Easy Mantel Décor Ideas to Brighten up Your Holiday Season

Mantel Décor Ideas

It cannot be more fun than decorating a home for festivities. You may want to think twice before going for extensive upgrades involving an expensive budget and long project time extending over weeks or months. However, fewer cosmetic changes don’t weigh on the mind, as you know the exact expectations. Also, the amount you spend can be significantly lower, which again reduces the risk. Even with simple modifications, you can refresh your house’s energy in different nooks and corners. Think of painting the interiors and exteriors, for instance. It takes only a fresh coat of new color to make your dwelling a visual treat.

At the same time, you can alter some items to increase your nest’s functional and aesthetic appeal. If you want to experience the advantages of an apron kitchen sink, it can be the right time to replace the old one to reinvigorate your sink area. But the Christmas season has to be more than these usual transitions. They don’t directly contribute to the celebratory mood. That’s why it is necessary to select those features that have a direct connection with the holiday spirit. It can be your humble mantel in this context. After all, it saves you from the cold winter months by letting the fire warm your home safely and nicely.

Whether it decks up a stove, wood burner, or fireplace, you can make the mantelpiece the focal point of the living area with lots of texture, colors, and collectible items. Here are some ideas to make your job easy.

Style up for all year round

When you jazz up this space, you can choose pieces that can be relevant for the whole year giving it a cozy and enticing appearance. Mirrors and artwork can be the easiest elements to evoke a seasonal vibe. You can add candles, earthy textures, and grasses to create more magic. If your mantel is low height, use only a handful of trims. The rest of the things can go on the floor to make it stand out. Consider supplying this space with little stools, logs, baskets, etc. 

Indulge in a relaxed mood with layering

You can keep it uncluttered by focusing on chic and simple decorations. If you plan to place artwork on the mantel, make sure to add varying sizes to add exciting flair. Some people choose vintage frames to infuse texture in a modern room. It helps them tap rustic charm while lending a unique character. Or, if you want to leverage symmetrical touches, try to make the space attractive by adding different vase shapes, greenery, candlesticks, and others with the same size frames in the center. The overall look will not be too formal. 

Go for affordable DIY trims

You can choose to be thrifty with your decorations using your DIY skills for papercrafts. Design the easy things like stars, birds, fir trees, holly and berry garlands, and honeycomb bells. For this, you need wrapping paper and old Christmas cards. If you have to buy them, select recyclable paper. Avoid anything with glitter and ornate patterns. 

Stick to the traditional mood

You can get tiny Christmas trees for your fireplace and add a red bow to them. For more glamour, you can adorn the branches with gold ornaments. Some homeowners use wood or cardboard trees to use the same the following year. They get red and green baubles for them. Let the red and green colors dominate your space.  

Infuse the fruitiness

Amidst your Christmas decorations, you can introduce the charm of fruity smell through the garland or wreath consisting of dried orange, cinnamon stick, and pinecone. Dried oranges are available in the store. You can also make them at home. If you prefer to do the DIY stuff, take 2 to 3 oranges, a needle, string, scissors, and a baking sheet. You have to preheat your oven to 75°C temperature. Cut four to five thick slices of the oranges to keep them on a baking tray wrapped in baking paper. On low heat, let them dry for about 4 to 6 hours. While they prepare, make sure to open the oven door a few times to allow the steam to pass.

Keep turning the slices after every one hour. You have to ensure that moisture has entirely left those pieces. It can take overnight. Once done, you can fix them to the garland with a needle and string.

Play with the classy affair

Some people like to be experimental with their choices and hence, try a black and white theme over the traditional colors. In this type of arrangement, black garland, white stockings, sparkling baubles, and the word ‘joy’ spelled out in oversized letters work beautifully. Again, you can wear your DIY cap to decorate your mantel with paper, glitter, and twine. 

Be unique

Christmas mantel decorations don’t have to be strictly about the trend. You can choose your options based on your whim. Try teal and purple magic for some mystery if you wish to add bold colors. But it is not simple to enhance this theme. You have to be wise with your options. For example, you can get bright soy candles, colorful wood trees, and other such decorations for the mantel. Consider using glass holders also for a vintage vibe.

Like this, there are plenty of things to do with your mantel in the living room to deck your home with the holiday season’s spirit. Most of these ideas are easy to apply without breaking the bank. Where you have to implement DIY skills, you can take a call based on your schedule. If you cannot find time for such preparations, don’t bother. You can buy those things from a nearby store for a low price. Although it is a fun activity, it will be better if you take care of your nature and surroundings. Go eco-friendly. Use the maximum number of organic or reusable items than usual disposable stuff. During celebrations, your small steps can immensely contribute to your environment, keeping it safe and protected. 

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