Eliminate Neighborly Noise With Sound Blanket

Sound Blanket

Either you are living in an apartment or in a house, noise from the neighborhood is the must thing in any area. It is a common problem for many people. 

Some people use acoustic panels to reduce noise. It sometimes costs you. But what things can be used to reduce noise from the neighborhood? A Sound Blanket!  Yes you read it right. A soundproof blanket can do wonders for you. It has the capacity to reduce noise coming from the neighborhood.You might be able to control the noise coming from your house but you cannot control the noise coming from the neighbors. 

A sound blanket can help you to reduce the noise coming outside. It is one of the best and cheap methods to soundproof the room. 

Why The Use Of Blankets To Reduce Sound? 

Blankets are cheap and effective in reducing noise. If you are living in a rented apartment or in a hostel where you cannot afford the expensive soundproofing panels. Then a sound blanket is a good option. 

Blankets absorb the sound waves. It also softens the sound coming outside from the room. Blankets are easy to install and flexible to be used in different parts of the room. It also can look good as an interior part. 

Can We Use Every Blanket As Soundproofing The Room? 

Most blankets are sound proofing but not every blanket can be soundproof. The blankets which are made up of cotton, multi layered polyester or mineral wool can be the best sound proof blankets. 

How To Eliminate Neighbor Noise With a Sound Blanket?

Following are some ways to use sound blankets.


Pasting blankets in a square shape can be good ceiling design with sound proofing benefit. If you are living in an apartment then this technique will work for you. 


Again as an apartment resident, you can paste the blanket on the floor to reduce the sound coming from the down apartment or downstairs room in a house. 


To reduce the noise coming from the side walls rather than asking your neighbors to lower their volume you can simply hang the blanket on the walls. It will also look cute, trust me. 


Doors are somehow difficult to soundproof. But pasting a blanket to the door can be a good choice. 


Soundproofing a room means you have to cover every open area of your room. Just like curtains, hang the blankets over the windows. You can easily hang the blankets in the curtain rod. 


Now you can easily get rid of neighborly noise by pasting sound blankets over the walls, doors, ceiling, and windows. You don’t have to ask neighbors to reduce their voices or appliances they are using. 

Blankets are easy to paste and will cost you less than the expensive soundproofing panels. That’s why most people use blankets that keep them in budget. 

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