can make a world of a difference. All in all, you need to make that one room/area that wouldn’t be there if it was someone else’s home. This is what putting a personal stamp on the place looks like.

5.      Reinvent the walls

Walls are the biggest surface in your home and their color and texture determine the overall coziness of your home. For instance, one of the things you can do is change the color or the texture of the wall (honeycomb pattern, random rectangles, etc.) in order to make the place feel more intimate. Aside from this, you can make the place quieter by investing in some acoustic panels. This is one of the ways you can transform the place quite drastically.

6.      Aim for antiques

While the contemporary design has numerous perks, the truth is that futurism often gives out an impression of cold elegance, which is not something that you’re aiming for. Instead, what you’re going for is either vintage or rustic design. This will also give you pointers on what you should get next. Each item will serve as a foundation for the next and be a natural continuation of the previous one. This might also urge you to learn how to restore old furniture and motivate you to look for restorable pieces on flea markets and garage sales.

In conclusion

In the end, creating a cozy home should always revolve around what you see as cozy. Usually, people associate this with certain aromas, warmth, physical comfort, and visual appeal. On this list, there are many suggestions that can help you improve in each and every single one of these areas. This way, you get to make the biggest difference and create some room for some future improvements. One idea will often lead to another, which is why just knowing where to get started can make a world of difference.

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