Deep Wave Wigs VS Water Wave Wigs, Which one Do You Prefer?

With the development of the technology of human hair wigs, there are more and more hair styles of human hair wigs for customers to choose from. There are two similar hair textures that we always confused, that is deep wave wigs and water wave wigs, they have similar curly patterns. After knowing the difference between them, you can be more sure which style you prefer. 

What is Deep Wave Wigs?

The curls of deep wave wigs are larger than that of water wave but smaller than that of body wave, this is a kind of consistent and fashion curls, the deep wave wigs offer an even and attractive feel. If you want a human hair wig with about medium curls, the deep wave is your good choice. 

What is Water Wave Wig?

Just like its name, the water wave looks like the water ripples on the lake that natural and vivid! The curls of water wave wigs are more fluffy and lighter than body waves. It creates an irregular natural look.

The Common Features Of Deep Wave Wigs and Water Wave Wigs

1. Made of 100% human hair, natural and durable, smooth and bouncy. Not easily to shed or tangle. They can last for more than one year if maintain and care for properly.

2. Can to be bleached, dyed, and permed with style tools according to your preferences.

3. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and no chemicals harmful to hair are added for the safe wearing. 

4. Allowed to restyle into different hairstyles, such as updo, high ponytail, low ponytail, braided, etc for you to match your different style outfits.

Difference Between Deep Wave Wigs and Water Wave Wigs

1. The Curls Direction

This is the main difference between them. All the curls of deep wave wigs are in one direction, while the curls of water wave wigs are in opposite directions. 

2. Thickness

Due to the direction of the curls, water wave wigs look more fluffy and natural, the deep wave wigs look more neat.

Where to Buy the Best Human Hair Wigs?

It is recommended to choose a good shop like Lovmuse Hair, which is a professional supplier of human hair wigs with its own factory, selling all kinds of high-quality human hair wigs, all the production procedures are strictly controlled to ensure that you are buying the best human hair wigs. 

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