Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Euphoria Outfits

One of Euphoria’s numerous trademarks is its great fashion statements. Here are a few of the show’s best Euphoria outfits.

The characters in Euphoria have had some stunning costumes throughout their two seasons. The sitcom takes pleasure in the fashion representation of its characters, from Jules euphoria outfits and vibrant, goofy outfits to the street child appearance embodied by characters like Fez and Ashtray. The show’s captivating narrative about the opioid addiction issue in America works perfectly even when certain characters sport a more norm-core look.

In addition to some of the hottest new fits on the scene, Euphoria combines gorgeous makeup that has won Emmy Awards with various vintage looks perfectly incorporated into contemporary clothing. See some of the top ensembles from Euphoria in the following paragraphs.

Euphoria Style Objectives

jules euphoria outfits

From its 2019 debut, Euphoria revolutionized how teen dramas were portrayed on television, from its engaging plot to its setting of e-girl beauty trends. 

Our favorites are finally back for season two after a long wait for a sequel owing to COVID-19-related production delays. I am most eager to get into this season’s fashion, even though I cannot wait to know what happens to Cassie and Nate moving forward and if Rue ever learns about what transpired between Jules and Elliot.

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Every member of the Euphoria cast may serve as an inspiration, whether you’re smitten with:

  • Cassie’s looks
  • Stan Cassie’s looks
  • Stan Maddy’s jaw-dropping outfits 
  • Stan Jules
  • Stan Maddy Euphoria outfits style

There’s also a new viral trend: TikTokers give up comfy clothes and dress up in styles inspired by extravagant outfits. The word “euphoria” is becoming widely used.

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Euphoria Outfits to Recreate: Chic, Cozy, and Glamorous Looks

maddy euphoria outfits

The 2019 drama series Euphoria took over our Instagram and TikTok feeds as viewers followed the characters’ cosmetics, hairdo, and Euphoria Outfits. The main characters’ sense of style was equally dramatic as the plot.

There is an outfit for everyone to emulate, from bringing back Y2K fashion to the characters’ styles improving with each episode.

Essentials for Outfits Inspired by Euphoria

Teenage swagger, great clothing, and tons of fashion inspiration can all be found in Euphoria. Each character showcases their distinct sense of style with amazing statement items.

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Each character has a distinct look that corresponds to their:

  • Personality
  • Plot
  • Feelings

Euphoria Character Looks


The outfits play an important role in the plot and add drama when needed. Here is a summary of each character’s look from Euphoria that you might wish to adopt:

  1. Maddy Perez
maddy from euphoria outfits

The face of Euphoria’s fashion is Maddy Euphoria outfits style. Her looks are stylish, identifiable, and simple to copy. She has a distinctive wardrobe full of:

  • Body-con dresses
  • Crop tops
  • Shoulder bags
  • Little skirts
  • Matching sets ala Clueless

You can wear Maddy’s little black dress with a cut-out waist, lace-up shoes, and Nippies Skin nipple pasties for smooth, unnoticeable covering.

Even though Maddy from Euphoria outfits ensembles are edgy and frequently exude force and aggressiveness, the fur-trimmed Blumarine cardigan worn with a sheer silk top demonstrates gentleness. Several aspects of Mandy’s appearance may be imitated, such as the strapless sculptural Thierry Mugler gown and the playsuit with an olive linen look.

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Look Hot By Wearing Short Sets Women’s Clothing

Here are some of Maddy Euphoria outfits famous costumes and where to get them:

  1. Olive Playsuit with a Linen-Look Shirt

The playsuit is a great piece of casual clothing, ideal for a vacation when worn with sandals or an afternoon spent with friends when worn with sneakers or converse. You don’t need to worry about the fit because Pretty Little Thing offers the item in various sizes. 

  1. Sleeveless green mini dress

The figure-flattering green short dress with ribbed motifs looks well with sandal heels or sneakers. The attire exudes stylish femininity and self-assurance. From Nasty Girl, you can get a similar dress for a crazy price.

  1. Green pyjama set

You cannot feel anything better than retiring to bed in a set of adorable pyjamas. This ensemble, which consists of a robe and a silk dress, is uplifting and would be ideal for lounging.

