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WhatsApp Chatbots

With the onset of digitization and the launch of various instant messaging applications, communications have been streamlined to a greater level. Whether it is intra-organization interactions or connecting with a friend overseas, the instant messaging app can prove to be highly effective for exchanging information. Considering the growing use of messaging apps, businesses have also started to invest a great deal of money in customer support WhatsApp chatbots to address their queries.  

WhatsApp, along with other communication platforms, is ranked as one of the highly used instant messaging apps having millions of users worldwide. This has made it convenient for businesses to reach their customers and enhance their global reach. WhatsApp is a perfect solution for omnichannel business strategies used to engage customers on different communication platforms in a confidential and secure manner. Keep reading along to strengthen your customers’ engagement and convert website visitors to potential customers using WhatsApp chatbots. 

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How can businesses use chatbots for WhatsApp customer service? Handling QueriesGather Customer FeedbackSending UpdatesHow can application integrated chatbots help with business flourishment? Quick Response TimePersonalized ExperienceReduced Workload Of ExecutivesRound The Clock AvailabilityThe Key Takeaway

How can businesses use chatbots for WhatsApp customer service?

Handling Queries

In this high paced digitized world, customers seek immediate response when they reach out to a business. WhatsApp makes sure to conduct one-on-one communication with your customers and give individualized attention to their queries. The chatbots are fed with information regarding the business, product, information regarding a purchase, and the potential queries, order-related doubts, etc., the customers may come up with. This helps the business to present precise solutions to customer queries in real-time.  

Gather Customer Feedback

To flourish a business and get past your limits, it is essential to get customer feedback. Reaching out to customers and asking for their valuable feedback is made all the more easier with WhatsApp customer support chatbots. Even small or enterprise-level businesses these days have adopted WhatsApp bot customer support to collect feedback. This has led to huge business success as the businesses tend to work on the flaws pointed out by their valuable customers. Furthermore, the customers also enjoy two-way communication carried out by the bots on WhatsApp, which helps them get customer feedback in real-time.    

Sending Updates

If you are an active user of different service platforms offering quality services and customer support, you must have come across websites giving popups for WhatsApp support. These businesses use instant messaging apps like Whatsapp for sending updates regarding their booking or order status, its scheduled arrival, and much more. Furthermore, the WhatsApp business chatbots also prove to be very handy for notifying customers regarding offers or sales on their products and services for an enhanced engagement. Keeping the customers updated about their order status and other associated information is also considered to be an excellent strategy for customer engagement and business flourishment. 

How can application integrated chatbots help with business flourishment? 

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) induced conversational chatbots has the potential to increase customer service efficiency to a greater level. Attending more customers at a go and answering multiple chats at a time can significantly reduce the workload of customer support agents. The answers to simple FAQs can be fed to the bots and become efficient enough to tackle the customer queries effortlessly. Let us dive deeper to understand the numerous benefits offered by application integrated customer chatbots.

Quick Response Time

In this fast-paced world, individuals can not afford to waste their time waiting for their queries addressed after hours. They require quick and efficient solutions to build confidence in your business. Considering this, customer support chatbots integrated into business applications is the fastest way to interact with customers. The fast and intuitive customer support service solutions have made chatbots one of the most intelligent virtual assistants. They have proven to bring efficiencies to customer service departments due to their quick response time without any language barrier.  

Personalized Experience

Getting a personalized experience when it comes to resolving queries is yet another benefit of integrating chatbots in business applications. The AI induced chatbots provide personalized services to customers related to invoice payments, order status, available discounts, and other issues faced by them. Therefore, the customers do not even feel that they are interacting with a machine and get personalized assistance at any hour of the day.

Reduced Workload Of Executives

Machine learning algorithms and advanced artificial intelligence have made chatbots quite intelligent and aware. The chatbots can now effectively differentiate regarding what type of information is required to be presented and what actions to take. As these intelligent chatbots are well equipped to tackle customer queries smartly, they can certainly reduce the workload of customer support executives. This gives a window to the executive for devoting their valuable time to more critical business tasks. 

Round The Clock Availability

As discussed earlier, customers are in a hurry these days to cope with their day to day tasks. In those cases, time means a great deal to customers where it is regarding placing an order raising a query ticket about the previously placed order. The customer support chatbots integrated into business applications makes it highly convenient for the customer to chat and resolve their queries right away rather than waiting for the executive to connect with them after a long while. This highly convenient customer service and round the clock availability can boost sales significantly and generate greater revenues within no time.   


The customer support chatbots give an opportunity to the businesses to highlight their products and services in the most effective manner. Furthermore, getting feedback and updates from valuable customers regarding the business’s services can prove to be a stepping stone for business flourishment. Therefore, invest in automated customer support chatbots integrated into business applications to conduct streamlined conversations with customers. Get your business chatbots designed according to the specific business needs and leave a positive impression on customers whenever they explore your products and services.

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