D Link Extender Not Broadcasting SSID?

Is your D Link WiFi extender not broadcasting SSID? Don’t sweat over it! It is the most common issue faced by many D Link extender users across the globe. Due to this annoying issue, users encounter with dlinkap.local not workingerror. The reason being, the extender is not broadcasting the SSID (WiFi network name). Well, there can be a number of reasons why your D Link extender is not broadcasting the WiFi network name. This article will guide you through various troubleshooting tips through which you can easily resolve D Link extender not broadcasting SSID issue on the fly. Let’s hit the nail on the head!

Fixed: Extender Not Broadcasting SSID

Fix 1: Power On Your D Link Extender

The first fix in our post is to check if your D Link extender is receiving continuous power supply. For this, do the following:

  • Check the D Link extender’s power adapter.
  • Check whether the extender’s power adapter is properly plugged in to a working wall outlet or not.

It is also recommended to use a power socket that isn’t damaged.

Fix 2: Check the LEDs

Another main reason why your D Link extender is not broadcasting the WiFi network name can be the unstable LEDs on it. So, all you have to do is to ensure that all the LEDs on your D Link extender are green and stable. In the event that the LEDs on your D Link extender are blinking for longer than expected or flashing amber or red in color, simply power cycle/ restart it.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your D Link Extender

Yes, you read it right! You might find the power cycle/ restart a simple process. But, in most cases, a simple power cycle is enough to fix many big issues with your D Link extender. Thus, to power cycle/ restart your D Link extender, do the following:

  • First things first, disconnect your D Link extender from your router, PC, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • Then, unplug your D Link extender from the power outlet and wait for some time.
  • After that, you are free to plug in your D Link extender back to its socket.
  • Now, see if your dlink wifi extender is broadcasting SSID or not.

Fix 4: Relocate Your D Link Extender

Where is your dlink wifi extender located? Is the extender placed away from your router? Or is it placed inside a cabinet, under a table or near to thick walls? If so, then the dlink wifi extender SSID will not be shown in the list of available networks. Thus, to fix the issue and to make the most out of your extender, it is suggested to place your dlink wifi extender on a higher and open area. The center-most and higher location in your home would be the best place for your dlink wifi extender.

Fix 5: Enable the Extender’s SSID

Have you enabled the dlink wifi extender SSID? If not, then why will its SSID display on the list of available WiFi networks list? Thus, to fix the issue, ensure that your D Link extender’s SSID isn’t hidden.

Fix 6: Reset Your D Link Extender

If none of the troubleshooting tactics listed above resolve the dlink wifi extender not broadcasting SSID issue for you, then consider resetting your dlink wifi extender as the last resort. All you need to do is to:

  • Power on your dlink wifi extender.
  • But before that disconnect your WiFi-enabled devices from the extender’s WiFi.
  • Once you’re done, find the reset hole on your D Link WiFi extender.
  • Press the hole using a pin or a paper clip.
  • Hold the reset hole for a couple of seconds and release it.

Fab! You have successfully reset D Link WiFi extender back to the default factory settings.

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Wrapping Up

Still your D Link extender not broadcasting SSID? Don’t worry! Simply drop all your extender-related issues in the comments section.

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