Do I need a permit for skip hire in Bolton?

permit for skip hire

Hiring a skip in Bolton has many benefits, such as being convenient, reliable and an ethical way of managing your waste.

But in some circumstances, you will need to obtain a skip hire permit.

In this post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about skip hire permits, including what they are and how you get one. 

Keep reading for more information. 

What is a skip hire permit?

A skip hire permit is a paid-for licence that ensures skips aren’t causing disruption to traffic or passers-by. 

The council assess the size of the skip and where it will be placed and make sure they’re properly signed and lighted in accordance with the rules and regulations in your area.

If you do require a permit for your skip hire in Bolton, you may need to put reflective markings, traffic cones and even safety lights around your skip to maximise safety during the hire period.

How much is a skip hire permit?

The cost of a skip hire permit depends on where you live and how long you’ll be using the skip for.

Prices tend to range from £15 – £45 and allow you to keep your skip on a public path or roadside for the duration of your hire. 

For skip hire in Bolton, a 7- day permit will cost just £15; for 14 days, it will be £25, and for 28 days, you will be charged a total of £45 for a skip hire permit. 

Why do you need a skip hire permit?

When it comes to hiring a skip, you will be asked if you’ll be leaving your skip on public or private land. 

This is because keeping a skip on a public area of land requires you to purchase a skip hire permit, due to the disruption it will cause for drivers and pedestrians. 

If you don’t have a permit in place, you will be charged a fine, so it’s a good idea to cover yourself. 

How long does a permit last?

When applying for your permit, you’ll be asked how long you need it. 

The majority of councils allow extensions for a small extra cost, but we advise you to give room for delivery and collection just in case there are any delays or complications.

How to get a skip hire permit

The best part about a skip hire permit is that you rarely have to apply for one yourself.

The majority of skip hire companies in Bolton organise a permit as part of the booking process. They get in touch with the local council and add the total cost to your final payment. 

Make sure your permit will cover the full timeframe, as it’s likely any fines will be pushed on to you as the customer if you’re found without a permit, even just for a day or two. 

On the hunt for skip hire in Bolton? Get yours today 

When you’re on the lookout for a quality skip hire service, it’s important you do your research prior to booking. 

Make sure they can assist with obtaining a skip permit (if necessary), have the size you need available and the capacity for your preferred delivery date. 

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