 You can relax by taking a long, relaxing bath, wearing comfortable clothing, and relaxing while watching your preferred programme with a drink nearby.

If you want to show off this attire, the Shein belted satin robe & fuzzy trim cami dress PJ set is an excellent choice since it offers extra comfort with a modest bit of soft furry trim.

  1. Cassie Howard
cassie euphoria outfits

The dominant hues of Cassie euphoria outfits and Howard’s attire are baby pink and blue. Her easygoing, feminine, accessible fashion sense is in keeping with her nostalgic, kind, and compassionate attitude. 

You will need a lovely white or pink crochet crop top, a pair of high-waisted blue denim, and a pair of low-top Nike sneakers to reenact Cassie.

The country-girl outfit from episode 6 of season 1 would be the perfect costume for Halloween. A miniskirt with:

  • a cow pattern
  • a turquoise lace bra
  • mid-calf cow boots
  • a big-buckled cowgirl belt makes up the ensemble.

The wig with a ’70s vibe and the striking eye makeup are essential to the appearance.

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Cassie euphoria outfits inspired the following gorgeous Euphoria clothing suggestions:

  1. Mint Green Mini Dress

The Jonathan Simkhai Clara Crepe short dress is a straightforward yet elegant garment that will completely change how you look. A flounce hem and belted straps with a tortoiseshell appearance will bring out your fun side without being too over the top.

  1. Oklahoma Outfit

The Dolly Parton-inspired appearance screams rural gal. You may replicate this appearance and appear to be a legendary country music performer. To fully duplicate the style, you may purchase the following items:

  • Seth Pratt dress
  • Luella bustier from Love & Lemons
  • Selfridge lace-up boots
  1. Rue Bennett
rue euphoria outfits

Rue Euphoria outfits including a baggy attire, tie-dye, and graphic t-shirts are primarily responsible for her laid-back and calm vibe. It is simple to recreate her outfits because they are suitable for everyday wear and do not require sophisticated fashion statements.

Enamel pins are the perfect accent for a hoodie or oversized clothing if you want to make your style stand out. You can alter different enamel pin styles. These little yet elegant pins are sure to attract people’s attention. Everyone will then immediately notice your supposedly casual yet sincere attire.

Rue outfits may appear undemanding, but we can all agree that mixing loose apparel with style requires a certain amount of finesse. 

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Here are a few Rue Euphoria outfits that are affordable and comfortable that you can easily copy:

  1. The Pants & Zip-up Hoodie Set

Is there anything more relaxed and elegant than crop tops and loose-fitting pants? The clothing, worn with a loose sweatshirt, portrays a cool youngster who is approachable and pleasant. 

Anybody may wear this costume; you do not have to be a teenager because it will make you appear younger.

Since Rue focuses on comfort and affordability, you can duplicate this style with this Amazon sweatshirt, Zara cargo pants, and your crop top. For added convenience, dispense with the underwire bra and pair the Nippies Breast Tape with B-six nipple covers.

  1. Graphic T-shirts

If worn correctly, graphic t-shirts may look quite fashionable. The maxim “bigger is better” applies to Rue euphoria outfits. Rue is an evident influence, wearing a high-rise Converse with a pair of sweatpants.

No matter how dark or light the hue, a decent T-shirt is always a fantastic choice. These are some of Rue’s most recognizable graphic t-shirts:

  • Andrew’s 2wo2imes Tee in Charcoal
  • Rue’s inspiration, an enormous T-shirt, may be worn as the Nirvana unplugged T-shirt dress from Urban Outfitters, which comes in both small and large sizes.
  1. Chuck Taylor Converse

Would you attempt to recreate Rue’s looks without considering her all-time go-to footwear? Converse Chuck Taylors in black and white are timeless pieces that go with everything.

You may rock the streets like a rock star by purchasing a pair of authentic Chuck Taylor high-tops.

  1. Jules Vaughn
Jules Vaughn outfits

Jules euphoria outfits fashion sense is daring, and she uses beautiful things to redefine her femininity. Her look is characterized by cropped baby shirts, flowery and pastel prints, pleated skirts with Y2K-inspired details, and vibrant, eye-catching cosmetics.

