What are FIBC Bulk Bags waterproof or water-resistive?

For every business owner, it is important to keep their exporting product dry as well as secure from damages that can be caused while storing or transporting. FIBC Bulk Bags turns out to be the easiest and most convenient source for packaging but at the same time, your major concern will be whether the product is dry. Is the FIBC Bulk Bags waterproof, how does it function, and what is the rate of effectiveness in keeping a product dry? It serves as the right choice among bags for storing stocks like dry goods, pharmaceuticals, and biomass to coordinate. Therefore, it is important to understand how PP bags are useful. 

Does its structure support it to become a waterproof option?

Polypropylene molecule is structured closely that does not allow the passage of water molecule between them therefore it is said those polypropylenes are waterproof. Generally, it is discovered that water droplet forms bubbles or beads as well as remain motionless on a flat surface. The drop can even roll down as per the gravitational force or can even get wiped off by someone. This efficient material invention was executed by Giulio Natta who won the Nobel Prize for the introduction of polypropylene. He made use of the chemical process by introducing a catalyst to propylene gas which eventually resulted in a polymer that has which possesses the potential to become crystalline and further polymerization of propylene. 

 This polymer sheet is quite a soft type of plastic that get can melt when so ever exposed to heat. Due to the flexibility of polypropylene, the manufacturer of PP Jumbo bags makes use of various techniques like injections and molding that are needed to convert the resin into a different shape useful for the creation of water materials as well as products.  The PP Jumbo bags are found to be applicable for household, commercial as well as industrial uses. Polypropylene is one of the most selling plastic materials nowadays. One can make use of everything from campaigns to shopping accessories. Besides being waterproof, it is known to be extremely flexible, durable, lightweight, and resistive against chemical corrosion which properties makes it easily accessible for the formation of molded plastics to textiles and elastic items. 

Is it water-resistive too?

Polypropylenes are not only waterproof but even found to be water-resistive. Both terms appear to have similar meanings but there is a fine line to differentiate them. Waterproof is said for that item that is impervious to water but water-resistive means items that can block a maximum portion of the water and liquid but not everything. Waterproof is water-resistive but not all water-resistive are waterproof. Howsoever, if the water-resistive material is mixed with other materials then the resultant mixture cannot be waterproof. Let’s take an example, most of the shampoo-making industry makes use of waterproof bottle to pack the shampoo but never make use of water-resistive material for packing shampoo because it can get spilled. On the bottom note, polypropylene composed PP Jumbo bags are water-resistive but more waterproof which allows the material to remain dry and secured making PP material the ideal choice. 

Is PP waterproof material present in bulk bags?

Several industries make use of waterproof polypropylene for the creation of FIBC Bulk Bags. Polypropylene comes in varying degrees of waterproofness making it the viable choice for maximum industries. The maximum type of bulk bag is made of waterproof polypropylene that helps in keeping the products or raw material dry, safe, and secure. Besides all, this material comes with the additional benefit of keeping the items secured. For eg., all of the basic waterproof bags can be useful for a few industries in keeping the dry item secured. But, in the case of combustible items, companies may need quite efficient bags that possess the ability to impose reduction and elimination of all statics that can ignite accidental fires. 

There’s always a bag for you if you need bulk bags for transporting food, biomass, medical supplies, or any other hazardous materials. According to use, bags are styled which possess the potential to protect targeted contents starting from water to UV deterioration. Furthermore, the FIBC bulk bags are an efficient option to keep the goods dry from the inside, without obstructing the airflow.

All of the FIBC bags made of Polypropylene are found to be inexpensive because they can be reused for uncountable times. These PP jumbo bags are not only reusable but can even pass through the recyclable approaches. Instead of dumping PP Jumbo bag into the trash bin, where it mixes with other agents and deteriorates into loads of landfills imposing some type of side effect to the mankind. Polypropylene material can be used as an eco-friendly element and can be further reused because the polymers are found to be quite long-lasting as well as reduce the overall need. 

Final thought:

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