Diabetic Protein Powders – Which are they?

Protein supplements can be very helpful in many circumstances; however, some people need to take precautions before using them. Among these people are diabetics. It is essential, before acquiring a product of this kind, to ensure that it adapts perfectly to the needs and the situation of the person in question. The article explains the best diabetic protein powders.  


Diabetes includes several metabolic diseases that have a chronic high blood glucose level in common and the causes of which can be various, including resistance to insulin or problems with insulin production.

There are two main types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes: this is an autoimmune disease that most often starts in childhood and is characterized by a disturbance in the production of insulin. It is the most severe type of diabetes, and the pancreas of affected patients is often damaged.
  • Type 2 diabetes: This type of diabetes is the most common and is characterized by insulin resistance. This diabetes usually occurs in adults and obese; Although genetic factors always have an influence, the onset of type 2 diabetes is often the result of a person’s lifestyle and diet.
  • Since type 1 diabetes is a more severe disorder than type 2 diabetes and with more complicated treatment, the information provided in this article regarding the relationship between protein consumption and diabetes refers to type 2 diabetes.

All people with diabetes should consult a specialist before deciding to take protein supplements, but this is really important for people with type 1 diabetes.


After eating food, the level of glucose in the blood (also called “blood sugar”) increases. The pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by transporting glucose to where it is needed, for example to the muscles or the liver; when glucose is not needed, insulin transports it to adipose tissue.

When there is a large amount of adipose tissue (in case of obesity), it does not admit more glucose, and the glucose remains in the blood. In reaction to this, the pancreas continues to secrete insulin, but this is no longer enough to lower blood sugar levels … this is called insulin resistance, which is a preliminary step in development. type II diabetes.

Different diets have been proposed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance; however, current research reports the effectiveness of low-carb diets in regulating blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity.

In these diets, carbohydrate intake is reduced, limited to slowly digesting carbohydrates (with a low glycemic index), and the intake of protein and good fats is increased. More specifically, several studies have shown that supplementation with whey protein in patients with type 2 diabetes improves blood sugar.

Please note: some patients with type 2 diabetes are prone to kidney problems. Protein does not have to cause problems for a person with healthy kidneys, but it is recommended that you consult a specialist before consuming a protein supplement.

Consuming protein has other benefits for people with diabetes as well:

  • People with diabetes often have difficulty maintaining muscle mass, and protein can help them maintain it.
  • Maintaining muscle mass helps fight obesity, which is the key to improving the condition of a diabetic patient.
  • The protein has a high satiating power.

This is why, in principle, you will have to choose a protein supplement with a low carbohydrate content. When it comes to whey protein, it is recommended that you choose isolated or hydrolyzed protein supplements because they contain less lactose (a type of carbohydrate) than concentrated protein.

Besides whey protein, there are other options, for example casein (another protein from milk), egg protein, meat protein, soy protein or rice protein.


Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

Ancient Nutrition’s protein powder comes from chicken bone broth, making it unique in a market dominated by milk-based protein. Its protein content is very high (almost 90%) and different flavors are available (including chocolate, vanilla and turmeric). 


  • Very high protein concentration
  • Very pure product


  • Its very high price

Iso: Pro of MyProtein

As is usual with MyProtein products, it meets all the quality criteria while remaining simple and effective. 97% protein and 0 grams of carbohydrate per serving make it ideal for people who need to limit their carbohydrate intake. It comes in four different flavors as well as a neutral tasting version.


  • Very high protein content
  • Zero carbohydrate


  • Some flavors still need to be improved

Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate 97

Bulks Powders’ product is very similar to MyProtein, with 0 grams of carbohydrate per serving and 97% protein content. An excellent diabetic protein powder from a nutritional point of view, the main drawbacks of which are the fact that it is offered in a single neutral flavor which needs to be improved and the amount of foam it produces.


  • Very high protein content
  • Zero carbohydrates


  • The taste needs to be improved
  • Lots of foam

Nature’s Best Isopure Low Carb

Nature’s Best features an isolated whey protein with a carbohydrate content of just 0.7 grams per serving, with 25 grams of protein. It is available only in chocolate flavor, which consumers find very successful and easily digestible. 


  • Very good taste
  • Very digestible


  • Very high price

Growing Naturals Rice Protein

The protein in Growing Naturals’ product comes exclusively from brown rice, so it is a suitable option for people who are vegans or who should avoid milk or egg products. This protein is also a certified organic product.


  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for people allergic to eggs


  • The quantity of product is a little reduced


Diabetes is a disease that should not be taken lightly, the consequences of which can be serious if the correct treatment is not followed, and the number of people affected is constantly increasing, in part because of the way it is treated in modern life and food.

This is why it is always essential to obtain information and consult a specialist (doctor or nutritionist) before introducing a new element in your diet. However, according to current scientific research, taking a protein supplement can have a positive effect on blood sugar control and insulin resistance.

The products presented in this ranking have one thing in common which is their reduced carbohydrate content. Their origin is different, however, so that people with diabetes can choose a product that suits them regardless of their dietary preferences: MyProtein, Bulk Powders and Nature’s Best offer three whey proteins (made from whey) of very good quality.

While vegans can opt for the rice protein from Growing Naturals. Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Protein, made from bone broth, is also a great option.

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