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Here are some iconic Jules Euphoria outfits that might be enjoyable to recreate:

  1. The Pink Slip Dress

Jules wore a glittery mesh long-sleeve top, a choker, and a slip dress. In contrast, the dress had a casual attitude, and the accessories added sophistication and made the ensemble seem colourful.

You can purchase Stella McCartney’s ice panel slip dress.

  1. Orange Skirt Outfit

The schoolgirl in the orange skirt dress exudes self-assurance. Fortunately, tennis skirts may be seen outside the classroom when worn with a loose-fitting T-shirt or crop top. You will need these items to get this look:

  • Short-sleeved knit shirt with stripes
  • flowery necklace in white
  • Purple-coloured crew socks
  • Women’s stylish shoes by Reebok
  • Casual orange mini skirt 

You should be prepared for a confidence ultra-boost by purchasing these things!

  1. Chill School Girl Style

You can easily get this outfit by layering a cropped T-shirt, a form-fitting long-sleeve top, and a high-waisted pleated cosplay costume skirt.

  1. Kat Hernandez
kat euphoria outfits

Kat goes through a significant personality and style change, but her figure-flattering attire remains a constant. 

Her clothing changed from being softly feminine to becoming more exposed, showy, and rebellious. She frequently adds bondage items like harnesses, chokers, and collars to her clothes.

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You can check out these two eye-catching, doable Kat Euphoria outfits:

  1. The ‘Before’ Kat

It is simple to win with Kat’s butterfly top from season 2, episode 7. You may reproduce this style by wearing the shirt with dark jeans and elaborate glasses in your favourite colour.

  1. The ‘After’ Kat euphoria outfits

You may channel the confidence that the “After” Kat exudes by dressing entirely in crimson. You can have the special appearance you want by combining a red mesh top with red jeans, red chokers, and a body harness.

  1. Printed Mesh Dress

Mandy’s birthday dress that Kat wore is a major fashion statement. You may complement this same little dress with matching sleeve gloves for a stylish appearance and accentuate your contours.

  1. Lexi Howard`

Lexi Howard flaunts a scholarly, fashionable, and retro-inspired outfit. The majority of her bold clothes scream elegance and seamlessly evoke the 1970s. Retro collars, designs, silhouettes, and fabric patterns are all over the closet.

Lexi’s fashion changes as she does, going from shy and conservative to daring and more provocative items that are readily appropriate for school. Lexi gives the lace-up bustiers, fishnet stockings, and chokers to demonstrate her progress and the plot in the dominatrix-style apparel she wears.

Her polished tops and preppy Peter Pan collared dress give off a chic academic appearance, while the white square-neck shirt with dramatic puff sleeves gives off a Victorian air of a classy woman.

The following Lexi Euphoria clothing items might be entertaining to recreate:

  1. Miu Miu Plaid Mini Dress

The modest, assertive, and chic Miu Miu checkered short dress in Rosso sets the tone for Lexi’s developing sense of style. The matching Ginny Mary Janes shoes and the same clothing are available at By Far.

  1. Floral Collared Dress

Lexi looked stunning wearing a fit-and-flare dress from Miss Selfridge, a collar, heeled shoes, and a cross-body purse. The identical dress and Versace leather platform block heel loafers with gold hardware are available at ASOS at a great price.

  1. Argyle Cardigan Sweater

Academic is what Lexi’s Argyle cardigan sweater screams! You may set yourself apart from your peers by wearing this timeless Pacsun outfit with a prep school feel. You may complete the “academic atmosphere” by wearing it with some plaid kick-flare trousers, depending on how your day is going.

Final Thoughts

Euphoria Outfits Ideas

Euphoria masterfully revived the Y2K look while bringing some daring fashion moments to light. Whether you enjoy adolescent drama or not: recreating these stunning outfits from the programme is tempting.

You can grab your favorite Euphoria outfits, and for added comfort and rapid repairs, do not forget to accessorize with nipple covers, Nappies breast tapes, and double-stick Stylin’ tapes. This article concluded our day. I hope you can find this blog post helpful.

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