Everything you need to know about Low Voltage Switchgear

Switchgear is a device that is mainly used to protect, control and switch electronic circuits and components. In simpler words, Switchgear is a combination of relays, fuses, isolators, circuit breakers, and electrical switches. The setting of such devices serves to interrupt current under the abnormal and normal operating situations. 

Every Switchgear component is perfectly packed in a properly earthed metal container to avoid damage. Read on to know about the most popular and effective switchgear-Low Voltage Switchgear. 

What is Low Voltage Switchgear?

Low Voltage Switchgear is a three-phase power distribution product specifically designed for the safe, reliable and efficient supply of electric power at a voltage ranging up to 1000 volts and 6000 amps. The term LV Switchgear involves low voltage switches, circuit breakers, HRC fuses, miniature circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers and moulded case circuit breakers- all the accessories needed to protect the low voltage system. 

With the Switchgear servicing, electrical appliances are safe from short circuits and circuit breakers. However, the operator is not safeguarded from internal faults. With the help of an earth leakage circuit breaker, operators can be protected as the appliance is disconnected before any damage is done. 

Functions of Low Voltage Switchgear

LV switchgear is used to measure, regulate and control electrical supplies and protect the system from faults and voltage currents. The main functions of Switchgear are:

  • Electrical Protection 

One of the key functions of LV switchgear is to offer electrical protection from mechanical and thermal stresses of short circuits. It is essential to limit the dangerous consequences of mild or excessive currents. Further, it separates the defective current from the rest of the installation. It also offers protection to human appliances and operatives-for instance-electric, motors. 

  • Isolation Purposes

LV Switchgear helps in isolating circuits from energised systems. This separation allows for the separation of apparatus from the electrical system to maintain the isolated part in safety. 

  • Local and Report Control

LV switchgear control would enable the operator to easily modify the operating system for emergency switching and operational control. Operators can de-energise or energise any part of the electrical system or even a single piece of equipment. Furthermore, it helps in allowing for an emergency stop when a circuit is about to become dangerous. 

Low Voltage Switchgear Components 

LV switchgear plays a critical role in protecting electrical supplies and equipment. Its main components are:

  • LV circuit breakers

Circuit Breakers are the main switchgear devices that can make or break a circuit. The LV circuit breaker is utilised in electrical systems with voltage less than 600V. MCB, ELCB, MCCB, RCCB are some of the most common circuit breakers. 

  • Changeover Switches

You’ll need a changeover switch if you rely on a local generator when the electricity grid goes down. They are transfer switches that allow the power connection to be switched commercial utility- local generator and back. On-load changeover switches are used when the switchover may be accomplished while the loads are on. A transfer switch is known as an off-load changeover switch when the transition can only be done when there is no load.

  • Overload Relay

Electric motors are essential components of every electrical system- low or high voltage. Overload relays can provide thermal protection for electric motors. A heat-detecting device detects heat created in the motor, and the motor is prevented from overheating to a predefined temperature. When an overcurrent flows to the motor for an extended time, the thermal overload relay stops the power supply. 

The magnetic overload relay works based on detecting magnetic strength owing to motor current, and it’s ideal for systems where temperature rises rapidly compared to the Ambien.

Final Words

Low Voltage Switchgear plays a critical role to improve the reliability of any electrical power system. In addition, it helps increase the efficiency of a circuit or equipment that offers protection and safety. A thorough understanding of LV switchgear is a must for the switchgear selection in your electrical system. 

LV switchgear is perfect for the safeguarding of your electrical appliances and it protects operators from any upcoming damage. If you choose LV switchgear correctly, it can ensure it provides 100% safety operation to your electrical equipment. 

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