An Unbiased review of Ruggable Rugs that cannot be missed 

When it comes to enhancing your rooms, nothing is better than adding a beautiful piece of rug. They not only look classic but also bring warmth to the room as well. And if you have kids in your place, they can also easily play on these comfortable rugs. But even if they get dirty, these ruggable rugs are easy to wash and clean.  

These rugs are made with a 2-piece system, a non-slip pad, and a rug cover. These two pieces are attached with a hook-and-loop closure or a Velcro-like grip. So, you don’t have to wash the whole rug whenever they get dirty. Instead, you can easily remove the top layer and wash it with your hands or put it in the machine/dryer. However, if you are searching for an unbiased ruggable review, keep reading further.  

5 major benefits of using rugs  

Rugs are more than just decoration; they enhance the room and provide various benefits as well. Below we have shared a few major advantages of having a good quality rug in your home or backyard.  

  1. Lightweight and washable  

Rugs usually have two layers, and their top layer is lightweight, easy to manage. Which makes it easy to lift, transport to laundry comfortably fits in the washing machine. Moreover, ruggable is the only manufacturer that provides washable shag rugs. Which efficiently collects the dirt and dust while keeping the surface clean.  

  1. Stain-resistant  

As compared to traditional rugs, ruggable rugs are naturally water-resistant and stain-resistant. So, it easily stands up to pet messes, spilled water or drinks, and more. However, immediately clean the spills to prevent any permanent stains. Otherwise, if the stains are major, you should immediately wash your rug in the machine.  

  1. Unbeatable options  

Ruggable rugs are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. If you are into the more traditional look, you can go for block-printed rugs or opt for abstract designs to have a classy appearance. Ranging between 2×3 to 9×12, rugs are available in different sizes and shapes.  

  1. Smooth edges  

These rugs specifically have curled up and smooth edges. That does not harm you or your pet while preventing frequent slip and fall accidents. Whether using them in the kitchen, mudroom, hallway, or bedroom, you can separately purchase the covers and switch the different styles easily.  

  1. Noise reduction  

Mostly carpets and rugs provide a comfortable feel to your feet, but they are kinder to your ears. As they absorb the sound from the room, they noticeably reduce the unnecessary voice of everyday chores. Plus, ruggable rugs come with two layerings. The second layer is always thick and efficiently holds the gip to prevent slips. Which also helps reduce echo made from a hard surface.  

Ruggable rugs that cater to your needs  

Rugs and carpets are not just a daily requirement anymore. They have become a fashion statement for every home. Be it any design, color, shape, or pattern, one can style their rugs in different ways to enhance the space. Below, we have shared a few styling inspirations to accommodate your rugs or carpets efficiently.  

  • Go with a color scheme

You can study the color scheme on your walls and choose the right color or pattern accordingly. Which will complement your space and help hance the corner more beautifully. For example, if you have off-white walls, you can experiment with any pattern or color but avoid using white. Similarly, you can opt for solid colors or designs if you have textured walls.  

  • Play with different shapes or sizes  

Another best way to enhance your corner is using different shapes and sizes of rugs. For example, if your furniture is arranged in vertical lines, you can break the layout and add an oval-shaped rug to enhance the space.  


Hopefully, this article guided you regarding the rugs, benefits, and how you can style them easily. However, next time before purchasing or styling your rugs, we recommend you consider the given above for more styling references.

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